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Mondfinsternis - Roter Mond, totale Sonnenfinsternis, partielle Sonnenfinsternis, Halbschatten erkl�rt

25 Nov 2022

Finsternisse bringen gro�e Ver�nderungen in unserem Leben mit sich und sie sind die Ursache f�r die Evolution um uns herum. Laut Astrologie sind Finsternisse transformative Perioden, die schnelle und pl�tzliche Ver�nderungen mit sich bringen.

Lunar Eclipse - Red moon, Total eclipse, Partial eclipse, Penumbral explained

21 Nov 2022

Eclipses bring about major changes in our lives and they are the cause for evolution around. As per astrology, eclipses are transformative periods that bring about rapid and sudden changes.

The Pisces sign it's alive - Official Music Video with Lyrics

11 Nov 2022

12th and the last sign, Last of the three winter signs of the zodiac, The ending of an astrological cycle, Introvert from insides