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Celebrities and famous personalities are mortals like us. They too have to face death like us. They have to pass through the same sad route of death. They have contributed much for our society in the fields of politics, science, literature, peace, arts, etc. As a humble gesture we are honoring them by presenting this list of their deaths. 
Death - Great People who died on :  December 19
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Emily Bronte English writer 7/30/1818 12/19/1848
Robert Millikan US physicist 3/22/1868 12/19/1953
Norman Thomas US reformer 11/20/1884 12/19/1968
Marcello Mastroianni Italian actor 9/28/1924 12/19/1996
Desmond Llewelyn Welsh actor 9/12/1914 12/19/1999
Anthony Howard British journalist 02/12/1934 12/19/2010
V. C. Andrews Novelist 04/06/1923 12/19/1989
Ehm Welk German journalist 08/29/1884 12/19/1966
Bayard Taylor Poet 01/11/1825 12/19/1878
Masaru Ibuka industrialist 04/11/1908 12/19/1997

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