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( 4/14/2014 to 4/20/2014)

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4/14/2014 to 4/20/2014

Think of something that happened in the previous weeks and there may be an echo of this again. You need to be on your mettle around communications, and especially those of a personal nature. Do not just assume all will work out okay automatically for this week, Aries.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

The Moon signals that you need some down time, particularly if worries and stresses have been taking a toll in your life of late. The planets would be helping you to think far more deeply about what you really want. Now, for the week, some light relief can provide a perfect escape mechanism.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

You could feel more inhibited in this week and more inclined to think pessimistically about people, life and friendships. Hopes have been high, but you realize now, that even within these there are some more complex strands. All can turn out to be fine, but you are just grounding your thinking. A property matter may also come up during this week.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

Someone could come at you with a point of view that seems completely twisted to suit their own perspective. This can see you sigh, but take a deep breath and unpick what the issues are. Essentially they could be projecting worries and blame onto you, which really are all of their own making. Although you dislike confrontation, you can unravel this during this week's time.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

An unforeseen glitch can surface in this week, Leo. In fact, although this could delay things, it may be for the best and protect you from future liabilities or problems. So however frustrating, try to take this in your stride. All forms of communication will benefit from extra care and attention.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

You are noted for managing details, but not every Virgo needs to keep every element of their life absolutely neat and tidy, though a lot ca. The area you can direct your forensic analysis towards now is around finances. Temporarily, you may feel out of pocket or short of liquidity. This can concentrate your thinking, even more for this week, Virgo.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

You have been on quite a journey as far as your interactions with others and you're sure to be wiser for this. However, that does not mean that learning lessons in life, is without some collateral and you may have the bumps and bruises to prove it. So, if you're blocked for now, you have the benefit of recent experience to deal with things.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

Something keeps slipping out of your gaze, something you really need to focus on. If you do not get to grips with this you'll miss an appointment, an error on your bank statement or a date with the boss. It may be best to write a list. Put things in order both in your personal and professional life, Scorpio.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

A partner can be,less than pleased if you want to spend some time with your pals. Now, generally, one of the best ways to drive an Archer away from the clutches of a loving embrace is laying restrictions down. Perhaps you're the exception to the rule, but whatever type of Sagittarian you are, it may prove tricky to keep everyone happy for the week ahead, Sag.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

Responsibilities can seem great but you can usually stand up to these better than most people. But one way you can channel or handle any pressures or restlessness, is to escape into your imagination, which is enriched by a helpful and Earthy Moon. Focus on a past happy event for this week which would revive your spirits.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

You have many sides to your personality, and sometimes you can be so aware of the human condition, you do not use this skill of yours, knowing you have failings, just like everyone else. Now for the week you can. Just be aware however, that someone may be even more frank in their response.

4/14/2014  to 4/20/2014

If your finances continue to be a source of worry, it could close in on you today. But this can also help you to think seriously, about exactly what your prospects are. Try not to be too downbeat. The sooner you face this head on, the sooner you can come up with some creative solutions. Part of the problem may be money that's owed to you.

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