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Findyourfate.com is an online Divination webportal providing astrology, horoscope, daily horoscopes, which added Matrimonial, Dating and Modeling to its services thereby meeting out its International customer's quench on finding their fate on various aspects of religion, love and life. It is our passion to serve you in fulfilling the above endaveour. It has service support centres at TX, USA + 1 713 7145849  &  in  Coimbatore, India + 91 - 98430 - 90817 

The Stars of FindYourFate.com :

since 2000

a.k.a. Starters

INC. 2000 Key people behind the site start-up include Mr.Sridhar, Mr.Balaji, Mr.Gopi, Ms.Mythili,     Ms.Nithya, Ms.Sumathi, Ms.Sangeetha, Ms. Manju and the list grows..


a.k.a. Analyst

Dept : Gonzo Movement Is here, there, every where. Deadlines are a breeze. Handles 3 phones but answers none.


Dept : The Sheriff's office

Cracking the whip. Barking the bark. Talking no prisoners. Shooting from the hip.


Dept : Concepts & Esoterics

Sits in 24X7 state of meditative stupor. No one quite knows what he does or when he arrives or leaves. Often mistaken by the cleaning staff as an out of commission mannequin.


Dept : Analyst

Sketching the Code is an art and science for our Analyst. A mean fighting machine. Loves a scrap. Don't get into her trap.

a.k.a. Programmer

Finding the stars is not the task of Geeks, but fitting the stars at right codes need them. Thats where a programmer shines.


Dept : Creative

Seeking out ideas like a farmer seeks out the rain. It's a long and hopeless wait. And 'Chiller' ends the dry run with a stiff one.


Dept : The Tea Room

Has raised the humdrum job of tea making into an 'art' form. Is singularly responsible for keeping the entire gang at FindYourFate wide awake at day, and not during the night!!

data entry

a.k.a. 0101010101

Entry of Zeros & Ones, can never be easy. Transformation into meaningful names and description helps people of all races.

content writer

a.k.a. Knowledge Base

The tireless Content writter. Covering continents, the galaxy and the milky way. Timelines are word of past and rich contents are the future Jargons.


a.k.a. Internet Marketing

How to reach you folks. Mr.Pushpendra started the magic show and now Its KAPIL who's Magical wand works. Of course google adwords delivers the rest.


Dept : Website Maintenance

Arrives 10 am sharp. Departs 6 pm sharp. End of the Story.