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Aquarius-Libra Compatibility 

They can share the pleasures together because Libra is the epitome of a personal lover whereas Aquarius is the universal lover, who needs to share the interest and affection with others. When Aquarius becomes aloof or unpredictable, Libra uses tact and diplomacy rather than anger to handle the situation. Neither of them will make impossible demands on the other. If Aquarius is allowed freedom by Libra, it can be an excellent union.

aquarius-libra compatibility

This couple click the first time their eyes meet across a crowded room, because it's mental magic when these two get together.The ingenuity and inventiveness of the unorthodox Aquarian will knock the lively Libran for six, because these folk are always on the lookout for buddies who are brainy and brilliant.Their conversations will be captivating, their laughter loud and their enthusiasm infectious.But when it comes to luscious love, the Aquarian may find they've bitten off more than they can chew.Uranus,the water carrier's ruler,is a perplexing planet that pops up and parades about when you least expect it,leaving lashings of chaos and confusion in its wacky wake.

Love can find a way for this couple and it won't matter which sex is which sign. It can take a lot of hard work, though. For example, if the Libran wants to keep their Aquarian coming back for more armor,then they've got to get every sex book under the sun and then put it all into practice.

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