Eclipses - 2022

The dynamic celestial happenings responsible for activation of the lunar nodes are known as “eclipses”. There are two nodes, South and North, which are also present in our birth charts. These nodes are known as our fate nodes. They predict our future and past and determine our karmic pathway. They are called as Rahu and Ketu in Indian Astrology.

The second Total Lunar eclipse of the year 2022 will occur on November 8, 2022. It forms part of the Saros cycle 136, and the first one passes through the center of the shadow of Earth. The last one had happened in 2004, and the next one will occur on 18 November 2040.

Visibility of the Eclipse

This total lunar eclipse will be visible in the following regions of the world:

• North/East Europe

• Asia

• Australia

• North America

• South America

• Pacific Ocean

• Atlantic Ocean

• Indian Ocean

• Arctic

• Antarctica


Effects of the Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Nov 2022

A Lunar Eclipse adds to the power of the Full Moon. It is responsible for bringing abrupt changes, or expose something hidden. Lunar Eclipses connote endings. Thus, eclipses bring an emotional time and foster change from within. During this eclipse, you will become aware of the true faces of those around you. This eclipse occurs with a full moon in Taurus. Thus, stability will be absent. The change will be inevitable. You must align your future goals with your self-respect in consideration. The eclipse will force you to accept the true you to find peace.

The eclipses amplify the time. Furthermore, they throw open new doors for you and shut the rest. These changes might be in your favor! However, you cannot resist them. This lunar eclipse will give you the extra needed push if you are slacking. This eclipse will also make you jump into things or act quickly. You will also receive favorable spiritual gifts. Moreover, you will experience mood swings. The household might be in total chaos. Keep your cool to avoid conflicts.

As the eclipse will occur with a full moon in Taurus, it could affect the neck, vocal cords, tonsils, Adam’s apple, larynx, and throat that are ruled over by the sign of Taurus. Do not go for any surgeries for now though.

Indian astrology believes that the full moon lunar eclipse is powerful and can empower demonic entities, thus steer clear of performing black magic during this time. Indulge in praying and worshipping God. Indian astrology asks you to avoid any pious work during the eclipse.

Furthermore, the pregnant women shall not look at the eclipse and shall not fondle with or use any knives or sharp tools. Consequently, babies will be born disabled. The eclipse can also cause a miscarriage of babies.

There are some remedies told by Indian astrology to nullify the negative effects of the lunar eclipse. These are fasting, chanting mantras of deities, distributing desserts amongst orphans, and worshipping Lords Shiva, Hanuman, and Devi Gauri.

Effects of this lunar eclipse on Zodiac Signs

solareffect 2022

The Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2022 will have various effects on zodiac signs. For some, it will cast positive effects. For others, it will bring hurdles. The eclipse won’t harm Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces. Meanwhile, Taurus and Scorpio will get most affected by it.

Taurus, prepare for the upcoming change in your life due to the eclipse. You resist change, but you will have to accept it. You might face financial problems. Your love life will also face hurdles. Stay calm and deal with things patiently. Avoid conflict. Also, Taurus as you rule the neck region, take extra care of it to avoid any issues.

Scorpios, this eclipse will also affect you. You are a mysterious sign, and this eclipse might expose your secrets and innate desires. Do not share your secrets with anyone. Steer clear of any gossips or dramas.

Gemini natives, look after your health! You might become seriously ill. Take extra care of your neck region glands.

Aquarius, you should also look after your health.

Libra natives will also be affected by this lunar eclipse. Libra people, you shall keep your finances under control. Also, avoid arguments with your loved ones.

Lastly, Virgo, you might face work-related problems. You might lose an old job or start a new career. Don’t worry. The nuisance of shifting jobs might prove worth it!



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