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( 1/16/2017 to 1/22/2017)

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1/16/2017 to 1/22/2017

Start nothing new, especially in work and machinery areas for the week ahead, Aries. Soak up pleasure, romance, and life''s beauties as the week moves on. Take a chance, gamble, speculate, risk your feelings, be vulnerable, express yourself. The week is made for love. Work goes swiftly, but practice safety through midweek. Computers, anything high tech and communications could fail for now. Relationships are important yet unpredictable through the week. Be agreeable, but commit to nothing, sign nothing. That applies to the weekend also. Be loving, enjoy intimacy, but realize that this is not everything in life.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Attend to home, family obligations this week, Taurus. Finish neglected gardening, repair, and similar tasks. Love triggers sudden, electric changes. An old flame might be involved. Or your lover surprises you with erratic and sensuous moves. Be patient, love will burst into a big resolution this week. The lonely ones would be able to find their partner or love interest now. If you''re married, nostalgia flows and flames rekindle. The week heats up romantic, pleasure, gambling and creative instincts. Be wise and gentle with kids and elders at home.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Complete neglected paperwork, visits and calls involving family, property, retirement. A sudden change in your life looms mid-week. Start nothing new before the weekend. Money''s gently fortunate for several weeks from now on. Through the week your earnings are determined by your past efforts. For the week, your home will be tense, lively, hopeful. Don''t fight. Real estate might fulfil a long-held dream. Do not start living with someone now through the week, also marriage is also to be postponed for a later date.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Chase money this week, buy nothing important, Cancer. Siblings, casual friends, visits, calls, details, travel and paperwork fill the week. Try to catch up on neglected obligations for now. If you pursue a new venture, you''ll waste time and money. Drive carefully. Something sudden, perhaps wonderful looms mid-week. It could be the appearance of a long-lost friend or lover, or someone''s sudden exit, or a surprising new legal, educational, publishing or travel-related event. For the week, you''ll embrace this circumstance and profit by it. Love attracts, puzzles you during the weekend.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Your renewed vitality and magnetism continue to attract attention, favors and luck this week, Leo. But spend your energy on old or ongoing ventures and relationships. And don''t start anything new before the week ends. Money will flow swiftly to you and, if you''re not careful, from you as well. You would be seeing a surprising trend in your professional side this week. Drive, speak and act carefully these days. And this isn''t the best time to invest. Stay away from renovations and if you are into a financial quagmire now is the best time to come out of it.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Rest, lie low. You''re sexually magnetic now, but your energy and luck won''t catch up until next week. Doubts and impulses assail you through the week. Hence don''t be prodded into premature action by anger or impatience. Someone really important would be drawn into your life this week. To be successful, use the days ahead to complete old chores and obligations, to clear your desk or field entirely. The week ahead will hold huge opportunities for those who have the time, space, vitality and optimism to pursue and grab them.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Your hopes, optimism and popularity stay high for the week ahead, Libra. Focus your sights on old or former hopes as these have more of a chance than the brand new. Reject an old flame, a relocation urge or an opportunity connected to a contract for now. People you have been counting on might use you now, beware. But do chase old urges or returning circumstances connected to career, far travel, education, publishing or philosophy. You might regret some lost opportunities. Hence take a spiritual view, it holds as it exposes you the truth. The weekend would be happy and flirty! Rest, lie low as well.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Grab career opportunities from the past, but stay away from new ventures for the week ahead, Scorpio. Protect your projects and position from delays, mistakes and supply shortages. You''ll impress a higher-up and some peers this period. Your popularity and optimism rise as the week progresses on a positive note. Do enjoy social delights, flirtations, but don''t try to cement a commitment. A new romance or friendship is vibrant, even fascinating, but unstable. Retreat to think things over for the weekend. For the week, your popularity grows on the job. For the ensuing weeks, love, legal, far travel and intellectual matters flow smoothly, happily.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Be understanding, learn, expand your mental horizons this week, Sag. Do contemplate life''s truths and live up to the expectations of your loved ones. Be cautious in career and home these days. In the work place, your higher-ups will be temperamental, touchy but they''ll be generous, too. So generous, you could gain a promotion, go forward in business, gain a positive nod and the like. Your past week’s efforts would now be paid in cash and kind for now. But don''t start anything else before the week ends, let everything brew. Meanwhile, clear away old obligations.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Study the personal situations you are to encounter in future this week. You''ll see patterns. You might speak your mind with uncharacteristic abandon, or you might meet someone exciting but hard to hold. Stay away from personal commitments for the week. In any case, this week triggers a turn in love, legal, social ritual, far-travel, media, educational, religious and intellectual matters. And these concerns will intensify, expand, change, and in most cases grow very lucky. However, wait until the end of the week to begin any projects in these zones. Be seen by higher-ups and be reliable towards them.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Money or intimate agreements could be withdrawn or abruptly altered now through the week ahead, Aquarius. That''s lucky for you, in the long run. The week ahead bring intensified financial, investment, debt, or lifestyle commitments and consequences. The results could be lucky, life-shifting, perhaps discomforting to some Aquarians. However new environs are promised for the lucky few. The very basis of your life could change. Retirement, property, building your own house and that sort of things, alter forever. Your new horizon is here, evident yet obscured. Do wait until the week end to start new projects or personal commitments.

1/16/2017  to 1/22/2017

Relationships seem to turn backwards, yet they also heat up and grow lucky for the week ahead. But wait until the week ends to accept, commit, push, or start. Be patient with delays. Agreements, contracts, litigation, relocation, dealings with strangers or the public need to wait for some more time. Others consider you to be unpredictable now and you are, through the week. You''ll surprise them but don''t surprise just to surprise. Freedom, stress, excitement and indecision mingle in your personality now. Open your eyes and think. A major opportunity will depend on your relationship plans you make for now.

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