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Celebrities and famous personalities are mortals like us. They too have to face death like us. They have to pass through the same sad route of death. They have contributed much for our society in the fields of politics, science, literature, peace, arts, etc. As a humble gesture we are honoring them by presenting this list of their deaths. 
Death - Great People who died on :  April 21
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Tony Ingham Football Player 02/18/1925 04/21/2010
Jean Racine French writer 12/22/1639 04/21/1699
Mark Twain US writer 11/30/1835 04/21/1910
Eleonora Duse Italian actor 10/03/1858 04/21/1924
Marie Corelli English writer 01/01/1599 04/21/1924
Robert Bridges English writer 10/23/1844 04/21/1930
Maynard Keynes US Economist 6/5/1883 04/21/1946
Aldo Leopold US conservationist 1/11/1887 04/21/1948
Edward Appleton English physicist 9/6/1892 04/21/1965
Juan Antonio Samaranch Spanish Olympic official 07/17/1920 04/21/2010
Hal Schumacher US Baseball Player 11/23/1910 04/21/1993

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