Jupiter Return

When the planet Jupiter returns to where it was in the zodiac sky when you were born, it is a Jupiter Return. A Jupiter Return is less stressful when compared to a Saturn Return. Jupiter is a benefic planet that takes about 12 years to go once around the zodiac signs. It spends approximately about a year’s time in each Sun sign. Hence you go through Jupiter Return around your ages of 12, 24,36, 48, 84 and so on when Jupiter visits the sign where it was when you were born.

By Return we mean that Jupiter is forming a conjunction at the exact degree of Natal Jupiter in your chart. The entire year Jupiter transits through that particular sign would be very eventful to the native.

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So what happens during Jupiter Return…

When your Jupiter Return occurs, you will boom with self-confidence. There would be a feeling that you can do anything under the cloud. A Jupiter Return would be an ideal time to take risks and venture into unknown territory. You would sense abundance everywhere, opportunities seem to be in the right place and at the right time most often.

For many, Jupiter Return period would be a lucky year. This is a time when we would be directed to appreciate and develop our gifts in life. If we are prepared to take on opportunities then we can experience much grace and abundance of Jupiter.

However if we are nor prepared to appreciate our gifts being handed over by Jupiter, then we might step towards the excess, waste and carelessness could lead to our own undoing and downfall. Without our consent there is no guarantee for luck and fortune brought about by Jupiter. Not all Jupiter Returns are the same, each Jupiter return period has a different theme and different virtue we ought to cultivate to fully reap the benefits of the returning Jupiter.

Jupiter Return No


To cultivate



Straining to hear the call amidst peer pressure and raging hormones

11 to 12


Opportunity knocks, but gets distracted


23 to 24


Hear the call and see it but hesitant to act

35 to 36


Mid-life crisis, faults will show you



Letting go off of the past



You struggle to lead others



Fulfilled life and ready to start afresh



So what to do when your Jupiter Returns

•  Jupiter Return is one of the luckiest periods of your life, when happiness and bliss abound. This would be a great time to find where your luck is.

•  This is a period when you grow on all aspects like finance, intellect, personal and profession. Use this time to unlock your true hidden potential.

•  When Jupiter Returns it opens us to a new perception of the world, hence would be a great time to explore new places and pursue adventure.

•  As Jupiter Returns it unlocks our eyes to see life in a knowledgeable way, so believe in a power, pursue your spiritual faith and enhance your religious belief.

•  Learn a new skill and expand your knowledge and wisdom.

•  Look for new openings in your life.

•  Promote yourself and your talent to the world.

•  Think positively and stay optimistic.

•  Trust that things can get better in course of time.

•  Dream big and make ways to achieve the same.

•  Create a vision board as Jupiter is future-centred.

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