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Yearly Horoscope for - 2017

Leo Yearly Horoscope


Leo natives would be able to live the life they have long dreamt of in this year 2017. Your long term plans and projects would now be able to see the light of day. However you would be confronted by hindrances and troubles occasionally through the course of the year. Be armed to face challenges head-on. Make sure that your efforts and hard work pay off tangible results in the near term. Get rid of misunderstandings in relationships and bring about a sense of positivity around you. Now that you are in the limelight it is time to pay heed to some introspection too. There would be ample time for rest and relaxation all through the year for Leo individuals.


You would encounter some troubles in the relationship with authorities and peers in the work place during the year ahead. However some high value connections and contacts would also come your way guiding you through the course of success with your projects. Saturn and Venus would help you in your professional ambitions and would guide to climb the corporate ladder with ease. There would be an eager ear for your advises and instructions for now. This year would be the best time to forge some good long term co-operative deals or alliances if you are into business. Those in services might think of a change of course for good. Instil a sense of confidence in yourself and you would come out victorious in your career run for the year ahead.


For the year 2017 your love life would gain momentum but there would be subtle changes to be seen. You would have much time to spend with your partner or love interest and to get your point across to him or her. The first half of the year promises much sensual pleasure for the Leo natives. During the course of the year, you would be placed in a dilemma as to stick to which relationship and which one to cut off. The limbo would continue till around the end of the year. Weigh the pros and cons and avoid tricky situations in relationships. The single ones would be able to forge new relationships with an optimistic trend in hand. The second half of the year would bring goodness in your field of love with marriages on the cards for you or your near ones. Socializing would take a new twist then.


Leos would find the year 2017 loaded with good financial opportunities. There would be better scope to increase your inward flow of funds and to cut down on costs. Some of you might meet with luck in speculative deals or gambling. The planets would help the natives to come out of any sort of negativity in their financial field. You would be able to do some long term investments and real estate ventures. Follow your instincts and act as per your conscience. Your financial standing would improve in a slow but steady manner as the year progresses. But then do not restrain yourself too much with finances, go in for some indulgences too. You would need to meet the demands of family and friends as far as financing their personal needs are concerned. If you plan wisely then the going would be smoother than ever in the financial sector.


Venus would aid you in your life in the year 2017, but it is up to you to pursue your ambitions in life whole-heartedly. You are to write your own success story. Take care of finances as poorly managed financial would land you in troubled waters. Do not pay heed to any sort of flattery or negativity around you. Rely on your inner strength and bring out your creativity out. Mercury would also help you to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a better way. Follow your instincts and impulses lest alone destiny control you. Take some time to rest and recuperate along the year.


For the year 2017, your physical health would have many ups and downs occasionally. However you would be more active than the previous years for now. Do not tire yourself much with a too much restricted diet and too much of exercises. These might have long term negative effects. Instead follow your heart and mind and enjoy your present life. Give some time for introspection and spiritual pursuits. This would give you peace and harmony in body and soul and understand your true physical and mental needs. Saturn, Sun and Venus would give you a boost in your general health for the second half of the year. However your emotional side might suffer, be prepared to handle it. Stay away from monotonous and tiring works and instead focus positively on new ideas and projects.


There would be mixed reactions when family and home are concerned for the year ahead. Your 4th house is free from afflictions and hence there would be goodness in life on the domestic front. However Saturn in the 4th house is likely to bring about occasional hitches and troubles in relationships in the domestic front. There would be some misunderstanding as to your priorities in life, your career dominating the personal scene. For some a change of residence or relocation is on the cards. There would be much expenditure owing to personal commitments too during the year. Relationship with siblings and parents would be amicable all year long.


Leo natives would have a year of mixed bag when education and academics are involved. However it would not be a bed of roses for some. You would be meeting with hindrances and troubles in your place of study. Peers would be a source of trouble and health issues might hamper your studies and research. Try to bring about a conducive atmosphere around you so that you would excel in the long term.


Travelling is forecast for Leo natives, however it would not be for pleasure or personal reasons. Some would be travelling owing to professional commitments and a few likely towards family needs. Natives are advised to double check career plans to avoid any last minute delays or hitches.


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