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( 1/26/2015 to 2/1/2015)

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1/26/2015 to 2/1/2015

You are getting used to your new found feeling of good fortune and happiness in this week. More opportunities to make your dreams come true are in the line. You need to take advantage of them and work to realize them. Yet relationships with others need careful handling, someone may seem more stubborn and intractable. Do not let it over burden you.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

You are fired up as far as your career is concerned in this week. It is time to focus on taking the actions necessary to achieve your goals. Although you are known as a sign that dislikes change, you have great capacity as a leader and innovator when it comes to your job. Cutting edge ideas excite you, yet you can also cling to ideas that are past their expiry date. Go in for a change now.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

During this week, you may find yourself face to face with an old flame, or an ex-spouse. There may be things to sort out before you can move on. You may even want to get back together, with a revised agenda. Anything is possible, but one thing's for certain.You are set to take love a lot more seriously than you have previously taken.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

You seem to have more responsibilities when it comes to home and family matters for this week. One situation may repeat itself or need even more attention. Yet do not take all of the burden on your shoulders, if it helps to delegate, do so where you can. Be responsible for your happiness but if someone close is taking you for granted, make a stand.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

It is time to release beliefs that are holding you back and embrace those that will enrich the adventure that is life. Take a look at those areas where you are having a less than satisfactory experience. Be self-honest if there are areas you are at fault. Change these and you can change your world Leo.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

Your finances are moving through a very interesting phase for now, Virgo. On the one hand your cash flow may seem to slow down, and you may feel frustrated that you cannot do as much as you would like. You have an enterprising idea and you can flourish now during the week.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

Do not allow the frustrations of the day to get to you. You may encounter repeat situations. Problems you thought were sorted may resurface or need more attention and energy. The good news is that others are more than willing to help. Whatever issues you face you have their support on an ongoing basis.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

You are in your element, feeling energized and ready for anything. The week brings with it a sense of adventure. You are willing to rise to fresh challenges and keen to step out of your comfort zone. At home you are busy reorganizing your household and making it the perfect home. You may also buy something new.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

If you ever wanted to run your own business, this may be the time to take action towards realizing this. The period is encouraging you to take risks. Create a sound plan and then consider what your first steps should be. Communication is very important, so if you have shut down this area, it is time to rekindle this.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

During the week, you may be frustrated as your goals appear more difficult to attain than ever. You may have to revise your schedule and allow for obstacles and delays. This does not mean that your dreams are unattainable. It does mean that you need to be persistent. However, keep seeing the result you want in your own perspective.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

There is one idea, one persistent ongoing belief that is holding you back from achieving a priceless dream. This belief may reveal itself bringing with it a situation that you are only too familiar with. Now is the time to see the truth about this and to let such ingrained thoughts go. The sooner you do, the more freedom you'll have.

1/26/2015  to 2/1/2015

The week provides a great opportunity to listen out for those subtle intuitions and following through on them. Your dreams will be more powerful than usual and may contain guidance that can help you to solve ongoing problems or succeed in achieving a cherished goal. You are more confident than ever of your ability.

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