Lunation - this is the time taken by the Moon to go once round the earth and is approximately 29.5 days.

Imum Coeli - this is the sign that corresponds to the fourth house and refers to wealth and property.

Descendant - Descendant is the opposite of the Ascendant and usually refers to the partner of the native.

Cosmobiology - this is an astrological study where the traditional house systems are not used.

color therapy - Also known as Chromotherapy, this is used as a healing therapy these days.

Celestial Mechanics - this deals with the motion and gravitational forces of celestial objects.

Astrology & Business - Astrology has been used to predict the outcome of businesses from ancient times.

Astrology &Ayurveda - this combination works out well in understanding the composition of human bodies.

Astrological Age - the astrological age is the constellation in which the Sun appears during the vernal equinox.

Astrolabe - An instrument used in ancient times to measure the angular positions of the stars. Know more..