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( 7/28/2014 to 8/3/2014)

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7/28/2014 to 8/3/2014

The planetary positions for this week suggest that they are all in favour of you. It is you who would be in the spotlight and not others. As it holds for you like ever you need to be grounded for betterment in life for this period. Do not hold grudges and let life take its own course.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

This would be a week of great excitements in your life. The planets would be stirring up all sorts of unexpected and potentially delightful surprises around family or home life. Do expect lots of unannounced visitors for this week, Taurus. But this also encourages you not to be over generous. You need to have some for your personal self as well.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

Even if you think you would be helping someone by doing something on a surprise basis, you know, actually it might be better to pass on this. They may have more sensitivities around a subject than you can even begin to imagine. An area where pride can most certainly come into play is around finance or even a gift. Tread warily for this period Gemini.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

Someone could be crass and insensitive towards you for this week. A light touch around human relationships requires you to see not just how you feel but how someone else feels too. You can be an expert at picking up vibes and energies. Extend your psychic antenna Cancer. This will help you to delicately avoid any angst and misunderstanding for this week.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

Original ideas can really seem to attract you just now. In the past you have prided yourself but now is the time to play it safe in life. Now however, you can start to challenge your own preconceptions. You would find that it is rather delightful to do so in this time period.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

Someone may prove to be quite an exaggerator in your life for this week. You need to make your mind up whether you will let this person rock your world or whether you will ignore his/her claims and refuse to get involved. He or she is more fragile than you thought. Be careful when treading though relationships for this week.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

Itís not in any way that you are superficial. You appreciate more than most that first impressions do count. Of course you are one of the most stylish of zodiac members, so naturally, you are often keen to create a very positive image around your circle. This can also be so for this week, but donít try too hard. If you do, to others it may seem rather forced on.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

You have a unique approach to change in this week,Scorpio. Often you will resist it with all your might, and then once events start to dictate things in a way where you have less control, you can eventually embrace it whole-heartedly. If this rings true with a situation in which you currently find yourself, where ever in the process, see that change can be good.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

This week's planetary positions advise you to sit tight though it might seem uncertain for you. Yet for now you may find yourself drawn into a scenario which may have some unintended consequences. Because of this, for the rest of this week, see less as best as possible and lay low.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

There may be someone that you are forging quite a crush on. In this first blush of romance all seems set fair. And it can be. However, equally you may be in danger of getting slightly ahead of yourself. Instead why not slow things down, catch up on your own needs, and let this involvement find its own level, which can still be a good one.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

If you're in a relationship, one of you might have hopes to improve where you live, or to move somewhere different. There can be a real sense of excitement and anticipation between you, especially if you mutually share these hopes. However, if one of you doesnít, it could seem to the other partner like a major hindrance. Talk your differences out in life.

7/28/2014  to 8/3/2014

If you are someone, who, once you get on roll can clear absolutely loads of outstanding jobs with aplomb, this week can be superb for you. But there could be a point within this, where you suddenly lose momentum and interest. Pace yourself. Have a reasonable expectation of what you can achieve and enjoy being productive for the rest of the week, Pisces.

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