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Overview: Goldstone is man made. It had been around since the European renaissance period. It has a mohs hardness of 5.5.Goldstone symbolizes human ingenuity in the search for wealth and beauty.

Usage: Goldstone is said to be an uplifting stone, which helps reduce tension. It is believed to be helpful in securing love, protection, riches and inspired diplomacy. It is further believed to attract positive energies.Perhaps the most interesting use for goldstone is for personal illumination. Uplifting, reduces tension, protection, attracts positive energy, improves blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the nervous system and healing infections. It can be used in any magic to develop latent talents and use own ingenuity to improve your life.

Legend: Goldstone reportedly originated with monks trying to make gold out of other materials (alchemy).This is a man-made stone but often classified as a 'gemstone'.In an ancient glass factory at Murano near Venice, Italy, molten copper was tipped by accident into a crucible of molten glass and crystallized out in tiny bright triangular crystals forming a melt from which objects with golden light could be formed. Thus Goldstone was first formed.

Occurrence: United States, India, Russia.


Goldstone Birthstone

Physical Properties

Color orange-brown gem
Hardness 5.5
Specific Gravity 2.64
Refractive index 1.532 - 1.542


  Symbolic Gemstone- stone of "Ambition and Drive"

Blue Goldstone- is a stone of wisdom and science

Red Goldstone- this stone is said to be a physical stimulator.