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( 9/26/2016 to 10/2/2016)

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9/26/2016 to 10/2/2016

The general accent for the week ahead lies on your prestige, reputation, and your prospects. Spend the days recuperating and mulling over your options, then get out and charge after your goals the rest of this week. Take care, there's lots of work, and lots of co-operation, and a few opportunities. However there would be tension, machinery malfunctions, work upheavals or differences of opinion that can shake things up in your life for this period. Follow safety rules. Be kind t those around you. Romance, creativity fill the weekend for the Aries guys.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

A loving, understanding mood flows through this week for all Taurus natives. But then don't let this take you into making a big investment or chasing intimacy on the wrong side of life. Be prepared to handle sudden hindrances and troubles in life. Finances, investment/debt, health diagnosis/surgery, and research are much favoured for the week ahead. Do wait until the weekend to decide on a particular course of action. In general, the whole week ahead would be little relaxed and trouble-free, so there's no rush. Property, family issues succeed. Romantic problems come later this week.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

Relationships deepen and intensity rises during the week ahead. You could become a friend and a lover to someone vibrant, enthusiastic during this week. You could as well form a great friend-business relationship. Also you could just make a couple of enemies during the period ahead. Do not force issues, be patient, wait. Don't worry, important deals would materialize this week. You'll be accepted in personal and professional circles and your public-connections will expand. You would find more recognition for this week. Talk and sort issues out when it comes to relationship issues.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

Work grows hectic over the week ahead. Pace yourself, above all, don't start any work projects this week, especially not for the weekend. Take safety precautions around electricity, water and machinery/tools. This week could give your career a shot in the arm. At the least, there would be promotions and pay-hikes that have been eluding you for quite sometime now. The entire week ahead features relationships, co-operation, and a need for diplomacy in your ties. You could meet someone exciting this week, make the most out of it. You impress people for now. Chase money as much luck is in store for you for the period.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

You'll be a bit tired this week Leo, rest up, pamper your health, contemplate the period of work and extra chores that faces you. Do tackle a few overdue obligations these days. Your energy and charisma soar mid-week and you'll attract attention, admiration. Your romantic and creative, speculative and teaching talents flare with doubled force and passion for the week ahead. That intensity can cause upsets in your life. Move lightly, observe rather than pursue as hurdles are found just round the corner in almost most aspects of your life.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

The week ahead brings romance and deep creative, speculative and pleasure urges. Your teaching abilities rise to the surface. However, the week ahead triggers tension on the home front. Your stomach could become upset as also your general health and well-being. Be kind and gentle. This is not a good time to enter a new relationship, get into a new job and the like. But they're great weeks to invest in property and go on buying spree. But don't indulge too much as financial hiccups are likely around the weekend.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

Domestic issues, property, security, rest and recuperation become main features for the week ahead, Libra. You might be tempted to quit your job or position, don't do this unless you've accepted a better one. A few Librans will be given the pink slip, if so, be bold, ask for a promotion or lateral position, and you just might get it. Use the week to make decisions about who and what belongs in your life, and which don't. Be ambitious all through the period. Flirtations, social delights come nowhere. Be careful, silent, self-protective as the week closes on.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

The week ahead emphasize paperwork, short trips, details, siblings, casual acquaintances, and communications in your life. Your money luck soars now through the week, thanks to your hard work done earlier. Ask for a pay raise. But don't take money chances this week. A legal or other surprise could affect your income picture this week. For the whole week ahead, strictly clamp down on your spending. You feel mellow, loving, understanding. Your career and prestige get a nice boost around the weekend.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

Chase money in the week ahead, Sagittarius. Take a conservative approach to spending. Your magnetism, assertiveness and determination increase strongly through the week. This week that assertiveness or magnetism could trigger a huge shake-up in home or career zones. Whatever the case, be patient and conservative. Don't take risks with tools, fire, etc. The days could be quite mysterious, could draw you to an investment or an intimate interval. Your heart, mind and skills soar. Travel, education and culture succeed for Sagittarius guys this week.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar through the week ahead. Hence start important projects, ask for favors, impress people. Your progress will be obvious to observers. Your private life, confidential discussions, involvements with government agencies, institutions would be quite successful this week. Recent events would have a positive impact on your life. Beware of hidden areas, a surprise might throw you off-stride. Relationships offer excitement and opportunities for now. There would be success in your financial and professional areas for the week.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

You're in a period of tiredness, rest and contemplate for now, Aquarius. Your contacts with government, head office, institutions, spirituality, and charity increase. Some events this week might dampen your popularity and make you to rest a while. But the week ahead might push you into friendships, travel, flirtations, speculations and hope. The cosmos wants you to plan optimistically, to befriend someone unfortunate to be social with others, and to look out for a loved one. An attraction's obvious this week. Don't mix money and friendship, also do not buy anything new for the period.

9/26/2016  to 10/2/2016

Your popularity rises Pisces, flirtations, social joys, happiness and optimism arrive, an air of fresh horizons wafts in through your life. But your career, reputation, ambitions and dealings with higher-ups also claim your attention this week. Your cheerful optimism and upbeat social manner will help you mingle with authorities in ease. Display your talents and put forth proposals. But avoid ambition, assertion and showdowns for now. Others' responses are unpredictable. The week might bring romance, creativity. You'll accomplish a big job as the week closes on.

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