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Celebrities and famous personalities are mortals like us. They too have to face death like us. They have to pass through the same sad route of death. They have contributed much for our society in the fields of politics, science, literature, peace, arts, etc. As a humble gesture we are honoring them by presenting this list of their deaths. 
Death - Great People who died on :  October 24
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Tycho Brahe Danish astronomer 12/14/1546 10/24/1601
Daniel Webster US writer 1/18/1782 10/24/1852
Jackie Robinson US player 1/31/1919 10/24/1972
Edith Head US costume designer 10/28/1898 10/24/1981
Robson Belmont US actor 12/13/1879 10/24/1979
Ariel Durant Russian historian 5/10/1898 10/24/1981
Gene Roddenberry US TV producer 8/21/1921 10/24/1991
Joseph Grimond Scottish military 7/29/1913 10/24/1993
Georges Freche French Politician 07/09/1938 10/24/2010
Moshe Cotel American composer 02/20/1943 10/24/2008
James Philbrook actor 10/22/1924 10/24/1982
Arno Holz German poet writer 04/26/1863 10/24/1929
Frederick Jacobi US Composer 05/04/1891 10/24/1952
Don Messick Actor 09/07/1926 10/24/1997

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