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Your company name speaks a lot about your vision. You select the best name that best describes your organization. Numerology is the easiest way to method to tell a person’s fortune. According to numerology, the name of your business has a great impact on the success of your business. It brings good luck to your company.

Business name numerology is all about analyzing those numbers associated with your business name. What if you have a hardworking team, amazing product, right business knowledge but still unable to achieve the success that you always wanted. Your all efforts are going in vain. Numerology can reveal several factors that can have a detrimental effect on your business.

Business name by numerology

Your business name reveals a lot. Your business name conveys the message to your customers what kind of business a particular setup is into. It reveals the nature of your product. 

According to numerology each number rules human nature and displays its effect. Numerology deals with the numbers 1-9. All of these numbers have certain energies and vibrations.
Numerology drives all the details about previous birth, present birth, and the full personality of a person. There is a certain date of births; the sum total of which are two-digit numbers. In this case, you need to add the remaining two digits to get a single digit. There are two systems of numerology that can be used to find out your lucky business name.

1. Chaldean Numerology System 

This numerology system can be said to be mystic numerology. It is the oldest system of numerology. Chaldea was a country that existed between the late 10th or early 9th. Numerology is not popular as other types of numerology systems. But it is one of the most accurate among all numerology systems. In modern times, popular numerologists used the Chaldean numerology system. 

Chaldean System Number Table

This system has the numerical value 1-8 to the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Number 9 is considered to be a holy number this is why it is not assigned to any alphabet. This system is determined by the vibration of a specific letter. 

2. Western or Pythagorean Numerology 

The founder of this system is Pythagoras. He is a great mathematician and scientist. Westerns countries use this system for their business name more than other types. In this system, every name and date of birth is reduced to a basic number from 1-9. In which numbers 11 and 22 are considered master numbers and not reduced to a single-digit number. Each alphabet has from A to Z has an associated number. 

Each letter in the name is converted to the associated number, to get the number for the name. Then, all the numbers are summed up until the single-digit number are derived. In this system, you have to use your full business name in the calculation. 

Benefits of having the business name according to numerology 

There are several advantages of making your business brand name according to numerology as they give exact and accurate results. Here are some main advantages of having a business name according to numerology. 

•  Unexceptional Growth 

The main advantage to having a business name according to numerology is an unexceptional and limitless success. If you select your business name by adding your birthdate and alphabets letter according to numerology, you will get the correct name that suits your personality. In the name of big companies like Coca-Cola and Luis Vuitton word “O” is very common, this word is a very dominant alphabet. 

Successful Leader

When you select the right business name according to numerology, then there are a lot of chances that to become a successful leader in your business. You select your business name according to your number with the help of numerology, and it gives you an exact impression of your interest. 

• Great Market

The only reason you start your business is the market goodwill, and you never want your business market value will go down. But if you select your business name according to numerology, then you have to do less hard work for its goodwill. If we talked about the big fortune companies of the world, you will get to know their brand names are made according to their numbers.

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