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The National Flag of Philippines was adopted on the 16th September 1997 and the concept of the flag was got from the Katipunan and the Cuban revolutionary's flags by General Emilio Aguinaldo in 1897 when he was exiled in Hong Kong.

It is also the country's war ensign during which it is flown upside down.

The flag is designed in such a way that it has two equal parallel horizontal bands of upper blue colour representing peace, truth and justice and the lower red colour signifying patriotism and valor .There is an equilateral white triangle from the hoist side of the flag fronting the middle of the flag which represents equality and fraternity .There was a secret society which fought against the Spanish rule and had an emblem of the Katipunan and this was signified by the white triangle. The three corners of the triangle consists a small yellow five pointed star and they are there to represent the three areas of the country, Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. There is a golden yellow sun at the centre of the triangle which represents the rise of a new era of self determination. The sun has eight rays around it which inturn has three individual rays. The sun is featured with eight rays mainly to denote the 8 provinces that came up in revolt against Spanish rule in the late 19th century.

According to astrology the sun in the centre of the triangle is taken as the head of the planets and a symbol of the soul. The sun is the heavenly symbol of fire. It is even the symbol of life because it provides the heat necessary for living beings. It soaks up the water and gives it back in the form of rain, making food production possible on earth. It stands for the primary karmic shaping that is to be undergone in this lifetime. We respond at the deepest level through the filter of our Sun Sign, which is a mark of the soul's developmental needs in this incarnation. According to the Hindu religion, Sun is one of the Dev or Gods among five Gods or the Panchadev .The history of the worship of the sun is connected with ancient Vedic rituals. Even the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 months are related to the movement of the sun.

The 3 five pointed star near the three points of the triangle is connected with the symbol of good sheperd.The five-pointed star, if drawn with points of equal length and angles of 36° at each point, is sometimes termed a golden five pointed star. If the collinear edges are joined together a pentagram is produced, which is the simplest of the unicursal star polygons, and a symbol of mystical and magical significance. The golden five-pointed star is a very common ideogram in the western world, and has particularly strong associations with military power and war thus signifying the military of Philippines.

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Astrological star is a symbol of light meaning bright future. As nothing but light, in fact. And just as the demonstration of our loving nature, even just a smile to a passer-by, can brighten other people's lives - can totally alter the course of a day for them - so letting the Starlight shine from our hearts has a way of touching them inwardly. The star is generally said to symbolize all our hopes and aspirations. It means balance between the gifts of life and our gift to life. There is an equilateral white triangle on the extreme left end of the flag. Individuation is the dynamic of the triangle according to astrology and it signifies the daring personality of the people of Philippines.

The white colour is precise, critical, and sincere and in the Philippines flag it is used as the symbol of purity. Blue is idealistic, rational, honest, and tranquil. The blue colour is also considered more sociable. The colour blue and its importance was derived from the skin colour of Lord Krishna, who is revered as the divine flute player. The special energy of the second Moon was considered 'blue' or divine by Indian religious scholars and priests. Blue symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, honesty, tranquility, and peace. Blue is a symbol of cold for it is related to sky and deep sea. Yellow colour of the sun and the stars signifies the intellectual and communicative nature of people of Philippines. It is used to produce detachment and reduce depression. Yellow is considered as the most positive of colours and the closest to pure light. It also symbolizes the Sun. For years yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of hope as women waited from their men to come marching home from war. Today, they are still used to welcome home loved ones and denotes active, daring, passionate, and optimistic. It enhances alertness and encourages activity. Yellow is the color of the Buddha and His followers. Yellow people make good leaders as they are methodical in their thinking and decisive. They analyze before acting. Red stripe in the centre of the flag is active, daring, passionate, and optimistic. It enhances alertness and encourages activity. Red is held to be the most intense colour, the furthest from both black and white, and it is noteworthy that those languages which only have words for three basic colours always select black, white, and red. The red colour according to astrology signifies passion, warmth, vigor, strength and vitality which are also the nature of the people of Philippines. Red being related to fire and blood it is considered to be symbol of heat. It is even believed that red is the first color used by human beings.

The sun and the triangle 1 in number along with the numerological number 1 for the country Philippines signifies the leadership skills, goal-oriented, strong will power, courageous, unconventional, inventive and creative skills of the people. The three points in the triangle and the 3 number of stars in numerology denotes the trinity, friendly, very positive and optimistic, inspirational, motivating, enthusiastic and uplifting nature of the people. Compassionate, selfless, generous, idealist, spiritual healer and vision minded are the significance for the 8 number of rays in the sun.