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The Flag of Aries is red in colour which is believed to catalyze the state of activity, aggressiveness, excitement, boldness, frankness and delight. According to astrology star is a symbol of light meaning bright future. The moment we think of a star we get the feeling of shining of light within us. This makes us secured with a freeness making us a
more loving, more accepting kind of people. Thus a comparison of us with the Star symbol, we tend to think of ourselves at the simplest, finest, level.

With this loving nature, even just a smile to a passer-by, can brighten other people's lives - can totally alter the course of a day for them - so letting the Starlight shine from our hearts has a way of touching them inwardly. The star is generally said to symbolize all our hopes and aspirations. It means balance between the gifts of life and our gift to life. There is a triangle which extends from the left side to the right side of the flag. Individuation is the dynamic of the triangle according to astrology and it signifies the daring personality of the people of Arieans.

Red is held to be the most intense colour, the furthest from both black and white. The red colour of the Aries flag according to astrology signifies passion, warmth, vigor, strength and vitality which are also the nature of the people of Aries sign. Red being related to fire and blood it is considered to be symbol of heat. It is even believed that red is the first color used by human beings. It is the impulse of energy, heat and ardor and the most intensive color. It is a shade which is masculine, powerful, rude, choleric and physically irritating. In the light of day, scarlet-red is the brightest of colors, but it becomes less distinctive in the twilight. Its power does not spread to the quiet and soft nocturnal world. This color corresponds to the active triangular form and anything with a red surface will appear sharp and dynamic. The bluish green colour of the star and triangle explains the people of this particular zodiac sign as idealistic, rational, honest, and tranquil.

The dark blue colour is also considered more sociable. The colour blue and its importance were derived from the skin colour of Lord Krishna, who is revered as the divine flute player. The special energy of the second Moon was considered 'blue' or divine by Indian religious scholars and priests.Blue symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, honesty, tranquility, and peace. Blue is a symbol of cold for it is related to sky and deep sea. In many diverse cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to keep the bad spirits away. Blue conveys importance and confidence without being somber or sinister and is long associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism thus predicting the nature of people of Aries. Blue offers depth, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom and truth. It is a calming color and is attributed to the sign of Aries. The portion of the star and triangle which is white in colour indicates the precise, critical, and sincere nature of the arieans and also used as the symbol of purity.

aries-astrology and numerology

According to numerologists, each number possesses a certain power that exists in the occult connection between the relations of things and the principles in nature which they express. The 5 points in the star in the flag of Aries signifies severity, conflict and harmony through conflict. In Christianity, five were the wounds of Christ on the cross. There are five pillars of the Muslim faith and five daily times of prayer. The number 5 has always been regarded as mystical and magical, yet essentially 'human'. We have five fingers/toes on each limb extremity.

We commonly note five senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. We perceive five stages or initiations in our lives - eg. birth, adolescence, coitus, parenthood and death. The number 5 is associated with Mars. They have also limited to 1 number of star and machete for number 1signifies the leadership skills, goal-oriented, strong will power, courageous, unconventional, inventive and creative skills of the people of Aries. The colour of the star and the triangle is split into 2 to indicate that the nature of the people of Aries as passionate, perceptive, peacemakers, diplomatic, always seeking harmony, and truthful, tough fighters when provoked. In numerology the 3 folds in the flag signifies the trinity, friendly, very positive and optimistic, inspirational, motivating, enthusiastic and uplifting nature of the people of Aries sign.

The numerology for the zodiac sign Aries is 7 which signify the spiritual nature of the people belonging to this zodiac. Seven is said to be sacred, and this is evidenced by the fact that there are seven days in the week, ancient texts such as Genesis propose that the earth was formed in seven phases, the ancient solar system consisted of seven luminaries, human body consists of seven plexuses or chakras and some versions of the Kabbalah have seven sepiroth. While seven possesses qualities of dreaminess, spirituality and psychic awareness, negatively it can be dubious, deceptive and insincere.

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