Rosicrucian means in Latin "of the Rose Cross." The symbol of the rose cross is ancient and layered with meaning. The origins of the Rosicrucian fraternity are even more shadowed.

The first widespread publicity of the order came about in Germany in the early seventeenth century, when the "Manifestos" were published .

According to the Manifestos, the Order was founded a century earlier by a certain Christian Rosencreutz, a poor descendent of nobility who was cloistered at an early age with a Jesuit order. After training with the Jesuits as a youth, he travelled to the Holy Land to learn the art of healing. He continued to travel, learning mathematics, alchemy, and magick from the Arabs, biology from the Egyptians, cabala from the Spanish.

Then, according to the account in Fraternitas, he returned to his native land, where he formed a secret group composed of himself and three of the brothers of his cloister, dedicated to the preservation of the arts and learning acquired by RC on his journeys. The brothers completed a building, called the Sancti spiritus, and began to seek more members. Four more men were sought, and the Rosicrucian Order was formed.

The men agreed that secrecy was neccessary to fully explore the philosophy of the order. They further agreed to split up and travel the world, curing the sick. They were to meet at Spiritus sanctus once a year, and were each charged with appointing a successor to carry on their work. The order was to remain secret for one hundred years. fraternitas ends with a symbolic description of the discovery of RC's hidden tomb, wherein was disacovered the uncorrupted body of the Master, and many instruments and texts preserved .

Rosicrucianism is a mystical belief system and ideology that pursues spiritual and alchemical goals largely through Occult and Christian Gnostic paths.The core of the Secret Doctrine of Rosicrucianism, is the pursuit of psychic power to control the mind of one's self and others.

The symbol of Rosicrucians is a Christian cross with a rose in the center, and it is an "alchemy symbolism":

- The "Cross", is the symbol of the sun, the tree of life, the generator force, the male element.

- The "Rose", is the female element, symbol of beauty and delicacy. Marriage, as the union of male and female, is regarded as a metaphor of the alchemic elemental fusion that the soul undergoes in its ascent to spiritual illumination.

The "cross" represents "the body of man", with the "rose" symbolizing "man's soul unfoldig and evolving". The fundamental elements of the two spheres of Rosicrucianism, earthly and heavenly, are not only visible but are thereby fused in the symbols of the rose superimposed on the cross.

Rosicrucianism is a body of Mystical knowledge starting with the Mystery Schools of Egypt and migrating to Greece and many other countries of the world. It became popular in Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It migrated to America during the seventeenth century.

The three major objects of the Rosicrucian Fraternity are:

1. The abolition of all monarchical forms of government and the substitution therefor of the rulership of the philosophic elect.

2. The reformation of science, philosophy and ethics.

3. The discovery of the Universal Medicine, or panacea, for all forms of disease.

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