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( 3/27/2017 to 4/2/2017)

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3/27/2017 to 4/2/2017

Trouble has you on the run this week, Aries. Fear and victimhood are unhealthy cycles that must be broken for now. Instead of striking out blindly, defend yourself strategically. Even on unfamiliar turf, your can use the surroundings to your advantage. Your newcomer`s eye picks out features and angles that others have come to ignore this week. Necessity makes you a quick study. Look deeply into the humanity of the person causing your difficulties. An oppressor is nothing more than a schoolyard bully with a painful secret. Find the right spot for a compassionate stroke or a knockout blow, and you`ll be free once again.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

Your mission this week is clear, Taurus. You`re fully equipped for success. Anyone that tries to stop you will have to be much bigger than you are and even then, they might not prevail when against you particularly this week. The odds and the stars are strongly in your favor for the week ahead. Explore the outer edges of what`s possible. Part of your ability to travel these great distances is knowing when and where to stop. Happiness comes easily to someone this secure. Even the most random movements feel like beautiful choreography. The ground beneath your feet is dependable and fertile.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

You`re only as convincing as the story you tell, Gemini. An authoritative tone and a fluid command of jargon soothe a critical public. For now, at least, none will question your weaknesses when you make spectacular use of your strengths. Once you`re in motion, there`s no convenient way to stop. Discomfort in the name of loyalty is noble, although eventually it takes its toll. You should have thought it through before starting. Your secret is soon evident by the shape of known evidence that surrounds it. If you`re covering for someone else, they`d better make this worth your trouble.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

Expected and interesting work proposals are likely to turn up from overseas this week for you Cancer. No matter how tempted you feel, be choosy and pick only what you know you can fulfill. Stop playing hot and cold with your mate this week. Do enjoy life as it comes your way. Message from far off might soothe your spirits. Health and family need your utmost commitment this week. However work might give you its fair share of load to handle. Retract for rejuvenation for the weekend.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

Overwork is bad for you, even if you enjoy feeling the stress. Your body is a complex machine, as durable or fragile as you train it to be. If you can`t make yourself stop, at least diversify. Repetition may be hurting you more than anything else. Spectators are welcome to join in and try something new. Change the characters that populate this equation. Fresh faces bring different energy and stories that you`ve never heard before. Ask questions about the music that`s playing. The best way to learn is to climb into the machine and watch the wheels go around.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

You have many ambitions, but you won`t turn a blind eye to the needs of your colleagues this week. Earth Signs recognize that they`re part of a team. With this kind of backing, you`re more daring than ever for now. Try working without a script or outside help. Your confidence comes from knowledge of your material. And while it`s hard to imagine your life being any more organized, you take it beyond mere scheduling and categorization into the realm of vision. Anyone calling the Universe a chaotic system is on a different page with you. Memorize the operating manual while it`s still written so clearly in the stars.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

Out with the old and in with the new for the week ahead, Libra. You have to look a little harder for what`s new, but it should be abundantly clear what`s vintage and what`s just plain old junk. Dormant emotions are tying up vast amounts of disk space on your hard drive for now. Once you start changing things around, it`s easy to go overboard. Movement makes you feel alive, but the bigger question is whether you can live with what you`re doing. Today`s shining new purchases could be tomorrow`s tarnished clutter. Understand that your judgment is a little off, and give yourself a break.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

Success would spoil you right now this week, Scorpio. You`re going to earn whatever you get, because a gift would be meaningless. It`s better to have a big plan and to be a little hungry. The stars lure you toward a horizon that isn`t getting visibly closer. You wonder where lazy people find the time to move so slowly. Driven individuals may be a little brusque with those traveling at a less ambitious pace. Keep a list of those that helped and those that stood in your way. In the future, these might feel like the happiest days of your life.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

Exactly what is the right thing to do for now would be the biggest question for you now, Sag. Will it be business as usual? Will you intervene or report the problem? Your training prepared you for morally ambiguous situations, but they`re hard to handle anyway. It would be nice if you could stop the action and take a poll. You wish you felt as much confidence as others have in you. You also wish that they`d stop watching you so closely. As tension builds, a radical departure may be the only answer. If you remain true to yourself, it will be easier to face those demanding an explanation.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

At last you have something to show for all your work. You planned carefully to reach this point. You spent what you needed to spend, and you saved the rest. Some would say this is as good as it gets, but not Capricorn. Your accomplishments stand as a validation of what can still be done. You feel your power, and you must admit that you wear it well. Anyone that isn`t intimidated will probably agree. Gather a talented work force and find ways to inspire their loyalty. The whole machine is only as good as its parts.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

Things aren`t nearly as bleak as you have convinced yourself that they are, particularly for now Aquarius. Every once in a while you fall into an insight that simply changes the way you think, feel and approach the world. You are long overdue for such an epiphany, so be ready to welcome the next one when it arrives. While it may be neither dramatic nor elaborate, it`s sure to be profound. Over the next few days, you`ll have a remarkable ability to make your world a better place.

3/27/2017  to 4/2/2017

If you detect that there is a big, fat lie behind the smile, then you need to make your feelings known. Simply dropping hints and expecting them to be picked up isn`t fair to anyone involved, especially you. Say what you need to say so that these fears can be put to rest. There is much more to this story than you or anyone else has yet to realize. And the sooner you grease the wheels, the sooner and more easily the machine will start up. You need to make absolutely sure that you don`t give up your power for the week ahead, Pisces.

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