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( 10/24/2016 to 10/30/2016)

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10/24/2016 to 10/30/2016

Finish rather than start anything this week, Aries. This applies to everything, especially to legal, scholastic, travel, communication, and related matters. Until the weekend these concerns will be prone to mistakes, false starts and delays. Waiting is the most productive activity for now, Ram. Your large financial picture seems to be visible in the days to come. Still, you should fare well. Your sexual urges are on the rise. You could fall into lust or love through the course of the week. An old flame might appear and so might a professional opportunity. Separate illusion from inspiration now, Aries.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

Relationships excite you over the week ahead, Taurus. You could fall in love or into argument and there''s not much difference this time!. A challenging, attractive might come now. This is a bad time for making new relationships, as one of you will change your mind in a month or two - and until then, intimacy might be a constant gamble. An old professional opportunity might come back to you this time. Success is round the corner in your career endeavors. Patience pays in relationships for now.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

In the week ahead, you''ll deal with an old opportunity, an old argument or opposition, a former spouse or partner. Bind to these opportunities as it would be highly beneficial for you in the days to come. In general, start no new projects or relationships now through this week. A partner/spouse might be in for temper tantrums, be patient. A money-work connection looks very lucky this week for Gemini guys. There would not be much inspiration for you this week, instead confusion is likely in all quarters.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

Work and love, drudgery and pleasure, health concerns and raptures of beauty fill the week ahead for Cancer people. Your work scene needs patience and care, do expect delays, mistakes. You need to tread carefully study a situation before you act. Don''t start any new projects. A former duty or chore could return, it would be brief, yet rewarding. Your energy and charisma rise as the week progresses. Romance, creative surges arrive. Chase money with due caution. All week, your home life aids, inspires your work performance. But your romantic/pleasure or creative urges might sabotage your accomplishments.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

Your home undergoes a mixed phase this week, Leo. Contain your temper, show your gentle side. Sensuality''s strong, so are suspicious relationships around you. An old flame could appear, ask whether this could succeed a second time, by looking at the first time. The week ahead is filled with romance, creativity, pleasure, and other academic endeavours. The best of these will be connected to the past. Do avoid brand new starts, projects, love moves for now. Rest, lie low as the week chugs along. A deep, true message arrives from a far off place. Your energy, charisma soar mid-week.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

The week ahead emphasizes home, security, nature, soul, real estate and children. Matters from the past return to your life for now. This is a good time to take up home renovation and to mend up any broken relationships. These are fine, but watch ongoing projects for delays and mistakes. Do not start brand new projects anywhere, especially on home and property fronts. Sink into a sluggish feeling, nap, rest, contemplate. You''ll make money from work, but don''t let friends interfere with your duties. Don''t buy a car or a new home for now.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

Nothing is overwhelmingly important now in your life, Libra. You''ll be busy, but reject wild goose chases. Plan, make lists before you go on errands, write down specs, measure. Don''t depend on memory, you are prone to errors. More importantly, don''t start projects before the week ends. Facts, figures, paperwork, communications and schedules might go awry. Your money scene looks splendid, but save. Do buy nothing big or complex. Love and ambition confront you through the week, give equal time to both. But do not mix money and romantic desires all week. Retreat, rest for the weekend.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

Your sensual magnetism reaches new heights, this week Scorpio. You could attract the opposite sex for now and for the weeks ahead. Think carefully: your sexual assertiveness could, this week, lead you into a relationship that''s powerful but psychologically disorienting. Life might be intriguing or frustrating with respect to relationships. Be gentle and understanding. Your money ideas are brilliant, but now through the week, don''t start brand new money projects. Instead reprise old or former ones.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

Your energy and charisma soar this week, Sag. A former partner/love could reappear, respect your doubts. Don''t let your presently high confidence lead you to start new projects. Focus on preserving projects already in the works, or reprise a former, still valuable venture. Research can yield false nuggets. Treat rumours with a dose of scepticism. You could take a bold, wealth-producing step this week. This period might take you deep into mysteries. Don''t invest. A mellow feeling, love, understanding are slated for the weekend. Ambitions, dealings with higher-ups fill most of the week ahead.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

Your energy declines over the week ahead, yet your hopes rise, especially in romantic areas. The best approach is probably to withdraw from the fray in general, rest, recuperate and contemplate, but don''t plan. An old flame might appear, one toward whom you had light romantic feelings, not a flaming passion. Be bold to forgive and forget any misgivings on relationships. Career-money ideas are superb for the week ahead. Professional aspirations meet with good tidings for now in your life.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

Your popularity''s on the rise, and your optimism floats up with it, Aquarius. Old friends and former social contacts yield more now than new ones. An old wish, or a former flirtation could return. You could become romantically attracted to the boss or someone high above you socially. But this week holds a few illusions and mis-directions, particularly in career. Higher-ups could disapprove of your waffling or indistinct answers. You might need to pay a huge price for your indecisive nature this week. Love and romance are on the cards for some Aquarius guys.

10/24/2016  to 10/30/2016

The week ahead emphasizes your career, community status and relations with higher-ups. But don''t start any new projects in these zones before the weekend, you''ll be busy enough keeping ongoing projects free of mistakes, delays and supply shortages. A former career role could return. Be willing; avoid passive resistance. Reschedule any major relationship-based events for now. Love grows, travel and culture intrigue you. Beware any backroom deals as they would erupt into legal or ethical discomfort for now.

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