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In astrology, the Moon is said to have mystical powers and it had continued to fascinate man from time immemorial. The different phases of the moon and its movement through the zodiac sign captivates us and controls our lives. In ancient times the phases of the Moon helped man navigate the seas and track time, plant and harvest their crops,etc. Still these legends hold truth. The Moon is the window to the soul. It rules our emotional and sensual needs.The Moon travels once around the earth in 27.3 earth days. In this time it becomes full moon and new moon once. In between there are different phases as well. You need to know the real power of Moon to plan your events in life. Finding the Moon's position shall help you to focus your energy in the right sense and bring peace and harmony in your life.www.findyourfate.com has come up with monthly moon calendars for all the 12 months of 2014. Look out for the dates and time when Moon goes new or full. You can come back for more on the Moon's position month after month.Click on the links below to get the Moon calendar for any month of 2014.

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