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The Divination World: An Introduction to Tarot and Tarot Reading

25 Mar 2024

Everyone is fascinated by divination. Despite technology advancements such as the use of artificial intelligence and robots, people are still drawn to Tarot and divination practices.

Astrology in Todays World: A Guide for the Modern Seeker

18 Mar 2024

Astrology, once the domain of mystics and seers, has found a new lease on life in the digital age. Its resurgence in popularity among the younger generation speaks volumes about its enduring appeal and adaptability to the changing times.

Its Sagittarius Season - Explore and Embrace Adventure

21 Nov 2023

As we exit the Scorpio season and enter the season of Sagittarius, the days get shorter and colder. This is a season when it brings out the Sagittarian traits in each one of us.

Jupiter Retrograde - Setyembre 2023 - Muling isaalangalang ang iyong mga pagasa at pangarap.

06 Sep 2023

Ang Jupiter, ang planeta ng suwerte at pagpapalawak ay nag-retrograde mula Setyembre 4, 2023 hanggang Disyembre 31, 2023 sa zodiac sign ng Taurus.

Jupiter Retrograde - September 2023 - Reconsider your hopes and dreams.

31 Aug 2023

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion retrogrades from September 4, 2023 till 31 December, 2023 in the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Neptune Retrograde - Isang espirituwal na wake up call..

12 Jul 2023

Ang Neptune ay isang trans personal na planeta na gumugugol ng humigit kumulang 14 na taon sa bawat sign ng zodiac at tumatagal ng humigit kumulang 146 na taon upang lumibot sa Araw.

Neptune Retrograde - A spiritual wake-up call..

22 Jun 2023

Neptune is a trans-personal planet that spends about 14 years in each sign of the zodiac and takes about 146 years to go oncer around the Sun.