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( 3/30/2015 to 4/5/2015)

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3/30/2015 to 4/5/2015

There is no problem that you can''t solve during the course of this week, Aries. Even though your sign is associated with the head, you act on the spur of the moment taking little thought, and are unconcerned about the consequences. And you wonder why people scatter as you approach. For now you may want to keep one love interest quiet.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

Your karma is catching up with you, but so far you''re lucky, Taurus. It''s the good deeds from the past that are bringing you happy consequences in the present time period. Be prepared for your soul-mate to pop up unexpectedly during the week ahead. During this week, you would be able to find important things in life.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

Put on the makeup, get out the glad rags, it is time for the party to begin, Gemini. The week ahead will be busy, even if you had planned to spend time otherwise. You may be called in to help with a variety of projects, each of which will need a lot of organizing. This can be one of the most sociable periods of the month. Enjoy it and enjoy the friends you meet or make during the course.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

During the week, you would find yourself stealing the limelight in your arena. Whatever happens, try not to let it phase you. Though you may be embarrassed, you can benefit from this in ways you cannot immediately appreciate. Indeed a meeting or link with someone from an exotic place may brighten your life for the period.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

All the fun you have seems to happen when you take a trip somewhere now during this week. Get out of your locality and chaos will kick in. If you really want to enjoy a period full of fun and frolics, you need adventure, a chance to explore and enjoy a taste of freedom. Most of all this will work best when you get a spontaneous idea and follow it through the period, Leo.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

People, or one person in particular, can seem full of charm from here on in. They become even more mysterious and magnetic and seem to have the ability to cast a bewitching spell over you, Virgo. But then if you like it when you are the centre of someone''s attention, you''ll lap this up. This can also be a good time to bring a more diplomatic air to a tense bond that has been dangling for quite sometime now.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

If you feel like withdrawing from others, it may prove tricky for this week, Libra. Well, your friends and family will beat a path to your door and demand to be let in. Soon this can melt your reserve. Though peace loving, you may become the loudest of them all, telling jokes and laughing out loud. Believe it or not this enforced socializing can do you the world of good for the week.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

Get up you sluggard, warm up, get some fresh air and you will be ready to tackle the world. You are putting a huge amount of effort, time and money into getting and staying healthy. Now is the apt time to reap the benefits. Make sure that you do not hurt others in the course of making it through.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

Once you get going there will be no stopping you , Sagittarius, especially for this week. Just put your best foot forward and off you go. The urge to compete with others and to win is very strong. However, if you are playing a sport, stay cool, calm and collected if your opponent seems to be doing better. Anyway, there are ways in which you will definitely shine out as best for the week.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

During the week, you would have your hands full as far as personal and professional works are concerned. You have a huge amount of energy at your disposal and it needs to be put into something tangible. The great news is that all this activity can help to enhance the comfort and value of your life , and very positively your mind set.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

You have had your thinking cap on all week, but now it will be important to switch off. If your mind continues to tick over and sees you considering various issues from different angles, it won''t give you any down time. Use this energy to solve unsolved issues that have been haunting you for quite sometime now. Or better still, rest in golden silence and well and truly chill out.

3/30/2015  to 4/5/2015

Anyone watching you would think you had a bottomless purse, Pisces for this period. The more you empty it the more it fills up. You still have not had your fill of shopping. There is a long way to go before you can finally say you''ve had enough. Buying new gear to glamorize your image is particularly tempting for you, especially in this week ahead.

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