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( 3/2/2015 to 3/8/2015)

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3/2/2015 to 3/8/2015

During this week, the planets would be generating some tremendous energy for you. Their influence would be far great in your life for this week''s period, that you would be able to mountains. Yet for now, you may still want to move forwards, deploying a good degree of stealth and prefer to keep plans close to your chest.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

A great week to play sport, join a gym or a health club. Psychically you can feel more robust than for a long time. Getting away from your usual environs can also be like a breath of fresh air. You are said to be a couch-potato, so why not shrug off the lethargy and love of home comforts and ignite that spark of adventurism which has lain dormant for quite sometime in your life, Taurus.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

Businesswise, you can be the star turn, leading from the front and confounding your rivals with your dynamism and savvy take. Yet if you feel dissatisfied in your current job, or are struggling to find one, this additional craving for a role that stretches you, may see you decide to do your own thing. You can make some astute property moves for the week ahead.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

During this week, think about the nice things that you can do in your professional and personal life. You could get talking to a friend who has been journeying overseas or lend a helping hand to a colleague in dire needs. Their tales can prove quite inspirational and see you get itchy feet too.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

An office romance is possible for this week, Leo. Someone you spend oodles of time with, can seem more in tune with you, and your moods and needs and you can be tempted. You have been demonstrating your more fiery, and therefore more impetuous side recently, and can be tempted to go with this. Practically, some financial paperwork can now be finalized during the course of this week.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

Creative partnerships are particularly well-blessed, and this can be from getting together with a friend on a home hobby, to a venture to a romance. If you have an offspring, you can be immensely proud of their achievements in sport or drama now through the week. This can also be an excellent time to throw a party or attend a function. Your vibrant energy can turn heads to your side.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

You may not be expecting not much in your life for the week ahead, but it is set to have a very big impact on what goes on in your situation just now. And something very fundamental may be in the mix. Whether you are promoting this change, or it seems like it is being forced upon you, it''s for a reason. Try to be philosophical for the week''s period, Libra.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

Do not hold back from saying what''s on your mind. In a way, this may feel counter to the mood music initially, but the planets are fleetingly close, and offer a gentle hug of encouragement and pleasant moments of interaction, so why not just take a deep breath and say it. Once you do, you can find yourself in tremendous and dynamic form now for the week.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

If you''ve had an idea in the back of your mind to make changes or improvements to where you live, this week can see you go to Green Light mode, and you can shoot out of the traps with a real desire to get things moving, or push anything that''s already in motion. This could be building a wall or patio, or taking down an internal wall to make a larger space. Major changes are also possible in your personal domestic front.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

Many Capricorns can be rather shy and awkward when younger, but blossom brilliantly as the years go by. A Goat at peace with itself can be full of childlike fun. But the odd boost to your personal expression is certainly not to be sniffed at, and in fact, you can express yourself this week with such conviction and persuasion others cannot help but be impressed by your performance.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

If your cash flow has been bumping along the bottom, or you have just felt less fulfilled with the things that usually provide satisfaction that can change this week. The wonderful thing is that this will alter in two ways. Firstly, by deem of your own past actions and hard work and secondly, because a genuine slice of luck can soon fall into your lap now for the week ahead.

3/2/2015  to 3/8/2015

Summons up all your strength and energy and be as decisive as possible. Your mutability, your main astral quality, means that you can ebb and flow in your moods, but this is not a time to remain inactive but to get stuck in and show what an absolute one off you are. This may startle some, but you need to focus on what you want, not what others think.

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