Welcome aboard, Water Bearers. Year 2024 would be a smooth flow for you with much fun and all your desires and wishes in life would be granted thanks to the planetary events that are scheduled to take place in your zodiac sign. As always, this year would be packed to the brim with eclipses, new moons and full moons, planet retrogrades and planet ingresses that would sway your swim.

2024 starts for the Aquarius people with the Sun entering their sign on Saturday, January 20. This marks the start of the Aquarius season. During this period you will focus entirely on yourself. You define a new identity and personal goals for you. You would not be influenced by the expectations of those around. The next day on Sunday, January 21, Pluto enters the zodiac house of Aquarius. This would highlight issues related to technology and human rights, we can see political battles and a war for autonomy and gender expressions with this Pluto ingress. Then we have your sign hosting the New Moon for the year on Friday, February 09. This invites you to start afresh and redefine your goals and the way you present yourself to the world. A few days from this we have Mars, the fiery planet getting into the sign of Aquarius on Tuesday, February 13. Mars in Aquarius is said to make impulsive decisions and make bold statements. It makes the natives rational and cool-headed.

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Close on the heels, following Mars, Venus, the planet of love and romance enters the sign of Aquarius on Friday, February 16. This guides the Aquarius people into making romantic connections by means of mutual friends and acquaintances. It would be forged mainly on the basis of feelings and affections and not on intimacy. The eclipse season for 2024 starts with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse happening in your 9th house of Libra on Monday, March 25. An eclipse in the 9th house would take you to the unknown territory beyond known borders. There would be opportunities for travel abroad or this would be call for a break. The twin of this eclipse would be a Total Solar eclipse that occurs in your 3rd house of Aries on Monday, April 08. The Solar eclipse in the 3rd house suggests a change in your routine and your attitude as well. Your financial alertness would also improve around this eclipse season.

And then we have the outer most planet, Pluto turning retrograde in your sign on Saturday, May 02. This Pluto retrograde would be a reminder that you still have got some internal works to be done, before you soar up. Following this, we have Saturn, your ruler turning retrograde in the sign of Pisces on Saturday, June 29. Aquarius people might experience some changes owing to this Saturn retrograde. Health issues crop up, financial constraints arrive and career woes pile up. The Full Moon due in your sign for the year 2024 falls on Monday, August 19. This Full Moon would bring about a balance between our individual preferences and teamwork. The second pair of eclipse in 2024 begins with a Partial Lunar eclipse in your 2 nd house of Pisces on Wednesday, September 18. This would give a cosmic push to make changes to your finances. You would be made to fend to your needs without eclipsing the needs of those who rely on you. Its twin eclipse is due on Wednesday, October 02 which would be an annular Solar eclipse taking place in your 9th house of Libra. This solar eclipse in the 9th would emphasis on your religious pursuits and higher studies. This would be a good time to initiate new ventures.

Your lord Saturn retrograding for quite sometime now turns direct in the zodiac sign of Pisces on Friday, November 15. This indicates that new developments and changes are on their way for you. The last planet event in your sign would be the entry of Pluto on Tuesday, November 19. With Pluto’s entry, you can expect a total transformation from the mess around. The idea of equity starts ringing in your ears as the year winds off.

What’s up for the Aquarians this year...

• Important Astrological Events for Aquarius in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Astrological Events for Aquarius in 2024

• Saturday, January 20- Sun enters Aquarius

• Sunday, January 21- Pluto enters Aquarius

• Friday, February 09- New Moon in Aquarius

• Tuesday, February 13- Mars enters Aquarius

• Friday, February 16- Venus enters Aquarius

• Monday, March 25- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra (9th house)

• Monday, April 8- Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (3rd house)

• Saturday, May 2- Pluto turns Retrograde in Aquarius

• Saturday, June 29- Saturn goes Retrograde in Pisces

• Monday, August 19- Full Moon in Aquarius

• Wednesday, September 18- Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (2nd House )

• Wednesday, October 2- Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra (9th house)

• Friday, November 15- Saturn turns direct in Pisces

• Tuesday, November 19- Pluto enters Aquarius

General Forecast

Year 2024 is likely to bring about many changes for Aquarius people. Through the year you would get the full support of family in personal life and peers in work place. The last quarter of the year would bless you with immense luck and fortune. Be prepared to handle this windfall. Mid-year would bring about turmoil, frauds and trust issues stare at you. Your finances are in for a roller coaster ride this year. Beware of major financial moves as losses and troubles loom around.

Despite all the above, the year 2024 would give you some important life lessons to be learnt. As the year starts, Saturn would be causing some troubles. It would bring about disappointment and dissatisfactions in life. However, with patience and commitment things would change for your good. Aquarius folks are advised to keep going, rather than fretting over trivial issues. The love life and marriage of Aquarius natives would be very exciting for the year ahead. If you are a single Aquarius, then you would be meeting your ideal soulmate and some deep connections would be made. You would get the good support of family and friends for all your pursuits through the year. There would be lot of activity in both your personal and professional spheres. Natives are asked to dig in with their honest hard work and commitment. This would give you stability and happiness in all areas. All through the year, the planets make sure that you shine in your watery abode.

Aquarius people can expect this year to be a period of major changes in their lives.

Aquarius Men are predicted with a great time for the year 2024. They would get immense opportunities to come up in life. Some major decisions with regard to business or career would be taken this year. Some of you might need to separate from family owing to career. Always stay positive and keep going.

This year would give answers to some of the questions that you had been raising in recent times. Through the year, Aquarius women would be able to take some chances with their personal and professional life. Health needs to be taken care of. You would get the good support and love of your family and partner for the year.

