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2004- Chinese Year of the Monkey

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Happy Chinese New Year! The Chinese New Year is a time of excitement and joy for the Chinese poeple around the world. In 2004, it's on January 22nd, and the festivities began several weeks prior to the New Year date and continue until the full Moon 15 days afterward. Soothsayers predict that this year of monkey shall bring in a great boom of the share market and a good dose of political crisis worldwide.

This year it is the Year of the Monkey, and it's definitely a celebration as the Monkey spirit makes everyone full of energy and vigor. The curiosity of the Monkey will also carry over into other areas of life; people will be keen on figuring things out this year, and then on showing off their new knowledge.The Monkey can make us feel like it's playtime all the time, so be sure you're not more concerned about your own fun than you are about others' feelings. Don't shirk off your responsibilities and be good and all ears to your friends and family.onkey.

Persons born in the year of the monkey are said to be very clever, practical, generally have low opinion of others and ingenious.

Traits of Monkey People

Polarity: Yang
Main Element: Metal
Hidden Elements: Yang Metal, Yang Water, Yang Earth
Hour Governed: (15:00 - 17:00)
Month : August
Season: Fall
Direction : West
Incompatible with: Tiger, Pig
Compatible with: Rat, Dragon, Goat
Suitable Careers: Jeweler, Metalworks