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( 5/2/2016 to 5/8/2016)

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5/2/2016 to 5/8/2016

Continue to collect money owed you from past efforts. Do not spend on new ventures as this might fail and disappoint you. Memories and sweet memories from the past continue to intrigue you. Love remains sweet and your hopes stay high for this week, Aries. But a sharp word or a harsh action on your partner''s part could make you wonder about a relationship''s future. Do try to get intimate in love, confidential in business matters for this period. Demand answers until you''re satisfied. If answers aren''t forthcoming, be cautious.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

20Your energy, charisma and luck remain high, but delays and indecisions affect love and similar zones. You might reconnect with an old flame this time and find love. Until the end of the week take rest, establish a solid. Real estate will reward you. Romance, pleasure, gambles intrigue, but remain thoughtful. Stay alert in your career field for the week. Relationships swell yet surprise you as the week progresses. Big finances, major changes are in for the weekend, Taurus.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Weariness, indecision will only last for this week, Gemini. Life has pampered you recently with either the reality or the dream of love and affection. Keep soaking it up dear. Be near home or in nature''s trail for this week. Romance, pleasure, creativity are sparked up during this period. Some doubts creep in due to an unintended harsh conversation with a partner, maintain your dignity, be open without sarcasm or snap. Relationships would be pleasing for the weekend.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Old friends and old flames appear from nowhere. There''s goodness here, and there so accept. An old ambition or wish might be granted in a small way. Accept, but don''t change your life to chase a former goal. Travel, casual acquaintances, and the like fill the week. Focus on your home, security interests and family. Do not exaggerate things, forgive yourself and others. Romance might flow closer like never before for this period.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Capture what you can from an old ambition, an old prestigious contact but don''t cling. Be prepared to launch yourself into the future this week. New opportunities will come and that might be related to your profession or higher studies. Decide now, to throw away any past resentments and that way, the best will come in life. A huge love, a major winning streak with greater joys are in store. Handle money carefully though. Take care with your speech and be patient. Happiness would just pour in for the weekend.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Your understanding of life widens for now, Virgo . But don''t start new projects in legal, educational, travel and similar areas. You attract attention for now , but commit to nothing new. Your indecision about marriage or partnership is natural, let it play out, wait until the end of the week to decide. Work''s hectic all week. Practice safety precautions, drive safely, and don''t let worry lead to health upsets or impulsive action on the work front.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Change continues to rumble its way through your life. Just let it happen - whatever occurs will be for the best. You might worry about a relationship, or your ability to love/be loved this week. You''ll later realize worry was wasted emotion. Instead, love, show pleasure, be romantic, and sweet nothings come for you, Libra. Rest, recuperate all through the week. Be careful with money. Talk everything over and someone agrees to your talks. This would be a great period for leisure trips, plan one with your family.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Go slow, act slowly, be wary of commitment, of new opportunities. The week is enjoyable, but your energy falls off as the week moves on. Your personality sparkles for now. You could attract an old flame, a former partner, or an old business opportunity. Money''s lucky, especially for mid-week. Ask the boss for a raise, or contact a prestigious client, etc. All week be gentle at home. Soon, love will enter your life.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Keep slogging away at your pile of chores, Sage. Focus on old burdens, tasks, employment situations. Do not agree to nor pursue new ones. You feel active, restless but don''t let this rush you into careless driving, impulsive travel, or hasty communications. You''re ambitious but don''t lock horns with anyone. Solitude''s the best co-operation. Socializing, light flirtation and upbeat hopes fill mid-week. Lie low, rest and avoid competitive situations for the week ahead, Sagittarius.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Continue to bask in love, beauty, vacation, the charms of love and family. Whatever happens, you win, you experience pleasure. Your creative side soars - but don''t start any masterpieces now, they''ll become forever unfinished. Do remain evasive about a commitment. Ambition, VIP relations arise, and big hopes, optimism elevate your mood through the week. But all days need a wary attitude toward money and spending. Drive carefully, be safe around machinery, and sign nothing. You sink into a calm, happy weariness as the week closes on.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Unexpected occurrences or delays on the home front benefit you. Do not try to initiate projects or govern family members. Visit an old haunt for a sweet rest, nature walk, etc. A long-lost relative or friend might visit. All week be wary of impulsive actions. A mellow mood slides over you, hence ignore baseless worries about family, security, retirement or real estate deals. Career or parental duties call you, do perform, but neither push nor fret. Happiness, optimism, good friends come around the weekend.

5/2/2016  to 5/8/2016

Handle held up communications, paperwork and errands rather than initiate new projects. Relationships contain some attraction and co-operation, but the long-term outlook is dim. If single, wait, someone more exciting is around this week''s corner. Be realistic with finances, as situations might vary here. This alert continues through the week, but you''re more able to see, to understand the picture beyond the surface. Your career, reputation or community prestige get a good boost around the weekend.

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