A- Natives are their own person, very ambitious and freethinking. They do not change their mind under someone else's pressure. A natural leader, these people want to be in charge and need to have a purpose. They have courage, but they ought to make sure that they are also flexible and take other people's ideas seriously.

B- These people are sensitive and a bit of an introvert, but still manage to be personable and compassionate. They are all about peace and they need it in order to be happy. Although they are very loyal, they should make sure to keep an open mind and think for themselves more often.

C- They wear their heart on their sleeve. And they are lucky, since they have a strong instinct about matters of the heart. Such people express themselves clearly and are also witty and party-goers. They are also very outspoken and upbeat.

D- Natives are grounded and pragmatic. They have great systems in place for getting things done, which is great, because their sense of determination is strong. But then they should be careful not to be too stubborn, because at their best, they shine under pressure and can get things done fast.

E- The letter E represents people who are Extroverts. They don't have any secrets. Their brain is full of planning, hands are always active amid their thoughts are pure and clean. They are supporters of the modern spirit. They love new ideas and hate old thoughts.

F- F is a domestic letter. This people give full attention to domestic affairs. They think it is their duty. Such people act as children and amuse their family. There is no immorality in their life. They give place to love, truth and service to others.

G- those with names which begin with G are said to be excellent ones. Simplicity, truth and gentlemanliness are their ornaments. Others are irresistibly attracted to them. Their life is according to plan. They have remarkable self-control.

H- People represented by the letter H are self-centred and over- clever. They love show and have strong ambitions. They do not have much faith in work but show as if they are preoccupied. They can be said to be successful in their lives.

I- If your name starts with an" I", then you are a very busy person. Laziness cannot come near you. Your knowledge is deep and you yearn to know all things thoroughly. Whatever you say is said and done with authority. J- These people are of liberal values and with broad hearts. They are well-informed of the latest developments. They do not attend to insignificant things. They tell the truth right in the face of anyone and hence people avoid them.

K- These people are full of struggles throughout their lives. Sudden events take place in their lives. They are one day seen in glory and the next day in the ditches. They are pessimists. They have the power to see the darker things in life . They are careful about situations and always alert.

L- Those with an "L " as their first alphabet are emotional and philosophical. They have mature thoughts and noble actions. They work according to plan. They have a superiority complex. They are reserved in nature. They reach high positions in life and have no time to look back.

M - People represented by the letter "M" are extroverts, moral and cultured. They are very simple. They say the truth in the face. They cannot keep secrets to them. Though poor , they are conceived to be rich by others.

N- These people have struggles throughout their lives. But they find a way out of it. They have an influential personality. They establish friendship easily. Are good householders and lead a life of simplicity.

O- Such people are bold and daring. They have the capacity to rise and fall. They have unlimited number of friends and foes. They have high ambitions. The latter half of their lives are affluent.

P- People represented by a " P" hide many secrets. They remain calm on the outside. They represent nobility in life. Even with difficulties they don't show their sadness. They like a calm atmosphere. They deserve to be called the Ornaments of the society.

Q - These people like to live in an orderly manner. They have a definite principle in life. They are the best of administrators. Most efficient leadership is their best skill.

R- Such people are very noble and sweet. They make acquaintance with even reserved characters. They start from the scratch and reach top positions in life. They have an eye on their personal interest. They become affluent and happy in late life.

S- These people are extroverts and intelligent. They try to come in contact with the maximum number of people. But they lag in taking decisions. To take independent decisions is beyond them.

T- Such people are embodiments of contentment. They progress on the basis of justice and wisdom. They take independent decisions. They are popular among friends. They believe that everything is in the hands of God. Loyalty is their keyword.

U - These people are ever ready to engage themselves in the latest situations .They are the pioneers of the new fashion age. They have modern thoughts. They call a spade a spade. They live in the present.

V- They honour others and expect the same from others. They are ever active to prove that they are superior to others. They clarify their points by logical and sound reasoning.

W- These are self-preserving characters. Are ready to take risks and take pleasure in doing them. Laziness does not touch them. They however have a troubled and worrisome old age.

X- People represented by the letter X are carefree. They prepare a net for their own entanglement. They are miles away from responsibility. Such people are complete failures. They engage themselves in gossips of futile matters.

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