You represent all that is creative,individual and positive.  You employ new and unproven methods. You are an explorer and an innovator.  Self-reliance and confidence are your hallmarks.You desire to reach  the peak in your chosen field and usually you attain that . You need the freedom to make your own decisions, based on your own ideas. The most difficult job for you is one which requires you to be a subordinate.

There is a tendency to be self-centered. You get so involved with  with your goals and ambitions that you sometimes refuse to see a potential flaw or weakness.You can be domineering and, in the extreme, a bully. You savagely criticise others . As a result people tend to be repelled by your personality.

You can achieve great success provided you can cultivate balance, compassion, and perseverance.Generals, top leaders, successful businessmen, self-made millionaires, religious heads, inventors, activists, and avant-garde artists are often born with a 1 Expression.

You should try to carry out all your important plans on days which vibrate

our own number,such as the 1st,10th,19th or 28th of any month.

your favourite colours are all shades of gold,yellow, and bronze.