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The sensitive, emotional and home-bodies, the Crabs are predicted with a fabulous year ahead. The planetary events through their sign for the whole year would keep them on their feet. That does not mean that they have to retreat to their shells, they are welcome to come out and enjoy what the stars have planned for them. Here is a look at the important events that would occur in the zodiac sign of Cancer through the year 2024.

Monday, March 25 would be hosting a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra. That would be the 4th house of domestic affairs for Cancer people. This Lunar Eclipse would bring a strong emotional shift for the Cancerians. They would be much more sensitive and vulnerable around the eclipse days. In particular, their domestic life stands to get major impact. Following the Lunar Eclipse, after a couple of weeks, we have a Solar Eclipse in Aries on Monday, April 8. This is the 10th house of career or profession for Cancer natives. This solar eclipse would take us out of our comfort zones. Aries is a fire sign and this fiery energy would inspire and motivate us to spring into action. The effects of the eclipse would be a sort of roller coaster ride for Cancer folks.

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From mid-June, an influx of planets starts into the sign of Cancer. The first in line would be Venus entering Cancer on Monday, June 17. Venus through Cancer would give the Cancerians an opportunity to work on themselves, on their relationships, and to share their needs and feelings in a better vein. Closely on the heels, following Venus, Mercury enters Cancer on the same day. As Mercury transits through the sign of Cancer, we would be thinking about things on a much deeper level and would have a better ability to communicate our feelings. In a couple of days from this, the Sun would be entering Cancer on Thursday, June 20 and this marks the start of the Cancer season. This season would extend till mid-July when the Sun shifts position to the sign of Leo. The ingress of the Sun into Cancer will improve the leadership and managerial skills of Cancerians. This Sun transit will make them more protective and kind towards family and friends.

On Friday, July 5, Cancer would see a New Moon in its sign when the luminaries Sun and Moon get into exact conjunction (0 deg). This New Moon would ask the Cancer folks to begin afresh some of their closest relationships. This is a cosmic event that helps you with your relationship and there would be no holing back. Then there is a Partial Lunar eclipse in your 9th house of Pisces on Wednesday, September 18. This would be in your 9th house and the importance shifts to your paternal relationships and higher educational prospects. Also this eclipse season forebodes changes towards your prosperity. In a couple of weeks’ time, there’s a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Libra on Wednesday, October 2. Libra is your 4th house and the focus now shifts to your 4th house of domestic welfare and happiness. Expect a turbulent period in your domestic life around this eclipse. Use these eclipse energies to learn some important life lessons as major shifts are coming your way as the year progresses.

What we got here for you:

• Important Events in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Events in 2024

• Monday, March 25- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra (4th house)

• Monday, April 8- Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (10th house)

• Monday, June 17 - Venus enters Cancer

• Monday, June 17 - Mercury enters Cancer

• Thursday , June 20- Sun enters Cancer

• Friday, July 5- New Moon in Cancer

• Wednesday, September 18- Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (9th House)

• Wednesday, October 2- Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra (4th house)

General Forecast

Cancer is the fourth in the zodiac line up and this is a water sign. For the year ahead, Cancer natives are promised with some good times. There would be magic all around, and success in your ventures. A slow and steady approach to life would earn you goodness. Your dreams come true during the course of the year bringing you happiness. Cancers better enhance their skill sets for the year, else they might lag behind the other zodiacs in terms of success in life.

Love and marriage relationship for Cancer people would be stable this year. Your finances improve and there would be opportunities for you to start a new business if something of that sort has been on your mind. The first quarter of the year might bring a job switch for some Cancer folks. There would be good job satisfaction and your target in business would be achieved.

Year 2024 would be a period of mixed fortune in economic terms for Cancer personalities. Physical health might be compromised for some of you, but happier days are ahead. Find out ways and means to secure your financial future as tough times are ahead. This year would bring your myriad experiences and there would be better contentment in life. This period would give you its own set of challenges as well. The responsibilities entrusted to you increase this year. Special bonds would develop as the year proceeds and success would just come the hard way. You ought to be facing difficulties occasionally, be prepared to fight the battle, any sort of emotional upheaval would not get what you want.

This would be a period of mixed fortunes for Cancer people.

In 2024, Cancer Men might find the first quarter of the year quite troublesome. After April, the period would be good and favorable for Cancer Men. Then there would be lot of positivity around, though it would be a roller coaster ride at times for the guys. Through the year, their finances would improve and they would find better ways and means to increase their financial inflow.

Cancer Women would find the first half of the year quite troublesome for their health and personal life. The second half would be quite good, particularly their relationships would fare well. Major obstacles in your life would be removed and goodness would prevail. Family would be a great source of strength and support for you these days.

The year ahead would pose lots of challenges, do not let your emotions or sensitivity take over it. Better confidence and sincere effort would help you to win in life. Do not hesitate to assert yourself, and let no amount of selfishness infiltrate you. Stand in support of your loved ones as relationships are of much value than anything else in this world.

