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Joaquin Aldabe   .   11 Nov 2022   .   0 mins read

Artist: Joaquin Aldabe

A multi-instrumental musician, producer and composer. Has 10 years of experience in the music industry.

Stanley Music Production


12th and the last sign

Last of the three winter signs of the zodiac

The ending of an astrological cycle

Introvert from insides

Yet very confident and proud

Mid-february to march

The pisces sign its alive

Great Artists and philosophers we are

Emotional, empathetic among the tides

The pair of fishes of the zodiac

The pisces sign its alive

The water flowing stream of life

Falling in love in and out

Give and receive love

Despite not wanting to rely

Even if their moods vary with the tides

Sweet, innocent

But very strong and determinated they are

Great Artists and philosophers we are

Emotional, empathetic among the tides

The pair of fishes of the zodiac

The pisces sign its alive

Just a pair of fishes

The cycle of the life

They channel their emotions into art

Once in love with them

It's not easy to get out.

Just a pair of fishes

Living their life

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