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Study Astrology in College: All You Need to Know

14 Mar 2024

Various ancient civilizations practiced astrology. That includes Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, Arabs, Romans, as well as Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs.

2024- Planetary Influences on the Zodiac Signs

24 Nov 2023

2024 in more than one way seems to be quite eventful with a host of planet influences on the anvil. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom is in Taurus as the year starts and then in the end of May shifts position to the house of Gemini.

Jupiter Retrograde - Setyembre 2023 - Muling isaalangalang ang iyong mga pagasa at pangarap.

06 Sep 2023

Ang Jupiter, ang planeta ng suwerte at pagpapalawak ay nag-retrograde mula Setyembre 4, 2023 hanggang Disyembre 31, 2023 sa zodiac sign ng Taurus.

Jupiter Retrograde - September 2023 - Reconsider your hopes and dreams.

31 Aug 2023

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion retrogrades from September 4, 2023 till 31 December, 2023 in the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Noong Hulyo 2025 Nag retrograde ang Mercury Sa Leo

23 Aug 2023

Nagre retrograde ang Mercury sa fire sign ng Leo sa ika 18 ng Hulyo at magtatapos sa ika11 ng Agosto 2025. Ito ang pangalawang beses na nagre retrograd ang Mercury noong 2025.

In July 2025 Mercury Goes Retrograde In Leo

19 Aug 2023

Mercury goes retrograde in the fire sign of Leo on the 18th of July and ends on the 11th of August 2025. This is the second time that Mercury is retrograding in 2025.

Venus Retrograde 2023 - Embrace Love and Ignite your Passion

18 Jul 2023

Venus the planet of love and pleasure goes retrograde in the fire sign of Leo on July 22 2023. Venus normally retrogrades once for every one and half year period.

Best and Worst Placements for the Planets in Astrology

01 Mar 2023

In astrology, the planets when they are placed in certain houses gain strength and in certain houses bring out their worst qualities.

Darakaraka - Find your Spouse Secrets. Find when you will get married

28 Feb 2023

In astrology, the planet found with the lowest degree in your birth chart is called as the Spouse indicator. In Vedic astrology it is called as Darakaraka.

Soul planet or Atmakaraka, know your soul's desire in astrology

18 Feb 2023

In astrology, there is one planet in your natal chart which is called as the Soul Planet. In Vedic astrology, it is termed as Atmakaraka.

Full Moons In 2023 - And how they stand to affect our lives

15 Feb 2023

The Moon is one of the luminary and it rules our emotions and feelings while the Sun is the other luminary that stands for our personality and how we interact with others.

Turkey Earthquakes - Is there a cosmic connection?

15 Feb 2023

The earthquake that rocked the countries of Turkey and Syria in the early hours of February 6th, 2023 was a huge tragedy of great proportions that the human mind cannot fathom.

Lahat ng mga planeta ay Direkta na ngayon, Ano ang ipinahihiwatig nito sa iyo

25 Jan 2023

Nagsimula ang taong 2023 sa maraming planeta na nagre-retrograd. Nagdirekta ang Uranus at Mars habang umuusad ang Enero 2023 at ang Mercury ang huling nagdirekta noong ika-18 ng Enero upang kumpletuhin ang yugto ng pag-retrograde.

All the planets are Direct now, What does it imply to you

24 Jan 2023

The year 2023 started with a host of planets retrograding. Uranus and Mars went direct as January 2023 progressed and Mercury was the last one to go direct on the 18th of January completing the retrograde phase.

Find your dominant planet in astrology and placements in natal chart

19 Jan 2023

In astrology, it is usually conceived that the Sun sign or the ruling planet or the ruler of the Ascendant dominates the scene.

What happens When Planets are Combust in Astrology?

07 Jan 2023

When a planet comes very close to the Sun during its orbit around the Sun, the enormous heat of the Sun would burn the planet.

Important Astrological Dates for Year 2023, Major Astrology Events 2023

30 Dec 2022

The New Year 2023 is likely to bring about major changes around. Important planetary forces are in play and are to set the tone for the year ahead.

What do Degrees mean in Astrology? Seeking Deeper Meanings into a Birth chart

29 Dec 2022

Ever wondered what the numbers represent in the zodiac placements of your birth chart? Well, these are called as degrees and indicate the exact position of the planets when you were born.

Transit Musytari di atas Planet Natal dan Kesannya

25 Nov 2022

Musytari ialah planet yang bergerak perlahan seperti Zuhal dan merupakan salah satu planet luar. Musytari mengembara melalui langit zodiak dan mengambil masa kira-kira setahun untuk bergerak dari satu tanda ke yang lain.

Jupiter Transit over Natal Planets and its Impact

22 Nov 2022

Jupiter is a slow moving planet just like Saturn and is one of the outer planets. Jupiter travels through the zodiac sky

Transit of Jupiter in Houses and its Effects

22 Nov 2022

Jupiters transit in any zodiac sign lasts for about 12 months or 1 year. Hence the effect of its transit

I'm the first - I AM ARIES - Official Music Video with Lyrics

12 Nov 2022

Im the first , and I m on fire, Mars rules my life, my being, It all begins at the spring equinox

What is a Stellium in astrology

26 Aug 2021

A Stellium is the combination of three or more planets in one zodiac sign or an astrological house. Having a Stellium in your zodiac is pretty rare, as chances of having numerous planets in your zodiac sign are meager.

The relationship between astrology and planetary cycles and success

19 Jul 2021

Astrology studies everyone birth chart, which corresponds to a picture of how the stars were positioned in the sky at the time of their birth. This position involves the astrological houses and the signs of the zodiac.

The 5 Signs of the zodiac that make up the best wives

19 Jul 2021

It is possible to see if the person has a good vocation to marriage by reading their birth chart. For this, it would be necessary to consider several elements of your astrological mandala.

Different time periods and their characteristics

19 Jul 2021

The period of each star is different from each other because the speeds at which they move in the zodiacal belt around the sun, passing through the 12 signs, also differ from each other.