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Neptune Retrograde - July 2024

Neptune is an outer planet of our solar system that rules over spirituality, dreams, emotions, sensitivity, our inner self and our visions. It spends about 14 years in each zodiac sign and every year it turns retrograde for about 150 days or so. Currently it is in Pisces and would be here till 2025/2026. In 2024, Neptune turns retrograde in the water sign of Pisces from July 2 to December 7. The retrograde occurs at 29 degrees of Pisces and this is termed as Anaratic degree. This would further amplify our illusions and confusions. However, Saturn in Pisces might bring about some level of grounding.

When Neptune turns retrograde it helps us to turn inwards and enter our conscious level. It helps us to get a deeper sense of ourselves, to get hold of our path and to connect us to your inner most being. If we are aware of Neptune retrograde then we can navigate this period with better insight and promote our self-growth.

Neptune Retrograde Dates in 2024

Direction From To Days
Date Sign and Degree Date Sign and Degree
Direct Jan 1 , 2024 25° Jul 2, 2024 29° 183
Retrograde Jul 2, 2024 29° Dec 7, 2024 27° 158
Direct Dec 7, 2024 27° Jan 1, 2025 27° 25

Important Dates to watch out for during this Neptune Retrograde

2nd July 2024 - Neptune turns retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces. On this day, stay grounded and be realistic, you might be shrouded by mystery and confusion.

17th September 2024 - A Lunar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Pisces wherein Neptune is retrograding. This might bring hidden truths to the fore and release held up emotions, be wary.

27 March, 2025 - Neptune enters the sign of Aries.

How to better navigate the Neptune Retrograde Period:

  • Meditate and involve in mindful practices
  • Journal your thoughts and dreams
  • Set healthy boundaries in your relationships
  • Ground yourself in reality
  • Express yourself creatively
  • Get out of Escapism
  • Question your beliefs
  • Grow spirituality
  • Plan carefully
  • Resort to self-care routines
  • Do not follow illusions
  • Embrace new perspectives
  • Be open to learning
  • Enhance Intuition
  • Address your Emotional Baggage

Who stands to be Affected by this Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

  • Spiritual people like Popes, Priests and clergymen.
  • Psychic healers, Clairvoyants and Healers.
  • Those working in self-help and development areas.
  • Those working with chemicals.
  • Artists and musicians.
  • Those working with water or aquatic animals.
  • People who rely on the seas and oceans like fishing communities.
  • Those travelling on boats, ships and yachts.
  • The zodiac sign most impacted by Neptune going retrograde is Pisces.
  • Libras would also be affected in terms of their general health as it is the 6th from Pisces.
  • Areas that fall in 29 degrees Pisces of your birth chart would be affected.

How the Zodiac signs would be impacted by the Neptune retrograde in July 2024

ARIES :Aries folks would be able to start things afresh, but they should be aware of disappointments and dissatisfaction coming their way too.

TAURUS: With Neptune going retrograde, the earthy Taurus would follow their heart and focus on what is vital for life.

GEMINI: During this phase, the Geminis get frustrated easily. They would need to make some tough choices as to what stays in life and what needs to be thrown off.

CANCER: Generally, Neptune retrograde period would bring about unhappiness and distress for Cancers that they better withdraw.

LEO: Neptune retrograde makes the Leos strive for more limelight and fantasy. They need to keep their desires within normal levels these days.

VIRGO: Virgos would get a better insight into their future as Neptune goes retrograde that they can take some wise decisions and act accordingly.

LIBRA: When Neptune turns retrograde it makes the Libras more sensitive and sacrificial that they might end in disappointments.

SCORPIO: Scorpios undergo major transformations during Neptune retrograde phase and try to get rid of the obsolete things in life.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sages would give up some of their bad habits during the retrograde of Neptune. They show compassion and develop a sense of positivity too.

CAPRICORN: As Neptune turns retrograde, the Caps would perform well in their projects, however they need to remain in the background.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius would be more emotional these days, that they need to stay away from fantasy.

PISCES: Neptune Retrograde makes Pisces more sensitive that they go into solitude. They can be easily influenced these days as Neptune retrogrades in their sign.

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