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( 10/12/2015 to 10/18/2015)

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10/12/2015 to 10/18/2015

Prepare for an enlightening experience for this week, Aries. Just when you thought you knew where you stood with a certain person or situation, a proverbial spanner gets thrown into the works but this is by no means a negative development. What you stand to learn or discover is not only going to answer a few questions you''ve had for a while but shed new and very clear light on puzzling situations in your life.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

All too often, you struggle in the belief that a problem shared is a problem doubled. The key to eliminating your current struggle involves taking a deep breath, swallowing a large amount of pride and asking for help. No more, no less. Ask for help now and you shall receive it. There is no harm in getting back what you have already done for somebody else.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

During the week ahead you have to think fast and trust that a potentially risky move won''t make a tense situation worse. It''s time for you to take a risk. If you take your time and are considerate of one or two others, then all will be fine. Health needs to be maintained with caution as trouble lurks round the corner.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

During this week you slip into certain comfort zones, often obliviously, and removing yourself is easier said than done. Somewhere in your world, a need exists to remove yourself from a repetitive situation. Something has become tedious and unhelpful yet because you''ve grown used to predictability it offers, you''re reluctant to make a much needed change. The sky intends to help you with this beneficial move now.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

A bit of tension or drama adds to the excitement of certain ideas or plans. What you probably suspected would be a straightforward process is probably proving to be more complicated than you thought. The truth is, you''re being given more options to consider than you anticipated. With options come opportunities. Let them continue to reveal themselves. They bring exactly what you need for the period.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

You are blessed with unique abilities to think and communicate. That being the case, it''s important to understand your frustration with certain others not grasping a point you''ve been trying to make repeatedly lately is not the result of you being in any way unclear. It has just taken time for key information to sink in. Trust that it has and you can make real and satisfying progress in more ways than one now.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

Some people don''t believe in luck. They just believe in hard work. You understand how, when certain situations have ticked along tediously showing no signs of promise, they can change suddenly and very much for the better. If for any bizarre reason you don''t, then you will very soon.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

Scorpio people, generally, don''t like to be tricked. You do, however, very much enjoy winning against people or organizations renowned for being clever or difficult to beat. Nothing satisfies a Scorpio more than being credited for applying cleverness where others failed to do so. Ingenuity you apply to a sensitive situation now is going to win you admiration and particularly from one person whose opinion truly matters.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

Strong synergy exists between your sign and other fire signs during the week. This partly explains why you''re experiencing much volatility and impatience. Soon, the planets will provide stability and predictability you crave in a certain area. Just try to be patient.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

Answers to questions you''ve pondered for ages sometimes stare at you straight in the face. You don''t see them because you''re too busy looking past them at a much bigger and more complex picture, believing answers to something so complex must surely be hidden. Soon, you''ll make a valuable discovery. Trust that this will significantly change your perception of something you believed to be inaccessible or extremely complicated.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

Aquarius rarely do anything by the book. Success someone may have achieved through doing something ''their way'' is, in your opinion, not the only way it can be done. As the Zodiac''s innovator, you''re being given a fantastic opportunity to apply ingenuity and a unique if not, unorthodox approach to a certain situation now. Others are bound to wonder what you think you''re doing, but this hasn''t fazed you before and is unlikely to do so now.

10/12/2015  to 10/18/2015

Someone you know may have underestimated what level of resistance you''re willing to put up now. You appear convinced about a particular plan. Someone else doesn''t share your optimism or belief. By all means, state your case but remember the saying about cracking walnuts with sledgehammers, won''t you??

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