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Gemini Season - Ipasok ang Season ng Buzz...

22 May 2023

Ang Gemini ay isang Air sign at ang mga katutubo ay napakasosyal at intelektwal. Sila ay napakatalino at laging puno ng lakas, talino at sigla. Ang mga Gemini ay umaangkop sa mga pagbabago nang napakabilis nang walang labis na kilig dahil ang tanda ay nababago.

Gemini Season - Enter the Season of Buzz...

17 May 2023

Gemini is an Air sign and natives are very social and intellectuals. They are very clever and are always full of energy, wits and vigor. Geminis adapt to changes quite instantly without much fanfare as the sign is mutable. They always engage in conversations but ought to be careful about any slip of the tongue.

Darakaraka - Find your Spouse Secrets. Find when you will get married

28 Feb 2023

In astrology, the planet found with the lowest degree in your birth chart is called as the Spouse indicator. In Vedic astrology it is called as Darakaraka.

Quer um relacionamento duradouro, confira seu signo de Juno na Astrologia

19 Jan 2023

Juno � um dos asteroides do amor e � considerada a esposa de J�piter. Talvez tenha sido o terceiro asteroide a ser descoberto na hist�ria da humanidade. Tem alguma semelhan�a com as caracter�sticas de V�nus.

Want a lasting relationship, check out your Juno sign in Astrology

13 Jan 2023

Juno is one of the love asteroids and is considered to be the spouse of Jupiter. Perhaps it was the third asteroid to have been discovered in human history.