and its team wishes all its visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013.

It's the festive season once again. Fun and happiness are in the air.

Want to know how this christmas season is going to be for you? The planets are perfectly aligned for a happy holiday..

Find below your personal Christmas Horoscope for the year 2012.

Aries :

With the planetary alignments for this Christmas season, you would be missing important near and dear ones this Christmas. They might not be able to reach you in time to be with you for this Christmas. However you shall have a good time with those around you. Certain challenges are likely in the personal front as well.

Taurus :

This Christmas would be one of the best Christmas you have observed in recent years. With Jupiter favourably placed for you, you shall have a happy time. But make sure you do not overindulge in partying, particularly keep a watch over what goes inside rather than what comes out.

Gemini :

You can expect major changes in your life during this Christmas. Something exciting is on the cards for you. Your wishes shall materialize in a positive manner. Make sure you prune your relationships and contacts and keep them minimal.

Cancer :

This Christmas would be a very happy and good one for you. You shall have a good time with your family and loved ones. Partners shall be able to shoulder you in this period. Be sure to forget and forgive when it comes to relationships during this festive season.

Leo :

This Christmas would be a positive season for you. Nip off anything that comes negative on your way. Some financial hitches might be experienced during the festive spending. But if you need a Christmas do not worry about the same as you can make it up in the year to come.

Virgo :

During this Christmas season, much of your efforts end in vain. Hence do not expend your energy in unwanted ventures for now. The stars favour travel and so go on a long trip that has been eluding you for quite some time. In this way, you can avoid any troubles at home as well.

Libra :

The planetary positions for you this Christmas looks great and so you are likely to have the best Christmas ever. Do not take life much seriously for now. Avoid too much stress and strain in professional and personal life and spend quality time with your loved ones this Christmas.

Scorpio :

This Christmas would be one of the blessed ones for all you Scorpios out there. You shall be able to spend good times with your loved ones. Everything moves on as per schedule and there won't be any hitches in life.

Sagittarius :

For Sagittarians this Christmas season would be a very exciting and memorable period of life. Important changes are expected in the relationship front. Ward off unwanted ties. Things shall come in your favour most of the time.

Capricorn :

As always this season would be a very hectic period for you. Do try to keep up with your promises and deadlines. But make ample time for fun and frolic too. Plan and enjoy this Christmas at least on a downgraded version.

Aquarius :

This Christmas shall see you spend quality time with your family members as the planets are well aligned for the same. But watch out what you do and what you say. Try not to hurt the sentiments of people around.

Pisces :

Though the year had not brought much sunshine in your life, this Christmas season is all yours to relax and enjoy. Be happy and make others around you too. Be optimistic about the year ahead. Success is on its way for all those Pisceans out there..

Astrology Of Christmas

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