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Overview: The orange variety of zircon is called Jacinth. Jacinth is a semi-precious stone that is also known as hyacinth. It is a lustrous orange-yellow, orange-red, or yellow-brown type of zircon.

Usage:    Jacinth helps in the treatment of insomnia. Promotes spiritual sight and understanding. It is a traveler's amulet, and can keep you from getting sick when worn on an extended journey. It may also help you in obtaining favors on plane flights or in hotels.

Legend: The Breastplate of Aaron is believed to be the basis for the origin of birthstones and Jacinth is referenced in several of the ancient birthstone charts.

Occurrence: Jacinth occurs in Australia, India, Brazil, and Florida.


Jacinth Birthstone

Physical Properties

Color orange, yellow, red, brown
Hardness 7.5
Specific Gravity 4.65
refractive index 1.745 - 1.759


 Sign of Jacinth - Leo