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Overview: The name "Larimar" comes from a combination of the names "Larissa" and "Mar". Larimar is a tradename used in the Dominican Republic for blue Pectolite. Larimar is also called the Atlantis Stone. Larimar is actually a variety of Pectolite composed of Sodium Calcium Silicate Hydroxide.

Usage: It helps gentle people be assertive. The stone is said to enhance emotional harmony and facilitate control of the emotions without repressing them. Larimar, helps us to remember and to then formulate our thoughts so that we can begin moving again in the right direction. Larimar not only aids communication in relationships, but it also gives a strong sense of peace.

Legend: The name "Larimar" comes from a combination of Larissa and Mar and was given to the stone by a Dominican who named the stone after his daughter Larissa and Mar, the Spanish word for sea.

Occurrence: It is mainly found in the Dominican Republic, however reports of its occurrence have been made from Canada and the US.


Larimar  Birthstone

Physical Properties

Colorgray, light yellow, light brown, light blue and light pink.
Specific Gravity2.81
Refractive index 1.599-1.628


 Sign of Larimar - Leo

It is recommended for people who are stressed.