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( 10/20/2014 to 10/26/2014)

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10/20/2014 to 10/26/2014

You may have some family problems but be firm and do not allow outsiders to interfere in your affairs as the present situation also might be the work of some irresponsible outbursts of an envious soul inside the household. A quiet and calm approach will sort out things to the better. This is a time to enjoy.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

The domestic scene is going to be peaceful for you this week. However, to enjoy romantic and marital bliss of a high order, the married need to reassure their spouse of their love and affection. Some of you are likely to travel on a tour with your family. Stay cautious for some trouble might be lurking around the corner.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

At home, this is the time for celebrations and varied activities. Relatives might visit you and that would cheer you. Your energy and wisdom will bring good luck or good news. Fortunately, it is good time for your spouse. He or she is bound to make sudden romantic approaches towards you.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

Family life improves and students would remain engaged in creative activities. It is possible that some people may try to associate themselves with you only with a view to utilize your services for their selfish ends. Spiritual inclinations might take some of your time and finances. Anyhow it would give you the much needed peace in life.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

Visiting various places with your family members becomes an important event in your life for this week. Financially a beneficial phase begins bringing in its wake huge monetary rewards. Career opportunities will come. Many important opportunities to shine in life are also on the cards for now.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

A person close to your heart is likely to enter in your life to begin a fresh relationship on a more passionate note. For many of you it is the best time for marriage. In addition to this, this week brings short trips and plenty of traveling. Some of you might gain good finances as well.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

You are required to pay adequate attention towards your domestic front. You are keen to implement the decision but the family is not willing. Better wait till the right atmosphere is created. Avoid quick temper or a hasty decision about a family matter.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

At home, matters will slowly settle down this week. Perhaps you have come to terms with problems that defy all solutions. It would be better not to discuss the controversial topics with family members at this stage, as this could create a division in the family.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

Household affairs will run smoothly for this week. Some of you may be moving to another city for a change of environment or just on a fun trip. The married will enjoy conjugal bliss. Recently, married couples that are planning a family will soon receive good news. Financially it will be a satisfactory week.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

Matters at home would run smoothly for now. The married would share perfect understanding and rapport with their spouse. Success and honors achieved by your sustained efforts would make you self-confident and proud of your achievements. Investments in real estate or financial instruments likely for this week.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

This week will prove the harbinger of some good news from someone residing abroad. Your mate or beloved will be loving and affectionate. A recent association with a person of the opposite sex could become more intimate and meaningful for some of you.

10/20/2014  to 10/26/2014

The elderly in the family will marvel at your energy and zeal. It will not be surprising if you go in for a shopping spree with your mate or plan a picnic or an outing to a restaurant known for its ethnic and tasty food suitable to your tastes. The week calls for some financial spending spree. Go on, indulge yourself, Pisces.

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