Eclipses - 2022

The second partial solar eclipse of 2022, will occur on October 25, 2022, in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. It is an eclipse from the semester series. The eclipses of the semester series reoccur after 177 days and 4 hours. The eclipse will cover 55 percent of the Sun.

Solar Eclipse October 2022


Date Start Time Maximum Eclipse End Time Degrees Magnitude
25 Oct, 2022 8:58:10 11:00:00 13:02:08 2°0’ 0.6448


Solar Eclipse October 2022

• Europe

• Urals

• Western Africa

• Middle East

• Western Siberia

• North-East Africa

Maximum eclipse will be witnessed in:

• Russia

• Nizhnevartovsk

• West Siberian Plain

Myths Associated with the partial Solar Eclipse

According to Indian astrology, the Surya Grahan (solar eclipse) has some negative impacts.

• It makes you feel sick.

• It has harmful impacts on pregnant women. Mothers shall take precautionary measures and not expose themselves to the eclipse. Also, pregnant women shall not sleep during the eclipse.

• Surya Grahan diminishes your concentration levels and leads to constipation.

Scientifically proven effects of solar eclipse

According to science, the eclipse might cause some health issues.

• Do not look at the eclipse without special eye gear or the rays could tear your retina. It might cause blindness!

• Eat or drink less during the eclipse, or you could have digestive problems.

• The eclipse invokes lethargy. Despite proper sleep, it might make you feel sleepy and sloppy.

• The eclipse also causes tremendous mood swings.

Scientifically proven effects of solar eclipse

The partial solar eclipse of October 25, 2022, occurs in Scorpio. A solar eclipse signifies new beginnings. The sun sign of Scorpio rules mystery, obsession, determination, manipulation, curiosity, detailed observation, and leadership. With the partial solar eclipse in this star sign, the focus will be on these aspects of life.

The solar eclipse will solve a lot of mysteries for you. It will expose many things, facts, and truths. You might even witness spirits or creatures from other dimensions, like ghosts because the eclipse will bring all hidden truths of the cosmos to the light. Stay closer to spirituality to avoid any damage. Avoid wearing purple color as it also makes you sensitive to the hidden.

Furthermore, the eclipse will add to your determination in the pursuit of your goals. It might make you obsessed with something, a downside of the eclipse. Avoid obsessions. They are not beneficial for you.

Also, your curiosity will be at its peak. You will be easily able to detect if someone is lying to you. Your trust issues will surface. Trusting your partners might not be easy at this time. Don’t quarrel with them without any reason.

The eclipse will highlight your leadership qualities. You will feel confident and ready to take charge of anything. However, don’t be overconfident. Scorpio is adaptable to change. The eclipse will bring about significant changes to your life.

Scorpio is an introvert sign. With the partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, you might feel fearful of sharing your problems with your trustworthy people. Avoid doing this, as you will need them. Also, you will have a good observation. Use it to your benefit. Observe the behaviors of others and use them to your benefit as your intuition at this time won’t be lying to you.

Your intimacy will also be on peak. You will feel your sexual desires surfacing. Channel them on the right partners rather than indulging in promiscuous behavior. Scorpio is a sensual star. Your sensuality will be at its peak too.

Effect on Zodiac signs

The partial solar eclipse would highly affect the ones born about 0 to 7 degrees of the Fixed signs. These fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Furthermore, it will also affect the ones born between 27 to 30 degrees of the Cardinal signs. These signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.


Aries, you have leadership quality in you. This solar eclipse will further enhance this quality. However, this will make you over-confident and will boost your anger. Watch out before you speak fire. It can cause dire consequences for you.


Taurus, you will have to face some major changes during this time. You might face instability in money matters or relationships. However, most of the new beginnings and changes will be in your favor. Embrace them with open arms.


Cancer, your secrets might spill. You hide your emotions, and the eclipse might bring them to the surface. It could be good or bad for you, depending on the circumstances.


Leo, the solar eclipse will add to your charm and bring you to the limelight. However, you might be real busy manifesting into your goals. Best of luck!


Libra, the eclipse will push you to make decisions instantly. You are slow at decision-making. Do not make wrong decisions in a hurry. Do not indulge in silly arguments as well.


Scorpio, keep your jealousy in check. Also, beware your secrets might spill. Stay away from the gossip mongers. Do not form unhealthy obsessions or attachments. Furthermore, you might find a new date during this eclipse season.


Capricorn, stability in career and relationships will be sabotaged. Some major changes are in store for you as the eclipse passes on.


Aquarius, get out in the open and socialize. Take charge of any leadership opportunities and employ them to your benefit.



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