Eclipses - 2022

A total Lunar eclipse will occur on 16 May 2022, which will be a dark eclipse. The earth will come in the middle of the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, completely shadowing the Moon and turning it blood red. Thus, it will also be called the ‘Blood moon’. Moreover, it will be the first central eclipse of the Saros series.

Lunar Eclipse May 2022

This Lunar Eclipse will occur with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio at 25°18’, in perfect opposition (180 deg). Also, It will surface at 12:14 am with a magnitude of 1.4137 and a running time of 84 minutes and 53 seconds. The lunar eclipse is called ‘Chandra Grehaan’ in Indian astrology.This lunar eclipse will have intense effects as it will occur through polar opposite star signs of Scorpio and Taurus.

Visibility of the Blood Moon

The Blood Moon will be visible from areas of North America, South America, Africa, the Pacific Ocean, and Europe.

Bloodmoon May 2022

Implications of the Blood Moon

The full Moon is a promise for the pinnacle of what you began during the new Moon. The lunar eclipse on May 16, 2022 would give rise to emotional turmoil, bringing it to a boiling point. Romance will be at its peak. The Taurus and Scorpio are two polar opposite signs where the luminaries are posited. Hence, you will have to create the balance between mine(Taurus) and yours(Scorpio), else these strong energies will backfire negatively. You will have to carry along both. The lunar eclipse would be a tug of war between stability and transformation. Taurus highlights personal values, security, possessions, and material goods. Meanwhile, Scorpio highlights change and shared possessions. Taurus resists change. Due to the Sun in Taurus, the prospect of happiness with simple things in life will be highlighted. Meanwhile, the Moon in Scorpio will highlight the importance of intangibles and bring forth mysteries.

Furthermore, the full moon bright on the horizon signifies illumination. Every hidden and existent matter will be exposed during this time. People will make emotional declarations, revealing their true desires without thinking about the consequences. Some secrets and hidden truths come to the fore. They will heed the consequences of these declarations in the subsequent months. This eclipse will give you the energy to improve relationships, financial position, and intimacy. Make the most use of this time.

Effects of the Blood Moon

There have been many known effects of the lunar eclipse in various traditions, though these are not scientifically proven. Following are a few of the effects.

• Already cooked food affects health due to the lunar eclipse and also it contaminates drinking water.

• Directly looking at the eclipse with naked eyes harms the eyes.

• According to Indian tradition, pregnant women shall not cut any fruit or vegetable, else a disabled child will be born.

• Furthermore, the Indian tradition claims that the blood moon is a good time for sexual intercourse to conceive a child.

• The emergence of skin ailments during the eclipse is also a common belief.

However, these beliefs might be mere myths. Two studies conducted by PubMed.gov found out that the sleep cycle, menstruation, and hormones are disturbed during the Blood Moon.

Effects of this lunar eclipse on Zodiac Signs


Aries, you would feel a surge of emotions. Lean on to friends and family for support.


Dear bull, your worst innate fears might surface. Don’t rebury them, rather confront and deal with them head-on.


The lunar eclipse will have stringent or positive effects on your relationship sector. It might be a time for new beginnings or an end to a relationship. Stay calm, Gemini.


Dear crab, you might find a new job. Lots of luck is in store in this arena during this eclipse season!


Leo, keep your finances under check because this lunar eclipse will cast stringent effects on them.


Virgo, avoid falling into nostalgia. Rather use this lunar eclipse to your benefit by creating a balance in your personal life.


Libra, this eclipse will be a good time for you. Some of you might be head over heels in a new romance. Meanwhile, some of you will excel in your social lives and careers.


You will be in emotional turmoil, dear Scorpio. However, you will be able to pass through this time with the help of a partner or a friend. Keep your finances under control.


Sagittarius, a lot of significant changes are on their way for you, during the blood moon. Do not resist them.


You will be attracted by the mystical side of the cosmos. This eclipse will lead you to some innate self-discoveries!


Some inevitable changes will occur in your romantic life, Aquarius. Get ready for the show!


This lunar eclipse will keep you focused on your career. You will be building your personality and image. You must keep up the good work, Pisces.



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