Janmashtami - Janmashtami or Krishna Jayanthi is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. It is said that Krishna was born in the year of Visvavasu, some 5227 years ago. God Vishnu took the form of Krishna and was born in this world to destroy the evil forces.

Royal Baby Horoscope - The British Royal baby now named as Prince George was born on July 22, 2013, 04:24 local time at Paddington, London after much hype created by the media. He was born with Scorpio as his Ascendant sign, his Sun is in Cancer and Moon is in Capricorn.

Independence day - Astrology of Indian Independence day, indian independence day 2013, The first dasa of India after independence was that of Saturn. Saturn is posited in the 3rd house. The placement of 4th lord Sun in the 3rd house along with Saturn which rules separation signifies the separation of India and Pakistan at the time of birth.

Rakshabandhan - Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. It does not involve any religion and the brother ties a Rakhi or a sacred thread in the wrist of his sister indicating that he would support her in life despite adversaries in life.

Ramadan - Ramzan or Id or Id-Ul-Fitr is on the 1st of the month of Shawwal, which is the tenth Lunar month of the Islamic calendar. The Ninth month of the Muslim year is known as Ramzan or Ramadan, when Prophet Mohammed is supposed to have received his first revelations of the Holy Quran.

Friendship - Friendship is an essential part of our lives and sometimes friends matter more than our immediate family and its members. It is said that even the Devil has his own friends. In astrology the 11th house is said to rule friends and their relationships.

Days of the Week - The days of the week have special energies and attributes associated with them. Especially colors hold a relationship with the days and knowing them would be useful in planning our daily chores.Do you know that each day is also associated with a tree.

Easter Astrology - Easter is just round the corner. And what comes to our mind is hot cross buns, Easter eggs, lambs, turkey dishes and the like. On the serious side here are a few astrological connections to the observation of Easter, the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Holi Astrology - Holi is an Indian festival that is celebrated on the full moon day of the Phagun month of the Hindu calendar. Holi is a festival that does not have any worship associated with it and is full of celebration. Holi is a festival that marks the beginning of the Spring season after the dark and cold wintry season. Holi is also called as Dulhandi.

Women Astrology - Aries woman are very independent and they make their own path to find their way. Being very ambitious and optimistic in life they work their best fully motivated, to get what they want. They will never stop the drive till they reach the destination. Though bold and impulsive in nature, it might also lead to short temperedness most of the time, which is a drawback for the Aries woman. They decide on things very fast and never let others comment on their view and work according to their decisions. Thus always seek for individualism.