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Astrological Principles & Diseases

Astrology the magical art not only predicts our future but also help us in providing solutions for many problems. Traditionally it has proved to do wonders at times in the field of medical astrology where without any hampering treatments it provides cure. Thus a blend of medical and astrology can bring new life to many people. Medical astrology can be defined as a healing art which with the help of information obtained from a persons natal chart of how the planets,houses and the signs are positioned and influencing any particular diseases on a particular part of the body.

A Vedic astrologer with the Vedic horoscope of an individual which is derived from the time, place and date of birth, comes to certain findings of diseases in the person and also help him to escape the suffering. Not only the diseases but also organs associated with different planets and astrological sign including the drugs involved can be studied with the help of medical astrology. Adding to this Culpeper talks about the integrated system of diseases and plants where the latter is given astrological attributes for the cure of various diseases.

Astrological Principles & Diseases
There is a Universal appeal for the sayings like 'Health is Wealth' and 'Healthy body has a healthy mind' because once health is lost everything in life is lost. Thus in this field of specialized medical astrology a doctor can read or study a person's natal chart and pinpoint the diseases or the weak part of the body and forwarn the concerned person. Each planet or houses or the zodiac sign rules over particular part of the human body and when things like combination of two opposite planets takes place then it ends up in problem in the human body. It's not that all of us in the same family have to fall ill when particular diseases affect a person in the house for it depends upon each ones immunity system. Though tuberculosis is a communicable infection the probability of a person staying with the patient catching the diseases is less, for his stars and planetary position may be strong. Thus if a persons natal chart holds good it brings good impact on their life.

Astrology in olden days with the study of an individuals horary's chart was able to keep the people informed of the diseases that's going to affect them and also most of the time provide remedies to escape from the diseases or to fight it to a great extent. Only when we experience the insight of this wonderful magical medical astrology into the nature of the whole of a patient, we can understand its power thoroughly. Thus this knowledge of insight helps in timely saving of much life.

Saturn in Libra afflicting Mercury induces very obscure spasms in the blood vessels of the kidney which frequently is confirmed only after many tests of the blood samples simply because the condition goes on changing with the movements of the planets. Similarly a thorough study on appendicitis and its kind and its astrological influences is studied and concluded that Rahu and Mars in respect of the 6th House reveal one's susceptibility to appendicitis. King Veersimha in his medico-astrological treatise Veerasimhaavalokaha had made an extensive study on the astrological combinations and the diseases influenced by it and also its treatment.

The sixth house, and its ruler along with the karaka of the respective house, Saturn denotes the diseases in Vedic astrology. The eleventh house is also an indicator of diseases. A person gets infected by diseases with aspect to the parts of the body in his natal chart ruled by its bhava and the rashi of malefic planets. Thus the person gets the disease of the body part denoted by the particular planet. A person is sure to suffer from hernia when his natal chart reads an afflicted sixth house, Virgo and its ruler Mercury. Similarly when there is an afflicted fifth house, its lord, Leo and Sun, then he or she is said to have liver problems. Doctors always fight against diseases and are said to have strong sixth house for it denotes the immune system.

A detailed study of persons horoscope helps in finding the planets affecting the body and with this it is easy to identify the physical element involved in troubling of the human organ and also through medical astrology remedies can be given to cure the diseases. Sometimes they can also read the nutritional deficiencies associated with different organs of the body. Thus this field of astrology is nothing but coding developed to correlate the different astrological planets and signs with the different regions and organs of the body.

Similar to how the star sign is divided into twelve, so as the human body is also sliced into twelve segments from head to toe with Aries at top and Pisces at the bottom. The hidden truths about the human bodies and its wavelength with the universe are revealed by medical astrology. Finally a logical look at medical astrology says that it is the origin of all sciences and all scientific logics refers to astrological observation. Thus this promising field of medical astrology has justification for every logical disease.