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( 9/29/2014 to 10/5/2014)

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9/29/2014 to 10/5/2014

This week you are not feeling assured that others are listening to you. If it feels like you're speaking an alien language or certain people are not listening to a crucial point you're trying to make, then fear not. It's possible you may have become extraordinarily focused on something that others don't quite understand. A very small change as to how you're conveying yourself will make a huge difference in this week's time.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

Aim at nothing and you're guaranteed to hit it. Doing nothing is always an easier option than investing time, effort and even expense toward something. During this week, it would be easier for you to adopt an easy attitude in life. The tiniest effort made toward something you believe to be a monumental task could produce a surprising result for now.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

One who hesitates, is lost, they say. Are you really lost trying to look out before you leap. It can be said that 'early birds get worms' and anyone who spends too much time weighing up options instead of taking action where it's needed can indeed lose but there's nothing wrong with being cautious sometimes. Now is such a time, Gemini in your life.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

In this week, as your to-do-list remains unchanged , then the sky intends to accelerate things. Where there's apprehension now, you can expect relief. Where there's distress, you can expect comfort to replace it. The planets are now focusing on helping to provide a warmer and more loving climate for you to make progress within. With each passing day, certain issues are going to become less of an issue particularly for this week.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

Now is a good time to reassess or re-examine your reasons for pursuing a plan. Circumstances probably haven't changed as much as your attitude toward certain situations. You're seeing a tense and confusing scenario in a different light now. You can see with increased clarity by continuing to invest effort toward something really tangible.If you keep open and honest discussion going, you'll ensure no problems arise.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

In this week, someone you know isn't being completely honest about something you care about more in your life. that might just be your partner in personal or professional life. You can get to the bottom of whatever it is without too much difficulty or prying. Don't be too picky just spoiling your long-lasting relationship.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

A wrong can be righted in some way within your world and the planetary positions for this week brings an ideal opportunity to wipe a slate clean and start afresh. It's possible that someone close to you would be involved but a tiring process is coming to an end that won't require you to constantly wonder if or how justice will prevail in some way.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

This week you are being summoned, interestingly and ironically, to step forward to make a courageous move or statement. It's time to make an announcement,that could be controversial. Say what needs to be said now. Doing so will create a new process that will liberate you in some way for this time.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

More importantly this week, you are clinging to someone who does not provide you with the level of support or comfort you require. The sky isn't saying you're kidding yourself but it is strongly implying that you might be clinging to something that you would be better off releasing slightly if not completely. If you truly believe something cannot provide what you need, then this week's planets can do much to help you relinquish it.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

Fortunately, there are worse words than awkward that could apply to what you're experiencing now, but it's important to understand that soon all that is bad would be converted into favourable things for you. The week ahead holds plenty of positive promises to get you up and going in life.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

You now look set to do more than 'get by' with help from yours. The sky's encouraging those closest to you to rally round and show you some level of support. The current dominating issue can be resolved with help from those willing to assist. Accept offers of help likely to come your way now.

9/29/2014  to 10/5/2014

Sometimes though, you underestimate resilience of the negative thought and its ability to defend itself against the torrent of positive ones. The negative thought succeeds sometimes, albeit briefly, to continue dominating our thoughts. Believe that the negative thought dominating yours has a very short lifespan. Very soon, it will be a thing of the past.

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