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Celebrities and famous personalities are mortals like us. They too have to face death like us. They have to pass through the same sad route of death. They have contributed much for our society in the fields of politics, science, literature, peace, arts, etc. As a humble gesture we are honoring them by presenting this list of their deaths. 
Death - Great People who died on :  September 18
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Matthew Prior British writer 7/21/1664 09/18/1721
Leonhard Euler Swiss mathematician 4/15/1707 09/18/1783
William Hazlitt English writer 4/10/1778 09/18/1830
Francis Bradley English philosopher 1/30/1846 09/18/1924
Dag Hammarskjold Swedish diplomat 7/29/1905 09/18/1961
Sean O'Casey Irish writer 3/30/1880 09/18/1964
Jimi Hendrix US guitarist 11/27/1942 09/18/1970
Katherine Anne Porter US writer 5/15/1890 09/18/1980
James Bacon American author 05/12/1914 09/18/2010
Donald Davie English Movement poet 07/17/1922 09/18/1995

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