2022 Leo Horoscope

Finance horoscope 2022 For Leo

As year 2022 starts, your finances would b very excellent. There would be a steady flow of income for Leo guys this year. After the first quarter, Jupiter the planet of expansion would be aspecting your 4th house and this promises good finances through landed property. Some lucky Leos might be buying their dream house for now.

Also auspicious events at home call for much expenditure for now. This is a great time to make a high-value investment as well. Saturn aspecting your 8th house might bestow riches on you by way of luck and fortune. There would be good finances through maternal and paternal connections as well these days.

•  The general finances of Leo natives would fluctuate rapidly this year.

•  However your expenditure might offshoot your inflow of funds and cause troubles.

•  Find ways and means to increase your financial inflows.

•  New sources of income might come for some Leos after the first quarter of 2022.

•  The third quarter of the year also promises good financial fund flows.

•  Leos into business ventures ought to be cautious this year, as you might encounter loans and debts.

•  This is not a time for speculative deals as well.

•  Not a time for co-operative deals as well in finances, do not lend or borrow funds too.

Education horoscope 2022 For Leo

It would be a mixed bag of fortune for Leo students this year. The first quarter of the year is much favourable for studies. But then you would be facing failures in your exams and efforts around the middle of the year would end in vain. You are asked to put in much hard work and commitment this year. The third quarter would be a great time to start a new studies or hone your skills. Those aspiring for overseas studies would meet with impediments this year. Your higher educational pursuits would also be delayed. There are no short-cuts for now in this area, only hard work and commitment is asked for.

Family horoscope 2022 For Leo

A great time for domestic welfare/happiness for Leos. There would be good rapport with siblings and you would be getting the blessings of your parents and elders in the family. Jupiter placed in the 7th house ensures that conjugal life is also promised. The single Leos are likely to get married this time as well. Your social life would also be quite good thanks to the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn together on your 3rd house.

New addition to the family would come by way of birth or marriage during the third quarter of year 2022. This is because Jupiter would be apecting your 2nd and 4th houses of family. There would be good terms with in-laws as well if married.

•  Though domestic welfare would be brought about by Jupiter around, Ketu or the Moon’s South node placed in your 4th house might hamper in this area.

•  It would be a period of mixed emotions in the family domain for now.

•  Health of parents and elders in particular might bother the spirits of some Leos through the year.

•  Beware of troubles from some relatives as well as they would be disguised.

•  Siblings would be a great source of strength and comfort for you this year.

•  A good time for buying landed property and your dream home if you are aspiring towards the same.

•  Around December, some Leos might encounter a sudden shocking death in their home or family.

Travel horoscope 2022 For Leo

Year 2022 would bring many travel opportunities for the Leos. The aspect of Jupiter and Saturn together on your 12th house assures you long distant foreign travel during the year ahead. There would be good gains and lots of happiness due to these travels. It would give you fun, pleasure and lots of happiness. Occasional short journeys owing to pilgrimage are also on the cards for the deserving Leos through the year.

Advice For Leo in 2022

This year promises lots of positive changes around you. But you ought to embrace them gracefully. You need to approach both personal and professional relationships with tact and diplomacy if you need to win people.


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