Find your Spirit Animal

Our ancestors believed that the heavens consisting of the planets and the stars held sway over our lives here on planet earth. Thus the present day astrology was born thousands of years ago. Astrology divides the sky into different signs according to the seasons and dates.

Thus people born in a particular period of time belong to one zodiac sign. Each

zodiac sign or sun sign as we call it again is associated with different attributes like element, energy, trees, and the like. One such attribute is the signs associated with a particular animal sign which is termed as spirit animal.

In animal astrology, certain animals are assigned to a certain birth period of time which in turn would reflect or signify the person's character and personality as a whole. Our animal sign details our animal energy and our deep passions.

Look up your birthday and see what animal you are

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Know your pets

AriesPets born under this sign are active and hypersensitive.
TaurusTaurean pets have a pasive nature but do not give up a fight.
GeminiGemini pets are easy to train but need a company.
GeminiGemini pets are easy to train but need a company.
CancerCancer pets are very sensitive but are loyal for life.
LeoLeo pets are leaders of the pack.
VirgoVirgo pets are wonderful companions.
LibraLibra pets are easygoing and lazy at times.
ScorpioPossessive and loyal pets are Scorpios.
SagittariusSagittarius pets are fun loving and intelligent.
CapricornCapricorn pets stay young at heart and are good.
AquariusAquarius pets are very intelligent but difficult to handle.
PiscesPiscean pets are gentle and sense our moods.

Astrology deals in archetypal truths, and can register major events in individual lives and national history. Astrology is closer than other disci-plines to describing "the will of God"