The days of the week have special energies and attributes associated with them. Especially colors hold a relationship with the days and knowing them would be useful in planning our daily chores.Do you know that each day is also associated with a tree?


Being the first day of the week days this day has YIN or receptive FEMALE energy associated with it.

Monday is ruled by the luminary Moon. The colors for this day are white, silver, creams and light grey. Monday is also attributed to women's mysteries, emotions, dreams, clairvoyance, home life , family, medicine, fertility, messages, thefts, voyages, sisters, small animals, children, wives, instincts, and mothers. Willow tree is the tree for the day of Monday.


The second day of the week is Tuesday and is a YANG or MALE energy day. It is ruled by the planet Mars. The colors relevant to Tuesday are red and its shades and orange. Tuesday represents courage, revenge, power, higher education, violence, rapid action, surgery, matrimony, war, prison, hunting, politics , competitions, leadership, and lust. Tuesday's tree is the Holly Tree.


Wednesday has YANG, or male energy ruled by the planet of communications, Mercury. The colors relevant for this day are yellow, grey, violet, and opalescent colors. Wednesday represents communications, writing, strategy, divination, youth, knowledge, business negotiations, teaching, addictions, reason, debt, fear, loss, self improvement, travel, group tasks and healings. The tree associated with this day is Hazel.


Thursday is associated with YANG or male energy. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter which stands for luck and fortune. The colors for Thursday are royal purple and royal blue. This day is associated with luck, growth, expansion, generosity, male fertility, masculine side, legal matters, health, honor, wealth, clothing, desires, and spiritual attainment. The tree for Thursday is the OAK.


Friday is relevant with female or YIN energy. It is ruled by Venus the planet of love and romance. Its colors are pink, aqua, green and pastels. Friday denotes love ,pleasure, peace, romance, marriage, attraction, friendship, gentleness, partnerships, art, music, sexual matters, beauty, scents and perfumes, social activities, women's affairs. The tree for Friday is Apple Tree.


Saturday is associated with female or YIN energy. It is ruled by Saturn which represents energy and vigor. Its colors are black, dark purple, dark grey, and indigo. Saturday Saturday indicates spiris, meditation, life, freedom, self-discipline, protection, the elderly, endings, death, disease and pests. The tree is for this day is Alder.


Sunday has YANG or male energy and is ruled by the SUN. Its colors are orange, yellow, gold, white. This day indicates health, leadership, healing, prosperity, self-knowledge, happiness, ego, hope, joy, strength, individuality, authorit, fathers, husbands, protection, power and spirituality, promotions, power and fortune. The tree is birch for Sunday.

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