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The period of each star is different from each other because the speeds at which they move in the zodiacal belt around the sun, passing through the 12 signs, also differ from each other. This is what we call “planetary cycles”. The moon is not a planet, it is a natural satellite and a very important star from an astrological point of view, it is the fastest moving in 28 days, mercury, and Venus in approximately 1 year, mars in 2 to 2 years and middle, Jupiter in 12 years, Saturn in 29 years, Uranus in 84 years, Neptune in 165 years and Pluto in 248 years.

Each planetary cycle moves us and invites us to live different experiences. For example, the moon, every 28-day cycle is an invitation to renewal, especially for women, since the moon is a female polarity star (while the sun has a male polarity) and its cycle has the same length as the woman's menstrual cycle, which varies from 21 to 35 days, with an average duration of 28, whose primordial characteristic is the renewal of the uterus for the possibility of generating a new human life.

The 4 phases of the moon are: new, crescent, full and waning and each one has its own characteristics and its influence on humans. The new moon phase is conducive to the realization of new projects, new beginnings, new paths. It is about sowing what you want to reap in the future! And this requires hope and optimism accompanied by action! In the crescent moon phase, adjustments are made to these plans and that is when expansion, growth, and maturation occur. In the full moon phase, these planted dreams are harvested and that is when we feel shining, because we know we have won! We are done! The waning moon phase is necessary for us to clean and dispose of the remains, of what we no longer use in our lives, to start a new planting. Intrapersonal withdrawal, meditation and calm are necessary to do this cleansing with a view to renewal.

The planetary cycle of mercury, of approximately 1 year, has the function of making us review issues related to mental activity and intellect, among them, our communication. Venus, also lasting approximately 1 year, invites us to reflect on aspects of relationships, such as pleasure and love.

The Mars period is meant to provide personal maturity and reflection on where you aim to go in the future, as this is a planet that talks about our inner desires and about the courage and drive that drives us to achieve them. This cycle of 2 to 2 and a half years is very good to lapidate this impulse to improve your personal and professional life, giving a leap in your career.

The 12-year phase of the planet Jupiter's movement through the zodiac is a time to test your luck, confidence, hope and optimism about your place in the world. The Saturn cycle, every 29 years, aims to mature the individual, shield him from his fears, deal with his responsibilities in an adult and mature way.

The Uranus circuit, every 84 years, has the function of generating a drastic rupture of all the moorings that impede our evolution. It is about transgression, liberation, change, rupture, reversal, opening to the new. Half of their cycle, 42 years, is the age at which the individual experiences the "midlife crisis", it is a period of uncertainty and disturbances regarding the life that has been lived, which leads the person to make revolutionary changes in their life, changes that will be complete in 84 years.

Neptune's planetary cycle, in 165 years, has the function of experiencing religious and spiritual experiences, as this star speaks of mysteries, spirituality, non-material reality and connection with the divine. At the end of each age, there is a universal awakening towards the occult and that which is nebulous is revealed to us.

And finally, the movements of the planet Pluto along the zodiacal belt, in 248 years, is a period of changes, transformations and transmutations. While the metamorphoses provided by Uran are more related to freedom, those by Pluto are more linked to our personality, mainly to our defects, traumas, and parts of the unconscious of our psyche.

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