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( 11/24/2014 to 11/30/2014)

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11/24/2014 to 11/30/2014

Tiny frustrations are easily dealt with for this week in your life. You would be willing to take most in your stride and accept that they form an inevitable part of your daily routines. However you begin to feel unseen forces are conspiring against you for now. The likely series of frustrations you're experiencing now is reflective of how high you've set your sights recently. Boring and lazy people don't experience such frustration. Come on, get up and keep moving...

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

During this week, you can expect a surge of confidence and being sought after by numerous individuals and admirers. If you're not noticing an increasing number of people wanting your time and attention now, then you will do soon. Your leadership abilities are at last put to test now, Taurus.

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

You appear keen now to shake up a situation that relies on predictability. You might have to work harder to convince certain conservative individuals than you expected to but logic behind your proposed shake up will be recognized eventually. Gemini is period is when your dual nature would be fully visible to the outside world.

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

Your enthusiasm toward something could hardly be described as a conflagration but the embers are far from dying. Passion, if stoked in the right way, can soon be revived for something in your life. Trust that one particular fire, despite how it may appear, remains alive. Keep it glowing Cancer..

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

During this week you ought to expend more energy to get a result from a situation that shows no signs of cooperation. The root of the problem appears to be an individual who promises the Earth and delivers little or nothing. You've been patient and understanding. Perhaps you have grown a bit too comfortable with this. Prepare for a conversation that will bring much out into the open.

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

For the week ahead there is the need for you to make a conscious decision to pursue a particular plan. If your life has been little more than a series of hurdles and disappointments of late, then tangible and potentially life-changing progress is on its way now through the week. All you have to do now is decide what needs to change and believe it can change.

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

Don't underestimate influence you hold where a tense or sensitive situation is concerned. That's the very clear message for you now. You have the ability to fuel an ongoing climax around you or you can be instrumental in diffusing it. Your insight or input can do much to lessen anxiety levels among a few. If you would like to experience a noticeable reduction in stress, then the power really is yours to instigate a process that will do precisely that.

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

Something you're pursuing is behaving much like a mirage for quite sometime now. Every time you think you're close to it, it moves further away and seemingly out of reach. What you want does exist. It's not an illusion. Soon, you will find it to be more cooperative and attainable, most probably during this week.

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

Advice often comes across as criticism in your life. Much depends on how advice is given to you. If it's provided by someone based on their experience, then you tend to be more receptive. By providing advice to you now, someone is genuinely trying to help. You'd be well advised to take on board advice they're giving. You wont get a similar help in the days to help, Sag.

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

You don't like allowing others to get involved with plans, schemes or projects because it means they must share recognition when it comes to fruition. Look closely now at what you're attempting to do on your own. You appear to have more than one individual to hand who can offer valuable input. Might it be wise to involve those who can lighten the load..

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

With the right level of constant care and attention, negativity can thrive indefinitely in your life. It's time to look at how you're fuelling a negative thought and, particularly, why you believe it deserves to be given attention it's getting. Prepare to discover a renewed sense of freedom through letting go of a negative attitude that has truly outstayed its welcome.

11/24/2014  to 11/30/2014

During this week you discover that you've been feeling your way along the wrong wall the whole time. Allow someone else to take the lead in solving something for you now. You're on the right track but they can accelerate finding a solution if you'll let them. Take emotional and mental help it if comes from some one really interested in you.

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