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( 4/27/2015 to 5/3/2015)

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4/27/2015 to 5/3/2015

The implication for you this week is that anything to do with resources, money, property and even time which compromises your own needs which requires care. So, neither be too idealistic or too hard-headed. You would feel the pressure too much around the middle of the week. Be prepared for the worst case scenario as well for this week.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

This is a time to dust yourself down, put recent disappointments behind you and be determined to go again. Even though the last few weeks may have been challenging, they''ve certainly been character building. Life is even more of a strain if we expect it to be perfect, but at least it''ll seem less tangled now. That said, don''t let anyone guilt trip you in this week''s time.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

This will be a week full of surprises for you. Although you may notice a difference in the way your links with other people work, it is your own inner communication which is the key. Now, if you need to give yourself the permission to slow down around longer term plans and arrangements, then do.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

This week, you can be in a real go-getting mode. This can see you set your sights high and show how awesomely tenacious that you can be. Overcoming obstacles can actually give you a weird sort of pleasure. No challenge will be too much. However, this may see you less patient with more frivolous types of friends.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

You can be a larger than life character, and even the most retiring of Lions has a regal presence, even if you doubt this at times. This week has great opportunities but also the risk that someone will take you the wrong way. Stay in a bold mode, be brave, but also appreciate in certain situations it will be better to give people exactly what they want.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

If you''re someone who wishes to make property moves, while others ponder, you could just get yourself yourself an amazing bargain. In fact, around any big ticket item, just going for it, could give you a huge thrill. But there is a thin line between getting lucky and being reckless. Consider what would happen if your future circumstances changed.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

You can find yourself excitedly engaged to someone. This person may inspire you and you can spur them on in return. In fact, the more you talk the more you can decide just to go for it. This could be a business partnership, meeting a new colleague or you can hit it off with a new lover. You may feel you''re done with being tentative and just go for it this week, Libra.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

You can show tremendous energy and drive this week, but you probably would not like it if while you are pouring in the energy, others stand idly by. However despite your work ethic, or your determination to quit an unhealthy habit, if anyone criticizes you, you won''t like it all. This is because you are being wholeheartedly a Scorpio.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

This week the planets are set to assert huge influence over your situation. Together they can give you an irresistible lust for life. With your love life perking up, some really quite amazing things are in store. Yet you are urged you to make a plan, well, at least a bit by bit.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

Your home can be a real hub this week with lots of people coming and going, lively conversation and basically never a dull moment. You may also have ambitious plans that you want to get off the ground, ones you''ve been formulating all through the week. Now events can just seem to fall the right way for you. Your willpower to get things done can be awesome for now.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

Your ideas zone is absolutely bursting with vibrancy, and yet strangely, at a more emotional level, you could feel slightly disengaged. Be sure in this excitement that you are not rushing in too much. It can be a very bright week, but equally, do not let your enthusiasm run away from you too much. You may blurt something out that is best left unsaid.

4/27/2015  to 5/3/2015

You may be slightly sluggish, but it won''t be for long as your mind will really come to life this week and you can use this to make positive things happen. Any issue that you''ve been putting off, can now be cleared away with aplomb. If you''ve been waiting for others to come back to you, now they can. You''ll enjoy this switch of emphasis and change of gears.

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