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( 12/15/2014 to 12/21/2014)

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12/15/2014 to 12/21/2014

During this week, you are advised not exaggerate things. People like you do like to exaggerate though. Putting just a tiny spin on truth can make an otherwise mundane story more interesting or them look or sound more knowledgeable. You need to look closely at what might be exaggerated in your world now. Something is being made to look or sound bigger and more important than it is, which would be beneficial to you in the long run.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

During this week you might go a bit overboard in terms of your perceptions of how important certain people are. Others couldn't care less and would treat them no differently to how they'd address or treat others. Nobody deserves disrespect but some people believe they're automatically owed more than others. Be on your guard now for someone who believes they're owed more respect than you're likely to give them.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

For the week, you would be getting a certain uncomfortable topic out in the open. What you have recently discovered or learned has put you in a more knowledgeable and stronger position. You're being told something on a confidential note now. Accept that you would be giving out information only when the time is ripe.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

During this week, give ears to a certain person's abilities to tug effectively on your heart strings, wallet or both. This does not happen often in your life. Now is the time to act on this Cancer. Family and nurturing can wait for sometime.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

The obstacle you're having to navigate your way around now is likely to be a blessing in disguise. It is understandable that you don't see the situation in quite that way though. You are being steered toward a particular destination now and, despite how frustratingly slow it may appear, you are making progress. You are also being redirected away from blind alleys and dead end streets. Accept that the cosmos really does know what it's doing and has your best interests at heart.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

You're being presented with an exceptional opportunity for this week, Virgo. In fact, you're being presented with more than one but which one you chose to focus on and seize depends on which unresolved issue you believe needs the most attention. The sky is helping you to tie up one or two loose ends that have been hanging around for too long. All you have to decide is which issue needs putting behind you the most.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

You have in your mind, a checklist of important tasks that you must perform. Some of these appear to have high levels of urgency attached. You'll notice there are considerably fewer tasks pending for now. That's because you're taking some tasks too seriously and placing unjustified importance on a few in particular. You don't need to worry nearly as much as you're likely to be worrying now.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

During this week, you would be deprived of much joy than you ought to enjoy. As much as instruction or an immediate answer would be appreciated in some way now, you can achieve something special without any help for the week ahead.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

Some situations happen whether we want them to happen or not. Certain days that you look upon with trepidation have a habit of coming around much faster than those we anticipate eagerly. There is something you're unable to stop now but that shouldn't cause you to feel scared or apprehensive. An event must happen if you are to be set free in some way. Welcome it.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

You appear to be drifting like a rudderless boat not through lack of ambition but lack of clarity about a situation that puzzles you and how you ought to respond toward it. It is becoming clear that an ongoing scenario can't continue drifting from day to day as it has been. The planets intend to spur you on to make a very right and very appropriate decision.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

How great is your greatest need in life, Aquarius. That might seem an obvious question and the really good news is, what you probably perceive to be a great need pales in comparison to one smaller one that truly needs your attention. You could be focusing on the need that is shouting loudest as the one that can transform much in your world sits quietly hoping you'll notice it. Look closely at where you can make a seemingly small difference and you'll find it.

12/15/2014  to 12/21/2014

Somewhere in your world now, you are hindering progress or success in a key area by focusing on all that could go wrong. It's natural. We all do it. But we're not all teetering on something as significant as you are now. You can afford to look ahead toward the horizon. Don't concern yourself with irrelevant distractions that are slowing you down.

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