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As Spring sets in, the Season of Aries arrives and this is an important cosmic event for us as the Sun transits from the last zodiac sign of Pisces to the first sign of Aries. During the Aries season , our energy levels shoots up and would be the highest as the hibernation we went into during the winter stops and forces us to the outdoors. The Aries season also breaks us free from the Pisces’ emotional energy. The Sun enters the sign of Aries on the 20th of March and would be there till the 19th of April.

The Season of Aries, is a time of new beginnings. With the Sun completing one trip around the zodiac signs and this is a fresh new start. Now we can take a deep breath and look at a sunny future. 

The Season of Aries is a time for actions and not idling. The Sun in Pisces made us  dream, we were in our cocoons during the harsh winter, now we can spring into action.

Aries Season is the Astrological New Year. The first day of the Aries season is said to be the Spring Equinox. This is the day, the Sun crosses the Equator  and the days and nights would be of equal length. 

Aries season is a period to find your passion and work on it. The fire energy around would ignite our souls. We would be bold and courageous to take some important steps ahead. 

The Aries season would revive our spirits and helps us to face challenges and obstructions head-on. Tempers might go unchecked. Use the energy toward productive channels. 

This is a season of freedom and adventure. If the needed freedom is not given, there would be chaos around. This is not a time to stick to routine work, instead we are asked to wander towards unchartered territory. 

Aries season asks us to lead and not follow. Armed with the courageous fiery energy, we are to charge ahead and make something out of everything. The energy of Aries can move mountains.

Here is a Guide as to how best the Zodiac signs can use the Aries season productively:


The Sun is in your sign and this is your time of the year. The Sun is said to be exalted in your sign. It’s light shines brightly on you. A good time to show your real you to the world. Go after your pursuits and desires. Make a fresh start. Avoid aggressiveness and impulsive acts of all sorts. But make sure that your fire does not burn the forest, instead let it bring warmth around.


The season of Aries would be a time when Taurus people are asked to slow down and rest a while. During the season, the Sun would be in their 12th house. And this is a house of spirituality and dreams. Hence Taurus natives can use the Aries season to finish up something that has been dragging on and then can rest. They ought to bring some balance between work and play for the season. 


As the Aries season sets in, the Sun enters your 11th house. This is a time that favors connecting and reaching out to your friends. Your social circle expands. It is a good time when you do something for your community and value the people in your life. New contacts come in and they stand to improve your life. This season is a good time to network. 


For Cancer people, the Aries season indicates the movement of the Sun into their 10th house. This would bring you into the spotlight and your career gets emphasized. A time when you get aligned with the goals and focus of your life. There would be renewed energy that would help you to attain professional success. New opportunities come calling on, there might be a career change or a promotion on the cards. Have your share of adventure as well as all work might make you bored. 


With the Sun entering into yet another fiery sign, the fire in Leos would be further re-ignited. In Leo, the Sun is said to be exalted and hence this season would be good for Leos. This is a time for growth for them. There would be a yearning for reaching beyond the limits. The Sun would be in the 9th house of Aries for Leos and this highlights higher studies, travel and your spiritual pursuits for the period. New doors open for you bringing in new opportunities. Have confidence in yourself. 


During the season of Aries, the Sun would be in the 8th house for Virgo folks. This placement would ask for a quite reflection on your part. You would be delving into your inner self these days. Your sexuality and innate self gets highlighted during the Aries season. The fiery energy of the Sun would ignite your passion and you would undergo slow but steady transformations or changes in life. This is an ideal time to check out as to what or who is important for you and hence resort to some tough pruning.


The season of Aries would be a time when the Libras are more natural. The Sun would be transiting through their 7th house. This highlights relationships, not just the personal ones but the professional side as well. How you relate to others changes and there would be strict boundary formation as the Aries season progresses for the Libra guys. This is a good time to connect or commit in any walk of life.


The Aries season would highly charge the seductive Scorpios out there. The Sun would be through their 6th house and would ask the natives to slow down a bit. Health and work regiments are greatly highlighted during this Aries season. This is quite a good time to make some major life style changes, kicking out bad habits, switching your job position and the like. All earthly aspects get the focus for the season and the tiniest of the details are not to be missed for now.


The season of Aries starts on the 20th of March as the Sun enters the sign of Aries and this would be the 5th house for the Sages. Being a fiery sign, they would be further ignited in life through the season. This is a time when pleasure and creativity get highlighted. You have the freedom to do whatever you feel like now. Enjoy  the good things that life offers and go with the flow. Live your life to the fullest.


For Capricorns, the season of Aries is when the Sun transits through their 4th house. This brings the focus onto their domestic life or home. You would be called to get back to your roots and look after your emotional health. Family, relatives and ancestors would be the highlight as the Sun progresses through the sign of Aries. This season is an ideal time to deck up your house if that has been on your mindset of late. Get connected to family for the season.


The Sun entering the sign of Aries on the 20th of March indicates the start of the Aries season and the Sun would be travelling through the 3rd house for Aquarius people. This season asks you to learn and change yourself to the environment around. Humanity and the world around seems to be more important for you this season. The 3rd house is all about siblings, neighbours and friends and you would find ways to better connect to these people in your life. This is a good time to open up.


For Pisces natives, during the Aries season, the Sun would be travelling through their 2nd house. The 2nd house is about money resources and self-worth. During this season you would find ways and means to improve your financials. You would also be gaining much power and authority this season when you would feel strong and self-reliant. However do not let financials rule over you, instead bank on your resources and spend on things that make you feel comfortable in life. 

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