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( 9/1/2014 to 9/7/2014)

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9/1/2014 to 9/7/2014

This week communication seems to be the main point in your life. An important dialogue needs to be had now and with the most important person in your world, yourself. A way forward relies on your heart and head being in agreement with an idea or plan. Let the discussion begin. Good avenues are in store for the week ahead.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

You might need good help and support from outside to keep you going for the week. You might believe a strong need exists to be reliant upon a certain person in order to achieve something close to your heart but you are better resourced than you probably realize. There is much you can do without help from others now too. A good time to understand your real potential.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

The waiting, they say, is the hardest part. If anything is going to change positively, it has to be given time to do so and a side-effect of this would be impatience. You would find it impractical to make some major life-decisions in this week's time. With help from around you can do the same with less effort.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

During this week you have suspicions about something or someone that you believe can be substantiated. Yet, you don't have all the facts or are choosing to conveniently ignore a few of them. An incorrect accusation made now could take a long time to retract. Hence stay calm and let the initiative come from elsewhere. Then you can be a support for this act.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

During this week, what your owe others comes before what others owe you. If your patience is growing thin through waiting for a certain person to keep a promise or commitment, then you'll soon see evidence that your waiting hasn't been in vain. If, on the other hand, you're the person someone else is waiting on, then expect yet another discussion about when they can expect to see their glimmer of a result.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

It's time to apply a bit of realism where a certain relationship is concerned. If you're waiting for some communication from the other end then it does appear you might be waiting longer than you think. There's much you can do to instigate dialogue with the other person. The tiniest amount of effort to do so on your part might just do the trick.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

Sticking a proverbial spanner into a machine will certainly attract attention but not necessarily the sort of attention you'd prefer to be attracting for this week. During this period you seem willing to cause a bit of chaos in a certain area but you do appear keen to shake something up just for the sake of it. Think carefully about what the result might be for you if you were seen to be integral or instrumental in upsetting the equilibrium now.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

It's comforting when we're asked for advice from others. Clearly, others believe you to be an excellent and reliable source of knowledge about a particular subject or issue. When you give what you believe to be sound advice to someone and they completely ignore it, then you might get bothered. Your instincts about whether or not imparting words of wisdom to a certain person will be a waste of time are probably spot on. Trust them.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

There are a number of different ways to arrive at an answer, especially for this week. An undisputable, right answer. It's easy though to believe different options available make finding an answer more complex than it really is. How you achieve a result now doesn't matter. Believe that all of the options you're considering will achieve the same desired result.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

Very soon, you can expect a wonderful and much needed development in your life. Where your interest and energy levels have waned in a certain area, expect to be rejuvenated. Where your commitment to a certain plan has been questionable, get ready to play an integral role. When you have decided it's time to impress, people rarely fail to be impressed. You will surprise a few people but in all the right ways.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

Information being withheld from you won't be kept secret for much longer. Someone does appear to be choosing the right time and place to put you in the picture about something you are very well-placed to provide help or guidance for, should you agree to. But at times it is better to know that ignorance is bliss.

9/1/2014  to 9/7/2014

It's important you let someone have their say now and offer an impartial response based on fact. As keen as you may be to take control of something someone else is struggling to control, you'd do well to listen to how they believe you might be able to help. An invitation to help is far preferable to wading in with a view to showing them how something should be done.

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