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Here is how to tell if you have a Stellium in birth chart

13 Aug 2021

A Stellium is the combination of three or more planets that occur together in a zodiac sign or a house. Possessing a Stellium in your birth chart is rare.

Causes Of marriage breakdown According To Astrology

13 Aug 2021

We have seen couples being so in love and then getting divorced.However, what if we tell you that astrology already gives you the red signal if there is anything wrong with your marriage?

The 5 Signs of the zodiac that make up the best wives

19 Jul 2021

It is possible to see if the person has a good vocation to marriage by reading their birth chart. For this, it would be necessary to consider several elements of your astrological mandala.

Different time periods and their characteristics

19 Jul 2021

The period of each star is different from each other because the speeds at which they move in the zodiacal belt around the sun, passing through the 12 signs, also differ from each other.

Tokyo olympics mula sa pagtingin sa astrolohiya

15 Jul 2021

Ang Tokyo Olympics ay tatakbo mula Hulyo 23, 2021, hanggang Agosto 8, 2021. Ang seremonya ng pagbubukas ay sa Hulyo 23 sa ganap na 8:00 ng oras ng Tokyo. Gayunpaman, ang ilang mga laro ay magsisimulang tumakbo bago ang inaugural event.

Tokyo olympics from the view of astrology

15 Jul 2021

The Tokyo Olympics will run from July 23, 2021, to August 8, 2021. The opening ceremony will be on July 23 at 8:00 pm Tokyo time. However, some games will already start running before the inaugural event.

Planetary Aspects in Vedic Astrology

12 Jul 2021

Vedic astrology judges aspects not according to the exact degree of angle between the planets involved but relative to sign. 180-degree aspect is the main aspect in Jyotish. Planet aspects the sign opposite it.The aspects are from planet via sign they occupy to other sign of zodiac and to whatever may be contained in them. There are general (180 degree) and special aspects.

Yogas in vedic astrology

08 Jul 2021

In Hindu astrology, yoga is the relationship between one planet, sign, or house to another by placement, aspect, or conjunction.

The Vedas and Vedic Astrology

07 Jul 2021

Vedas are revelations of ancient rishis. They are mantric in style and multiple layered in meaning.

Origin Of Astrology

07 Jul 2021

Astrology is the study of influence of stars and planets on each individual for it is said to play a major role in shaping their personality along with their future.