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Findyourfate   .   24 Jan 2023   .   4 mins read

The year 2023 started with a host of planets retrograding. Uranus and Mars went direct as January 2023 progressed and Mercury was the last one to go direct on the 18th of January completing the retrograde  phase. Now from mid-January to around April none of the planets would be retrograde.  This is a great period to behold in astrological circles. With no retrogrades in sight, the next few months are going to be just great for our aspirations and ventures. 

Every year has its own share of days when almost all the planets in our solar system would be in direct motion. We are just out of the Mercury retrograde motion and the next Mercury retrograde phase starts after mid-April, 2023 and hence we have some good Direct Times to enjoy.

When the Planets Go Retrograde Next…

•  Mercury goes Retrograde on 04/21/2023

•  Venus would Retrograde on 07/23/2023

•  Mars Retrograde occurs on 12/07/2024

•  Next Jupiter goes Retrograde on 12/31/2023

•  Saturn would Retrograde on 06/17/2023.

•  Next Uranus goes Retrograde on 08/29/2023

•  Neptune would Retrograde on 06/30/2023

•  Pluto Retrograde occurs on 05/01/2023.

All the Planets are Direct, what does it imply?

All the planets in our solar system would be retrograding at some point or the other  every year or so and Mercury being closer to the Sun would go retrograde about three times each year. Though the other planets do not retrograde with this frequency, their relative distance from the Sun makes sure that they go retrograde during different times every year. 

Do you know that by retrograde it does not mean that the planets are actually going backwards. This is just an optical illusion that makes an observer from the earth to believe that the planet is going retrograde, however this is due to the different speeds the planets are travelling in their respective orbits around the Sun. 

However retrograde movement of the planets would cause a huge change in the energy levels involved. For ages we have been asked to reflect, redo and reprocess during the retrograde period of the planets. The areas governed by the respective planet undergoes some delays and hindrances. It would be communications for Mercury, love for Venus, practical moves for Mars, Jupiter for growth and Saturn for discipline.

But then with no retrograde planet in sight for the next few months, we are provided with the opportunity to steer clear ahead without any potholes and speed-breakers. Major transformations can be brought about now which normally gets hampered due to the retrograde movement of the planets. If the direct energy of the planets are properly channelled then things would take on a new regime.

So, what to do when the Planets are Direct …

Set Solid and realistic goals

Now that the coast is clear and no storms are brewing around, it is a good time to make some good decisions with regard to your future. You can commit to doing things hitherto being hindered by the retrograde energy of the planets around. Do have the courage to forge ahead and brave enough to cross major barriers. It seems that the entire cosmos is by your side when the planets are in direct mode. Hence this is a period of clarity and focus.

Stay Stable 

With none of the planets retrograde, we would be tempted to accelerate at full speed. But it is best advised to keep your speed under control and your brakes ready. Things around seem to happen at lightning speed that you might go out of control and lose the final perfect picture. Always stay calm and maintain low profile, finding ways to expend the energy available at your disposal. You might seem to be presented with myriad choices and everything seems to entice you now. Do not let your focus to diverge, instead concentrate on your forte during the direct period of the planets.

Question every opportunity

As all the planets are direct around, there would be no road blocks and hence multiple paths would be presented to you. Do not accept everything without analysing the potential of a way you stand to choose. Though the path might seem rosy for now, do not head along. Weigh all the pros and cons before venturing on. During the course of your journey, you might lose your steam. Hence makes sure if the opportunity in front of you is viable for the long run ahead. In other words dare not to bite more than you can chew.

Enjoy the Good things 

This is quite an interesting and exciting phase in our lives with all the planetary energies direct. The future seems so cool and path ahead seems crystal clear. Take inspiration from the positive vibes around, do enjoy the goodness that life offers for now. It might not last long enough. Mercury would start retrograding once again during mid-April, when the brakes ought to be once again applied. Hence make good use of this period when all the planets are moving direct. Relax, enjoy, have fun and retreat.

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