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( 5/23/2016 to 5/29/2016)

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5/23/2016 to 5/29/2016

Don't start any new earnings or spending projects before this weekend, Aries. Old bills and money owed to you arrive from the past. Your physical charms shine all week, especially around the middle. You''ll attract love, can fall in love. The angst, darkness and struggle of the past few weeks are gone. Life and love have turned gentle and sweet for Aries, embrace these moments. Now is one of the best romantic times in your life, don''t waste it. If you''re married, the same luck comes for children''s affairs, speculation, creativity, partner's love.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Taurus natives would clinch major real estate deals during the course of the week, it might be selling or buying. Anyways it would be profitable deals only. You''re dynamic and charismatic now, especially around mid-week, but indecision or mistakes impede romance, speculation, creative ventures. Vacation or renovation projects might need to wait for the week to end. Enjoy social delights. Retreat, contemplate, rest for sometime along the week. Despite the indecision in the air, the week could offer a superb real estate opportunity for some natives which would act as a security for your family.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Handle professional and personal issues with ease during the course of the week. Visit an old friend who''s lonely. Be charitable. Buy nothing, though for this week. You might be ambitious, just let it go. You can see your future in your past experiences, perhaps an old flame appears. One you flirt with might become a mate. If you''re unattached, then this would be a good time to clinch a reliable partnership deal for life. Retreat, rest for the weekend . Your energy returns then, but truth and clarity might be eluding you all the week.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Especially this week, a subtle unease about your financial or sexual situation can tempt you to leap into an investment, a financial arrangement, a sexual relationship or big life change. Be ready to wipe out this unease and jump into opportunities. Wait until the weekend to decide to change your life, chase sex, or invest in long term projects or instruments. Until then, focus directly on ambition, especially this week. Authoritative connections and parents favor you strongly for two weeks from now on. It''s hard to know your future this week, and to decide whom to spend it with.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

You return to a former career role or project now Leo. If you''re a parent, your tasks seem like deja-vu. Take this in stride, there''s something good in it. Reject financial ideas for now. Do not enter into high value buying or selling for this week's time. Love, far travel, religion, education interests arise now. Some of you might be falling in love. If not it would be a now or never situation for some, hence embrace the situations at hand. If someone appears, do not let old bitterness over lost love hold you back. Love again.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Now through the week, don''t start new legal, far travel, spiritual, marriage or similar projects. Stick with the old, former, or on-going projects alone in personal and professional life . Work is hectic, will continue so until late this week. Be prepared, pace yourself. It will help if you avoid new tasks, finish up the old. Don''t seek new career roles/challenges during the course of this week. Avoid relationship commitments. Your financial and sexual desires will be fulfilled, through mid-week. Overall, your mood is sweet and mellow.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Do not launch any new financial, investment, debt, lifestyle, commitment or similar projects now through the week, Libra. This same period, though, could bring you nice things in these same areas from the past. Accept changes in certain parts of your life. Love is very possible this week, might grow upon you like sweet magic with an on-going flame, or a former partner who returns. Chores bore you for now. Relationships assume lucky importance late this week. Be diplomatic, eager. There would be some worries and confusions around the weekend for some Libra natives.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Believe no promises, make none, now through the week. Circumstances, business factors, and personal feelings will change. An "ex" might return, offering solace for some Scorpios. You''ll re-examine your marriage or other partnership deals now . To be in is better than to be out of the race. You might fall madly in love during this week, realize this could be just the first of many. Don''t let it strain your household or impact your work relations. Be careful, honest and wise. Tackle chores, health with double caution.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Don''t start new work, health, fitness, or renovation projects mid-week. Do not enter into any sort of buying or selling as well. Major danger or trouble lurks around for some Sagittarians out there. On the good side, an old job might return to save you in a stressful money situation. Stay safe and play safe, keep your map open and your wallet closed. You''re restless now through the week, don''t scatter your efforts too much. If single, you''ll hold flirtatious encounters with some prospective partners.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Romance soars, an old flame might appear for some . This is good, if for no other reason than wisdom. Don''t stand on pride. But do not start any new romances, nor any new creative, speculative, artistic, projects for now . More money flows to you, bank it. Your home, kids, security and soul surge with luck this week ahead. This period is great for a real estate purchase. Marriage and life are sweet for most of the Capricorns. However some might meet with impediments in the professional side.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Do not buy real estate, nor start new home, renovation, security deals, and similar ventures till mid-week. These areas are blessed, but new projects will go in circles. DO continue with former, old, or ongoing projects here. All is sweet, relaxed, though your energy and determination are pretty high through mid-week, and your sexual magnetism soars. Don''t let this spur you into plunging into relationships. Instead, travel, visit, talk, make love and love life. Happiness and luck fill the weekend for the Aquarius natives.

5/23/2016  to 5/29/2016

Money''s easy and mildly lucky for Pisces guys this week. Buy a small luxury, treat yourself. Ask for a raise or charge more, you''ll get it, for now. Travel, communications and appointments run into glitches as the week progresses. Take this in stride. Don''t start new projects in these areas. Nice little rewards can come from your past efforts/involvements. You might find a lost love rekindling your dreams . Be home for the weekend and avoid governmental confrontations for the week. Some of you might land up in unwanted health glitches during this period.

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