Health Predictions

In 2024, there might be some serious health issues for Cancer natives or their family members. This would bring unwanted medical expenditure and lots of frustrations for you. But then act responsibly and take care of others around as their health is of utmost importance to you in long run. For the first half of the year, the mental health of a loved one might wear you down. However, things shall get better after mid-year. Saturn as your 8th house ruler would bring down your health. For some, the immunity might get compromised through the year. Hence take good care of the same and find ways to improve it.

General Health would not be that good for Cancer people this year.

Stay physically active for the year, do not panic when health concerns come around. Any amount of positive thought on your part would do wonders. Follow a restrained diet and keep moving frequently to keep yourself fit. Most part of this year is unfavourable for your general health despite all your attempts to stay on top of it. The start of the year would see a lack of energy levels for some Cancer people. Stay motivated and keep moving. Constant exercising, biking and swimming would help you regain your fitness. Ample time with family would improve your mental health through the year. Stay balanced and don’t let emotions rule the roost.

Education and Career Prospects

In 2024, Cancer students who really work hard and pitch in all their might will get good rewards. Particularly after the first quarter, their educational pursuits would do them good. Natives would perform well in their exams and competitive tests. Ketu or the Moon’s South node in the 5th house would try to deviate you from your focus. And Saturn around stands to hinder your study prospects. Despite difficult times, Cancer students are advised to pay full attention to their studies and keep going. Stay positive and look towards your goal and keep running. Natives into academics and research works stand to get good recognitions through the year. Students pursuing their studies overseas would be successful for the period too.

Year 2024 predicts good career prospects for Cancer people. Through the year, you would be needing to learn to balance between work and play. Though it is good to give precedence to career, don’t let your family and friends down. Always give priority to family and start evaluating life from a new perspective. The New year asks for much hard work and commitment on your side to succeed in the career front. As the year moves on there would be mixed prospects in your career field. Saturn as the 8th Lord would discipline you and bring about maximum labour but with minimum wages through this period. The second part of the year however would bring some major changes in your job front. Some of you might be taking the longest leap of faith around this time. Through the year, your career side might pose occasional problems and challenges, and luck and commitment would take you through. Caner natives into business would also meet with good success this year along with better profits. They are asked not to rush on things and take things on a stable note. Be careful about joint ventures and stay away from venturing to high-risk areas for the period.

Major Career changes are on the anvil this year.

Love and Family Relationships

This would be a favorable year for the family life of Cancer people. As always you tend to the needs and desires of your family members and this year, there would be no exception. For some natives, the planets around would be in favor of moving away from family for the period. This might bring about domestic worries and anxieties. And Saturn is likely to cause unwanted quarrels and misunderstandings with family members through the period. Remain loyal and overcome these familial challenges by your love and concern. In particular children and elder members in the family would be vying for your care and attention. Mid-year assures some auspicious events at home which would bring all members form far and near. This ensures that joy and happiness prevail in your family life. As the year starts there would be family troubles, but as it progresses, things get positive changes. The end of the year would bring good news with regard to marriage and child birth in your family.

In love and marriage, Cancer people would see lots of changes and this area would call for much action on their part. Major evolution in love is on the cards for Cancers. All this year, your love life would be quite satisfactory, though there might be occasional hiccups. The single ones would be meeting potential partners and have fun and adventure with them. The married ones would be making some strong bonds with their partners. There would not be any unhappiness or fear in your love life or marriage, though things would not be all that rosy through the year. This year, your relationships would be honest and help you to remain cool, composed and relaxed. Your love life would be full of laughter, hearty dinners and freaky weekends.

Let not your sensitive and emotional nature come in way of your relationships this year.

The love horoscope for Cancer folks is mostly positive for the year 2024. But then, Saturn would bring about many challenges. Hence be careful of your relationship, trust your partner and be loyal to them as well. Venus in favourable positions through the year promises goodness in love and marriage. Most Cancer people would be able to settle with the love of their life this year. Those in a marriage would find some loss of happiness occasionally, however a positive approach and good vibe around would mend fences. Your relationship would be taken to a whole new level as the year progresses. Patience and perseverance would be the key for your love or marriage to prosper these days.

Financial Overview

With finances, this would be a year of great providence and blessing for Cancer people. Though Saturn in your 9th house assures prosperity there might be some stressful moments at times. There would be better inflow of finances for the year. Those into business would see their profits soar and there would be many avenues for the Cancers to make money. And all your efforts toward financial satisfaction would be met this year. For the first two quarters, natives are asked to be careful with their financial moves. There might be some discrepancies on your part. From mid year, you would start making more money. Losses and bad debts would be paid off and natives stand to get money from many sources. Some Cancers would see inflow by way of legacy or inheritance as well this year. Beware of legal entanglements when dealing with property deals. Also be wary of joint ventures, as false accusations and frauds loom around. Be patient, do not participate in risky ventures for the year. In general, this would be a year when there would be no dearth for funds.

Cancer People would be blessed with good fortune for the year 2024.

Cancer natives would stand good prospects in their buying and selling efforts for the year ahead. There might be some delays and hindrances till April and then there would be good scope with gains on the anvil. Some Cancers would be making a major big step in buying high value property. Whatever you do, be it buying or selling, make sure that you are taking the right decisions and is very careful with the deals.

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