Eclipses - 2022

Two weeks before or after the lunar eclipse, solar eclipse always occurs. When a new moon comes in between the earth and sun and partially blocks our view of the sun from the earth, a partial solar eclipse occurs. On the 15th of May 2022, a total lunar eclipse is due.

Timeline of the partial solar eclipse

The eclipse will occur on Saturday, April 30, 2022. It will start at 18:45 UT and, it will end at 22:37 UT. The maximum eclipse will occur at 20:41:20 UT. The Moon phase will occur in Taurus at 10°28’. It is the first solar eclipse of the year 2022.


Solar Eclipse April 2022

North Americans won’t be able to see the partial eclipse. Meanwhile, people from the Antarctic Peninsula and southern South America will witness it (64% of the Sun will be covered). It is also visible from the Southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Effects of the partial solar eclipse

In Astrology, this partial darkness linked to the eclipse will also cast some darkness in your life. As Solar Eclipses occur in New Moon, they would urge you to finish any lingering task. It also pushes you to get honest with yourself and see the original picture.

This solar eclipse signifies new beginnings. The effects of it will linger upon you for a further six months. Taurus is a sign governing values, physical and material resources, feelings of worthiness, personal finances, ownership, personal possessions, resistance to change, desire for safety, sensuality, familiarity, and comfort. The solar eclipse in this zodiac sign will highlight all these spheres of your life. It will manifest long-term changes for you.

It will amplify your sense of safety. It will push you in a revaluation of career, possessions, and money matters. Moreover, the eclipse will bring to the surface your innate reasons for happiness in life. You will embark upon new opportunities to gain money.

Your focus would shift to boost your personal feelings of self-worth. The solar eclipse will force you to decide what you truly desire from life. You will find yourself eliminating anyone or anything fake towards you.

You might be changing homes or businesses, upgrading or downsizing them according to your current situation. You would also find yourself giving up a bad diet. Furthermore, you would be breaking, strengthening, or entering into new businesses, careers, or intimate partnerships. Your sensuality and intimacy in your relationship will be at their peak.

This eclipse in Taurus would cause you to invest or reinvest in yourself and find your true talents and powers. It is a phase of personal growth in all spheres of life. You would find yourself incorporating positive traits of Taurus in your personality. These traits include a strong will, consistency, sensuality, endurance, deliberation, and patience. You will enjoy going into the greenery. You might go for a hike or visit the mountains. Also, you might find yourself taking strolls in nature. You would stop and smell the roses. Taurus loves nature, being an earthy sign.

However, a solar eclipse would give you the energy to jump into things. Avoid doing this. Do not lash on others or become overconfident.

As this eclipse is close to the North Node of the Moon, it will make you feel comfortable. It will give you a strong sense of growth and development. It is also in alignment with Uranus. Hence, you will find more strength.

Do not look with a naked eye towards the sun, or else you might be blinded, be cautious.

Effects of the eclipse on zodiac signs

Solar effect April 2022

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will be most affected by this partial solar eclipse.

Taurus, although you might face some health-related issues, you will feel confident during this time. Carry forward the plans you had made. Your social life will be good.

Dear ferocious Leo, you might embark upon a new job opportunity. Maybe a promotion is in store for you! You will also have financial gains! Lots of luck!

Scorpio, although you would weed out positive benefits from property investments, you shall keep your temper under control. You might face some conflict with your partner or family due to the eclipse. You might also face some job-related issues. Keep your behavior positive and negative things will affect you less.

Aquarius, this partial solar eclipse has a few benefits in store for you. You might receive a good comeback from investments. However, you will conflict with your loved ones. Your financial matters will also go haywire. Stay patient. Exercise more to relieve stress.



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