Karmic Astrology - Karmic Astrology reveals or explores the values and beliefs you bring into this life on this earth from your past birth. Using Karmic astrology techniques one can find his/her karmic past which can help to resolve issues in life, create joy, find peace of mind, and improve the quality of ones? life.

The Mars effect - An effect which links the position of Mars and the performance of sportspersons.

Mercury Retrograde - No planet in the universe can turn retrograde. A retrograde planet is just the result of an optical illusion. All the planets turn around the Sun. Relative from our point of view on Earth, it appears sometimes that a planet will stop and go backwards called the retrograde motion, and then stop again and go forward called the direct motion.

Does Chile earthquake mandate changes in Astrological Calculations? - The earthquake of magnitude 8.8 that jolted the country of Chile in South America on February 27th , 2010 has been one of a great magnitude. Scientists tell that the earthquake had its repercussions on the entire earth, in that it had shifted the axis of the earth by about 8 centimeters.

2012 - Is it the end of World? - There are many opinions about what, if anything is going to happen on winter solstice 2012 and what is the real meaning of Mayan end date.

Why number nine (9) is called the completion - Nine is a composite number, its proper divisors are 1 and 3. It is 3 times 3 and hence the third square number. 9 is a Motzkin number. It is the first composite lucky number. Nine is the highest single-digit number in the decimal system.

Tea Astrology - According to the Gann Wheel by deriving the Indian Sidereal natal chart for a commodity uses its starting time and date it is possible for predicting the trends of the market and enable quantifying and qualifying the major and minor cycles of the market and the product. This was the method which was used by the Tea Merchants.

Olympic Games at Beijing, China - This Rat Year of 2008 is going to be quite special particularly for the Chinese people because the Olympics are going to be held in China. The Olympic Games open on the 8th of August 2008 at 8:08 pm, and that's considered an auspicious date because of all the 8's in the date. In the lunar calendar, it's also the eighth day of the seventh month.

US Elections-2008 - The United States of America will be going for its Presidential elections on November 4 , 2008 . With Hillary Clinton out of the race for the Democratic Party seat, the tug of war is now set between the Democrat Barack Obama and the Republican John Mc. Cain.

New idea in mortuary science : dissolving bodies - Since they first walked the planet, humans have either buried or burned their dead. Now a new option is generating interest ? dissolving bodies and flushing the brownish, syrupy residue down the drain.