Pounce on any opportunity that comes your way, you won’t be knocked on often. Do trust your gut feelings and keep going. Some of the greatest achievement of your life would be met this year. Avoid impulsive acts and follow a disciplined plan. Perseverance would reward your amicably for now.

Health Predictions

Year 2024 would bring in good health and cheer for Aquarius personalities. As the year starts, natives are likely to take great health related resolutions to be practised through the year. You start the year with a bang, however you need to be consistent on your efforts towards good health habits. Natives are advised to stay away from unhealthy food practises that might wear their energy down. As the year progresses, Aquarius people might get demotivated and fall out of their health plans. It is important for them to stick to their healthy routine and follow good physical work outs. You should stay away from anything that causes stress and strain for you as this might impact your cardio health for the year. Some of you might have issues with sleep and resting. Get timely medical intervention to avoid any long-term effects.

Consistent health habits would bless you with wellness in 2024.

As the year starts you would be loaded with much energy, however it starts waning from then on. At times there would be periods of fatigue, particularly around the middle of the year. Occasional breaks would give you the much needed relief for the period. Some natives would be prone to seasonal allergies, protect yourself. Chronic patients would have many ups and downs in their general health through the year. Aquarius women would have some gynaecological issues that haunt them, timely medical intervention would help a lot. In general, Aquarians are promised with good health and no major health concerns for the period.

Education and Career Prospects

Year 2024 would be a positive period for Aquarius students with good academic prospects. For the year, they would get the good support of their teachers and family for their studies. Most Aquarius students would prove successful for the year with some of them getting into higher studies of their interest. However, they are advised not to be lax and rest on their laurels. They need to be consistent in their work if they ought to stand out of the crowd. Those into medical, law and technical courses in particular would see this year much favourable for their pursuits. The others too would fare well for the period if they pitch in.

This year would bless the Aquarius people with immense professional opportunities. There would be scope to extent your business if you are dealing with one. Those in partnership firms would find the period very gainful. Though not all your efforts would be gainful, your performance would be stable and consistent all this year. Aquarius natives would see that their creative skills take them higher up their career ladder. This is a time that asks for much commitment to work though. Good results also come easily for you without much asking.

This would be a year of gains in profession for Aquarius folks.

Natives would be full of energy and vigor to perform well. If you are aspiring to start your own venture or deal yourself in a new project then this would be the best time. New opportunities come your way, expanding your territory in the professional arena. Natives are however asked to take well-informed decisions and be thoughtful of their relationships at work. Good mentors and elders in the work place would be a great source of strength and support for you these days. Thanks to your career performance, your financials also improve a lot thus improving your mental health and personal relationships as well through the year.

Love and Family Relationships

This year Aquarius personalities are assured of domestic welfare and happiness all through the period. However, some of you might be moving away from family owing to studies or career opportunities. Health of family members, particularly elder parents would be a cause for concern. It might wear you down both physically, mentally and financially, be prepared to handle this with some emergency plans. Auspicious events at home like marriage or birth of a child would bring joy and happiness to the household though. Health of children at home also need constant attention. You would be able to spend some quality time with family members for the year. Beware of troubles from relatives by way of law suits related to property deals. This might turn an eyesore to you around the end of the year, be cautious.

2024 would be a year when the love and marriage fortune of Aquarius people would be quite good. You would be getting the good support and care of your partner or spouse through the period. Though there would be no dearth for rifts and disputes, peace would prevail in the end. As the year progresses, natives would be able to strengthen their relationship and seal their love or marriage. During the first quarter of the year, some of you might be temporarily separated from spouse or partner. Then you would get back to living with them for the second quarter when love would be romantic and passionate.

2024 would give its own share of rifts in domestic and love life for you.

Around mid-year be prepared to handle some imbalances in your relationships. This is a time when your honesty, commitment and loyalty would be put to test. Close around this period, single Aquarians would be able to make contacts and get connected to potential partners. For the third quarter your social life would be at its peak, but make sure that you stay true to your partner. Through the year, there might be many turns and twists in your marital life if you are into one. Financial constraints and family pressure might bring about some distance with your spouse. Not a time to give up, make all attempts to get into the good books of your spouse. 2024 would be a time when the singles among you would be greatly wooed. Do not be carried away by false promises, get the good advice of elders in this matter. All single-sided relationships end this year. Some of you would be getting married as the year progresses. These nuptials would be highly successful if you maintain a calm demeanor for the period. Though there would be rough storms around, always cling onto your partner or spouse for the mutual benefit of both of you.

Financial Overview

Year 2024 would be a blessed year in terms of finances for Aquarius people. This period would make you financially stable and secure. Always remember to save some resources for tough times ahead. You would be able to invest in real estate deals, gold and currencies now. There would be many ways by which you would be able to make money this year. Do not indulge with your finances, stay cautious for the whole period. Though your career or business would bring in good revenue there would be much outflow for unnecessary means as well. Keep a tab of your expenses and do not indulge at any time.

Financial indulges would land you in trouble through the year, beware.

Some of your past investments would be giving good yield for the year. Luck and fortune shall come for you around the middle of the year. Do involve yourself in social and charity works and make your money work for positive changes in the society as always. Some of you stand to inherit some good resources by way of inheritance. The year is favorable for you to sell some of your landed property as well. Mid-year holds good promises for buying your dream home or luxury vehicle. This is a year where you cannot expect a windfall, however you would be amply equipped to keep going for the whole year.

2024 is favorable for the buying and selling prospects of Aquarius natives. Any high value purchases you make through would be highly profitable for you in the long run. Your assets stand to increase as you see gains all this year. Around the year-end you would be able to buy your dream home or luxury vehicle that had been on your mind for long.