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( 4/21/2014 to 4/27/2014)

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4/21/2014 to 4/27/2014

It is time to smile, Aries. If you have felt that life has been against you of late, this is a portent of better things to come. By the weekend you will be feeling a lot more positive and be proactive, and basically back to your best. You can also regain your personal confidence around your image, and will soon be turning people's heads towards you.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

Now the Sun beginning to enter your sign anytime can bring about a greater sense of purposefulness and direction. You have been through a more inward time, and indeed may still be musing about your love life, but other areas can shape and speed up really well. Embrace this, Taurus.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

Things can seem lighter for you this week, you would ne most sociable in all areas. With the present planetary placements , the whole outlook and perspective can go through quite a sea change. Yet remember, in friendship, it is quality, not quantity that counts most.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

If there have been any tricky moments at work, your best ploy may be to deploy some good old fashioned Cancerian charm for this week. Even if someone has wronged you, by extending the olive branch, you can soon move the moment and bring about a completely different dynamic. If you are searching for a job, a personal recommendation can soon pay off.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

During this week there would be a breakdown in communications between you and your partners in life or business. The planets urges you to be really honest about this, and that includes your part in the mix-up. If you're single, you can yearn for more excitement. You may even cast your net much further in your search.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

You may have been caught up in quite a tangle over joint or shared finances this week. However things can start to sort themselves out. In fact, you can gain from someone's largesse, not for this week, but over the next three weeks. In love, a more passionate phase begins. Things can get really very sultry and just how much could surprise you too Virgo.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

You may have been wondering if certain ties could get any worse, or more intractable. But much to your delight and surprise a lot of very good things can come in from now. And however determined you have had to be, there is a part of you that does like to see the best in people, and likes good vibes flowing back and fore.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

You may need to overcome a tendency to keep everything to yourself. Whilst it may sometimes be wise to keep our cards close to our chest, if this becomes a full-time thing, people will perceive you as being very selfish. Make the effort to reach out. Once you open up you may be pleasantly surprised by just how well you and someone can get along.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

You can find that your interest in artistic areas now perks up significantly, and this may see you taking on some new creative endeavors or giving your wardrobe a glamorous update. Love sparkles more brightly, yet you'll need to be realistic with life.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

If you've been caught in a home purchase or selling chain, unable to complete, your frustration may have been palpable. Quotes on a home improvement project may have been also delayed, been too high or a contractor unavailable. Moreover, someone close to you might have been more supportive. Yet, a real chink of light is possible now.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

You can be a sparkling communicator, but recently some misunderstandings may have dented your confidence. However, now you can start to get back to your zesty and ebullient best. In fact, it is not just the bright, bubbly and sometimes zany way you express yourself, there is a more subtle element, one which can see someone hang on your every word.

4/21/2014  to 4/27/2014

The present planetary placements show some degree of luck and fortune for Pisces. Of course, if you throw in a degree of perspiration, then the chances of an upturn in your fortunes are further ramped up. Put recent delays, shortages or frustrations behind you.

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