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( 10/27/2014 to 11/2/2014)

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10/27/2014 to 11/2/2014

When the going gets tough, the tough get going in one way or another. You are one such tough guy. Not giving up in the face of adversity usually involves ensuring you don't follow the same path or strategy and increase levels of dedication and resilience. Rather than getting tougher, you ought to consider a very minor tweak to a plan you're following. A small adjustment really is all that's needed to bring about a very big and reassuring development during the course of this week.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

You would be having a parent or a kid who tries to involve you much in their lives. What would often start out with your inquiring politely if you can offer any assistance would end up with you taking over completely. You have knowledge that would undoubtedly benefit another's plan. Resist the urge to involve yourself with it. Someone else really would appreciate claiming full credit for their own success for now.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

This week, you need to adopt the plan that doing something is better than doing nothing. Whilst it's probably true that action is likely to cause reaction, taking your time and applying more of an imaginative and bold solution guarantees a much better result. What worked before isn't necessarily the best option now. Be creative. Be adventurous. See what happens. You'll like it.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

In one area of your world, you're being presented with a dilemma for this week's time. This involves you waiting patiently for a development you're certain will occur at some point in the relatively near future, or encouraging it, by giving it a little nudge. The one problem involved with gently hurrying it along is an essential part of the unfolding process could be overlooked. Leave something to its own devices, just for a little while longer.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

It can be frustrating when we think we've made a point clearly to someone, receive what we believe to be complete understanding from them only to discover our words clearly hadn't gone across at all. A certain person is likely to impress you for this period. What you'd like to see is demonstrable proof that they're taking something as seriously as you are. You'll have it, very soon.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

Recently, your time, effort, wisdom and resources have been called upon by someone whose life seems to lurch from crisis to crisis. They've known that all they had to do is tug a heartstring or two and you'd be there to help or provide for them in some way. Now, they appear capable of not only standing on their own two feet but helping you in some way. Don't be modest. Accept what they can do for you.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

Will this week be any different to last week.. Can you expect the same levels of restriction, frustration, resistance and repetition you had of late. This week, might bring in a more contentious issue. You're due a break. You're due an opportunity to experience the joy of success without having to have worked several times harder than usual to achieve it and that is precisely what's coming now.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

When people become negative or despondent, an interesting thing happens within you. You might remain negative or despondent as well. You might think that everything in your life is wrong for quite sometime now.Don't ignore the very positive development happening now in the belief that whatever's negative is more worthy of your attention.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

If you're not yet aware of how much is changing in your world, you soon will be. You're being encouraged to examine more than one area of your life in need of an overhaul. Ways that are tried and tested will soon be re-examined and whilst this will bring a period of adjustment, it also guarantees renewed focus to areas that need it. Fresh starts are wonderful things and the more you embrace those coming your way, the more wonderful outcomes will be.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

If you would have thought why all the burden and hard work then you would not have come this far in life. What could go 'wrong' with plans must always be considered. Unfortunately, 'wrongs' are sometimes given too much attention. Don't allow caution to become full-blown and unjustified pessimism now where a certain plan is concerned .

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

Anyone who knows anything about close personal relationships knows they require constant effort. Our needs are constantly evolving, after all. You have a fantastic opportunity to truly connect with someone now, regardless of how long you've known them, if connecting with them is what you truly want in life for now.

10/27/2014  to 11/2/2014

It's understandable if you're wondering why others are privy to certain information and you're not. That's how it probably appears, anyway. You've recently pursued a plan requiring cooperation from certain people. They haven't connected in ways you'd anticipated with your proposed idea. The fact that others seem to know more about where things stand than you do isn't helping. The sky intends to address this by instigating a discussion that really will clear the air.

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