2009 - ECLIPSE

An eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into a position of direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth. There are two basic types of eclipses – lunar and solar. Every six months there is a solar eclipse, which influences us, according to where it occurs in our natal or birth chart. The house position of the eclipse decides which area of our life would be affected.
The planet in your chart the Sun last passed over prior to the eclipse determines the manner in which your life is affected.A Lunar eclipse is a very special Full Moon. Decisions we make in this time have significance in the future. It is an excellent time to give up an old habit. This is also a time of great emotions in our lives. During a Solareclipse, the Moon casts a shadow on the Earth. During a Lunar eclipse, the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon.Find below the list of the eclipses that are due to ocur in year 2009, along with the degree and sign of occurrence and date and time of the eclipse. You can plan your future actions keeping in mind the timing of the eclipses.

Eclipses in 2009 Degree and Sign of Eclipse Date & Time
Annular Solar Eclipse 06:30 Aquarius
January 26, 2009
2:59 am EST - 11:59 pm PST

Most visible over southern Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia.  Not visible from North America.
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 20:52 Leo
February 9, 2009
9:38 am EST - 6:38 am PST

Most visible over Western Canada and Western USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, and East Asia.
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 15:32 Capricorn
July 7, 2009
5:38 am EDT - 2:38 am PDT

Minor eclipse almost invisible over most of Canada
Total Solar Eclipse 29:26 Cancer
July 22, 2009
10:35 pm EDT - 7:35 pm PDT

Most visible over China, Japan, Pacific Ocean, Eastern Asia, Indonesia, South Pacific.
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 13:35 Aquarius
August 6, 2009
8:39 am EDT - 5:39 am PDT
Not Visible to naked eye.
Partial Lunar Eclipse 10:20 Cancer

December 31, 2009
2:22 pm EST - 11:22 am PST
Most visible over mid-Atlantic eastern hemisphere

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