Easter is just round the corner. And what comes to our mind is hot cross buns, Easter eggs, lambs, turkey dishes and the like.

On the serious side here are a few astrological connections to the observation of Easter, the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

It is in fact one of the most attended church services in the entire year.

Easter is a festival that changes date every year. It is a dynamic festival in that it is observed on different days in each year.

It occurs on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. While the observation of Christmas is Solar-based, Easter observation is purely lunar-based. Easter can occur anywhere between March 20 and April 25th.

Easter Astrology
The first Full Moon when the Sun is in Aries is of course in Libra, governed by Venus. But the actual holiday would occur on a Sunday. The word Easter comes from the name Eostra, an Anglo-Saxon Goddess. It is said that she had hares as attendants and hence rabbits have become an integral part of Easter celebrations. Also rabbits are highly reproductive in nature depicting fertility. The month of April was called as Eostur by the Anglo-Saxons.

Easter eggs originated from Ancient Persia and painted eggs were an integral part of the Spring Equinox festival Noruz. Eggs also symbolize fertility and hence have become associated with Easter celebrations. Did you know that on the Spring Equinox day, if you stand an egg up on its own, it'll remain balanced in that position throughout that day? While religiously, Easter celebrates the resurrection of the Son of God, symbolically, it is the renewal of the Sun ,a celebration of thanks for the sustenance to come, both earthly like food and shelter and spiritual.

Easter Festival Delights

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