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( 5/22/2017 to 5/28/2017)

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5/22/2017 to 5/28/2017

Your energy, luck and charisma climb to great heights this week, Aries. The days are superb for speaking, writing, travel, and accomplishing legal, educational, cultural, media or international goals. Do not promise more than you can deliver now. Chase money and possessions for now, you could land a pay raise, a life-elevating possession or a sensual delight. But do realize travel, law, finances and sexual commitment will be delayed for now. Do make your mark, your decision or commitment, immediately or not. Sell investments rather than committing additional large sums for this week.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

Take a restful, contemplative stance in the week ahead. Your physical and emotional reserves will be a bit low especially for the days ahead. The week ahead is great for dealings with government, hospitals, spiritual people or psychics. Your energy climbs now, finalize agreements in business, emotional and intimate areas. Luck flows into romantic, creative, and child-related areas. Take a chance. Be careful with money and your social side could trip up your practical or prudent instincts. Do not sign important papers now. Money solutions appear around the end of the week.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

At least one of your long-held wishes will come true in the week ahead, Gemini. And this could hurtle you back to the past in a mighty way. Your hopes could involve property, family, security, or they could directly conflict with these. Your popularity rises through the days, your social life could bring a major love. This week is instrumental and it hits the note that will reverberate through the weeks ahead. Retreat, dream, seek favors from higher-ups. Your charisma and energy soar, but don''t buy anything for now.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

Your ambitions come to the fore over the week ahead. And so does pressure from bosses, parents, and authority figures. A social introduction might lead you to a former career or business situation. Much that happens now through the week will be somewhat secret, or involve government agencies or huge corporations. Paperwork, red tape and communications will surge as the week progresses. Make any ambitious moves now, as the ensuing weeks could bring delays/confusions in new projects. The days are good for ambitions. Popularity and social delights visit you.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

The week ahead brings foreign travel, legal victories, love, wedding or similar rituals, higher education, a mellow understanding of life. Use the week ahead to complete projects in these areas. By mid-week, a delay or confusion influence will enter. And so will lucky links to past legal, love, travel, religious, educational or media ventures. You''ll meet at least one potential partner at a social function. As a result, a dream will come true. Your popularity rises gently but unstoppably now through he week. Don''t commit, lay low for now.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

A financial, intimate or lifestyle commitment you make in the next week will change your life. And these commitments are tied to the future, after, they will be linked to past situations. Commitment will change your worldly status. A new business role would come for you. There would be opportunities galore for investments of sorts. Research, look deeply, follow your intuitive nudges. Authorities, parents and bosses will be half-approving, half-critical and take time to approve you. You might launch a major career change now through the week ahead, Virgo.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

Relationships reach a turning point over the next week or so. You could fall in love, be feted by an old flame, commit to a relocation, meet a great business contact, find a new social role, etc. Legalities, rituals, mellow understanding imbues new and old relationships. Stay out of legal hassles, court fights, etc., as you''ll tend to lose these through early this week. Married or single, love is rekindled. Sign agreements before the week ends, if you need to win the same.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

The week ahead lays a mountain of chores on your shoulders, Scorpio. Complete tasks rather than start new ventures, now through the week. Your employer or job responsibilities might change. Do not buy new equipment, a car, computer, etc. before the end of the week. Now through these days you face a chance to turn your life around in regard to finances, sex, a partnership or marriage, and your connection to an institution or government agency. Take the step, commit yourself but not to a bad love affair. Research aids you. Invest wisely before the end of the week.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

Love in some form will visit you over the week ahead. This might be romance, love of children, of beauty, of nature. In addition, your urge to self-express, your creativity, gambling urges, and sense of vitality will soar. And these feelings trigger something potentially permanent, something unusually important, which will develop throughout the week and the ensuing ones. You could meet a life-mate, or produce a creative matter that brings you public recognition, or relocate to balmy shores. An old flame might arrive soon.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

Home, family, real estate, security, business foundations, nature''s wild call, and your own soul occupy your itinerary for the week ahead. They could also change your job, and eventually, your standing in the world. You might quit a position now, or alter your working hours to accommodate changes at home. Work will be very hectic now through the week, but you''re building toward a rewarding situation . And perhaps a raise in pay or elevated position would come calling. Do not buy real estate now through the week. However other financial investments are favored for now.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

This week surges you toward short trips, calls and messaging, quick meetings and casual talks, paperwork and many details. Do not start a new venture in these areas as there might be delays and hindrances. Many casual moments are in store for you, hence do not rush through life now. And you could meet a powerful love, have a stunning creative inspiration, fall in love with somebody’s future, suddenly decide to quit you job and become an amateur, or otherwise take a wonderful gamble on life. Take that risk as reward awaits you.

5/22/2017  to 5/28/2017

Wherever you can over the week ahead, grab the money. Possessions, buying or selling, earnings are highlighted fortunately. But do not start new earnings projects, nor buy anything big now through the days ahead as your mind changes later on regarding this. Your home life, your family, property, security, even business foundations, are about to be transformed in an initially hectic but eventually beneficial way. The sweet rewards would become apparent around the weekend. Your mate, or another important relationship plan to relocate far away and you could be involved. Luck comes from affection through the week, Pisces.

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