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Yearly Horoscope for - 2017

Pisces Yearly Horoscope


The year of 2017 would be shrouded in mystery with mixed results for Pisces natives. However Mars would provide his energy and impulsive nature for many of you to achieve your master plans and ideals in life. Old situations and old interests would now come to the fore bringing you to the limelight once again. There would be less of talking and more of actions on the part of Pisces natives for this period. Follow your creative instincts and avoid problems that come your way by your diligence and sheer will power. You would be highly sympathetic and passionate that social and charity pursuits shall come for you. These would also bring in you a sense of deep satisfaction in life through the year ahead.


Pisces individuals would have a generally good career life in 2017. You would be blessed with a warm atmosphere in your work place with friendly authorities and peers that there would not be much pressure on your performance. You would be able to achieve your professional goals and ambition in this period, all that have been eluding you for quite sometime now. You would get much encouragement and bouquets from many quarters. But then do not rest on your laurels. Keep going that you reap much benefits in the long run. Those into business would see positive energy around them. But then they have the downside that much responsibilities come their way. In general the natives would be able to put in optimal performance for the year. Improving knowledge in the career field like training and research would be favoured all through the year. Be prepared to face stiff competition from peer groups as well.


The love life of Pisces natives would be highly dynamic in the year ahead. Many of you would be in search of an ideal partner to your heart''''s content and would meet one. Your feelings and emotions hold sway for the period attracting multiple partners leaving you in doldrums. There would be dedication and loyalty as far as relationships are concerned in this period. Some you might be quite impulsive in relationships and love that there might be long term repercussions. However your sentimental domain looks strong and hearty for the period. Talk out to your partner when difference of opinions arise, they would be more receptive now. There would be ample opportunities for you to spend quality time with partner for fun and travel. Passion and commitment would be the keyword in the love field for Pisces individuals all through the year.


For the year ahead, Pieces natives would find their finances diverted towards high value purchases and long term investments. You are advised to avoid impulsive buying and have a tab of your financial spending this year. Savings would come in handy and hence put aside a minimal inflow of your finances in your piggy bank. The first half of the year would be able to get you the dream house or the luxury car of your choice. However be reasonable when it comes to deciding on these purchases. Certain financial sacrifices ought to be made for a strong financial footing. The end of the year would present some money from luck, fortune or legacy. Law suits related to finances might also come in at times, be prepared to face flak as well here.


Your emotional and sentimental side would be at its peak, however make sure that you do not fall prey to them. Situations around you might make you a bit pessimistic and bring about a sense of fear and doubt about your personal and professional life. Do not pay heed to this but keep going in positive territory. You are advised to take clear steps based on your perspective vision. Mars and Uranus might force you to take certain impulsive actions and risky tasks without looking into the long term effects. Be a little cautious. Do not yield to routine tasks, instead take a new path and venture deep where the grass is much greener. Natives are advised to stick to stability in their actions and secure their inherent financials and creativeness.


In the year 2017, Pisces people would command good health and cheer thanks to the immense energy loads offered by Mars. There would be a new sense of vigour, dynamism and optimism surrounding you. You have to put your energy into constructive use. You can go in for social works and take care of family responsibilities and thus keeping yourself busy. You can bring about major lifestyle changes that would have positive effects on your overall personality and health. Take time to give some physical workouts to your body, not your usual cup of tea, I presume. Diet also needs a massive restructuring if you need to stay alert and constructive all through the year. Some you might be able to kick off drinking and smoking, much to your surprise.


Family life would require your full dedication and attention for the year 2017. Saturn would be causing certain disappointments and dissatisfactions in your family life and hence you need to tread carefully in this area for the period. There would be a sense of distance between you and your family. Emotions and feelings go haywire. not much commitment and love would be involved. However your responsibility in the family set-up increases as the year progresses. You would be caught unawares between feelings and practicality. Health issues and financial hitches would be the highlights for certain parts of the year, when you would be reduced to shreds and pieces. Relocation and any change you expect on the domestic front seems eluding for the year.


Pisces students would be able to acquire unexpected results in their educational field. Exams and interviews would be successful for most of you though some might feel the pinch. Hard work and commitment would see you through. The creativity of some of the natives would earn laurels, name and fame in society. Those aspiring for job positions would find the going tough particularly for the first half of the year.


Pisces natives get to travel both short and long distant ones thanks to both personal and professional reasons. But then some you might encounter diplomatic and other legal hassles. Be armed to handle them with ease. Some Pisces natives might suffer from ill health and other constraints that might mar their travel plans. However short trips and picnics with friends would be fruitful and joyful for most of you.


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