Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. For this to happen the Sun, Earth, and Moon must be closely aligned with the Moon and the Moon must be located furthest from the Sun.


Sloar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and directly blocks the light of the sun. Because the moon is located between the Sun and Earth the dark side of the moon is facing Earth and is in a New Moon phase.

Eclipses in 2013
Degree and Sign of Eclipse
Date & Time (GMT)
Partial Lunar Eclipse
05° Scorpio 46'
Apr 25 2013, 20:06
Annular Solar Eclipse
19° Taurus 31'
May 10 2013, 00:24
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
04° Sagittarius 07'
May 25 2013,04:09
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
25° Aries 46'
Oct 18 2013, 23:49
Hybrid Solar Eclipse
11° Scorpio 16'
Nov 3 2013, 12:46

• The partial lunar Eclipse of April 2013 would be visible in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia with a duration of 27m.

• The annular solar eclipse of May, 2013 would be visible in Australia, New Zealand, Central Pacific.

• The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of May, 2013 would be visible in the Americas and Africa.

• The Peumbral Lunar Eclipse of Ocotober, 2013 Will be visible in The Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

• The hybrid solar eclipse of November 2013 will be visible in Eastern Americas, Southern Europe and Africa.

Eclipse Dates for year 2014

Eclipse Date Time Sign
Lunar Eclipse
Apr 15 2014
25° Libra 16'
Solar Eclipse
Apr 29 2014
08° Taurus 51'
Lunar Eclipse
Oct 8 2014
15° Aries 05'
Solar Eclipse
Oct 23 2014
00° Scorpio 25'