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( 9/15/2014 to 9/21/2014)

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9/15/2014 to 9/21/2014

Nobody takes commitment lightly like you in this week. If you decide to truly commit to something or someone and you know when you are truly committed then there would be some level of expectation around you. You've recently committed yourself in some way to a very worthwhile endeavor of sorts. What you perceive to be a bit lop-sided won't be for long.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

You are usually unhappiest with others when you are unhappy with yourself and vice versa. The sky suggests you are about to be given a very good reason to feel good about yourself. Be aware that this will be noticed by others, and, particularly, how your positive disposition will rub off on them in this week's time.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

The planets this week have plans to bring love, comfort, wealth and even some creativity into your world now. Of late your world has been devoid of any important issues, although every Gemini will have their own story to tell about what might be lacking from your list. You can expect though, a very comforting breakthrough soon.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

Home, they say, is where the heart is but it is likely to have been a source of frustration lately for you. Someone connected with your home or family appears to be in need of motivating needs to be utilized in an uncomfortable way to get them to commit to something. Soon, tension will be dispelled. A welcome sense of relief is coming.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

Words are incapable of causing hurt. You will soon have an opportunity to enter into peaceful and civil exchange with someone where discussion has been barbed or tense lately. You would be finally about to remove a few barriers.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

If, during recent times, you've found yourself in a situation where there has been more time then money, then coming weeks should do much to reassure you that wolves aren't as close to the door as you imagine them to be. You'll be pleased to hear that earning-related pressure is due to ease, for a while anyway. Do not over-indulge.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

Of late there had not been a proper outlet for your creativity. But this week holds some good promises in this area. The sky suggests there is, and now would be an ideal time to get it going. Go out and showcase your skills to the world.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

For this week the sky's determined to ensure you at least enter a limbo period of sorts during coming weeks. A plan kept under wraps looks likely to become common knowledge soon. Make the most of the opportunity to keep it to yourself while you can.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

Doubt requires little encouragement n this week, Sag. It can manifest itself easily and instantly if we require it to do so. All it takes is one word of jealousy or discouragement from someone else and it springs into action, agreeing wholeheartedly with what's being said. Soon, you'll have good reason to feel optimistic where you've been doubtful or perhaps lacking in confidence. A development you've been waiting for will soon receive a green light.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

It's impossible to truly understand another person. We even surprise ourselves sometimes with our own reactions, so how we can expect others to anticipate how we might behave or react to situations defies all explanation. Recently, certain people have questioned your attitude or behavior. The planets are about to bring the much needed relief and release. Be willing to accept an apology.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

Something that's been tantalizingly close to happening is very much within your capability to make happen. An opportunity is finally waiting to be seized. Important financial deals are in the offing. But make sure that you read the finer print. Do not introspection before you venture out.

9/15/2014  to 9/21/2014

The present planetary positions suggest a calming influence is at hand where there may have been tension surrounding what you owe or something someone else believes to be rightfully theirs. If you must stand your ground, then you can do so now without having to be fearful of angry confrontation.

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