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( 8/22/2016 to 8/28/2016)

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8/22/2016 to 8/28/2016

You''re likely to be happy through the week, Aries. But don''t buy anything for now, it won''t work for long. Messaging, trips, friendly contacts keep you running all through the week. Be discreet, and understanding in relationships for now. If a friend gripes, snarls or insults you, remember how frustrating your life when you are in trouble like him or her. Social joys and flirtations comes late for the week. Be a home-body for the rest of the week. All''s well. Some friends will drop by in the week ahead, so tidy up. Romance, creativity and a winning streak hit the weekend.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Your energy and charisma are high this week, Taurus. Use them to make some final adjustments in your career approach, to meet or impress an authority. Chase money but hesitate financially or the period. Some opposition lurks just round the corner in your personal field. The week brings great money luck. Ask for a pay raise first thing this week, as you are long overdue. Paperwork, trips occupy you for most of the week. All''s well. But settle into home, family for the weekend. Cheerfulness arms you, worry tempts you. Hence keep the middle ground.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Compassion, understanding, far travel, and all forms of love are emphasized for the week ahead. Rest, retreat and take time for rejuvenation of your body and soul. Your energy surges late this week. Through the week you attract those interested in romance, love, and your particular skills. Show what you can do, you can aid your career tremendously for now. The week might bring you a special friend. Chase money, but be diplomatic with someone who''s reluctant. Talk, travel, friendly contacts fill the week ahead.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

The week would be social, talkative, but as it fades so does everyone''s patience. Drive carefully and eat cautiously. Retire, rest, contemplate, pamper your health right now. All seems to be well but for some occasional minor health issues. The week is great for spiritual pursuits, investments, intimacy, health diagnosis, and lifestyle changes. Your energy returns for the weekend. Tackle important, serious things then, do not postpone. The weekend brings big money prospects. Be wise, astute, do not be selfish, deluded.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Your ambitions get a green light this week, but a peer, ally or spouse disagrees, hence you are advised to tread softly. Your happiness glows this week, a wish comes true about a new friend, lover, spouse, or a business opportunity , chase this opportunity. However mid-week needs caution, don''t force an issue. Retreat, rest, avoid the spotlight for now. A friend might need your comfort this period. Your energy and charisma soar during the weekend. You''ll meet love, grand vistas for now. Be wise but be alive, Leo.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Your mind''s alive with precision and wit for the week ahead, Libra. Avoid chores, tough jobs and stressful works for the period. Chase your ambitions with commitment and desire. A working partnership or job opportunity arises , accept it whole-heartedly. Don''t force matters or you''ll spark disappointment, especially on the home front. Your mood and popularity rise through the week. You''ll be happy, flirty, and spy a bright future. Rest, find a quiet place to contemplate. Major spiritual changes are in the offing for the period.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Take a chance this week Libra, it''s the last one for awhile that will be packed with romantic, pleasure, creative possibilities. Your social circle could yield someone special if you''re not yet attached, especially late through the weekend. The right partner might attract you more mentally than physically. The weeks ahead will feature love and romance in your life. Illusion and optimism differ. Be cautious with finances as trouble lurks around in this area for the week.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Heal, rest, repair your premises, spend time with your family, connect with your soul. Decide who and what should accompany you into the future this week. This is a perfect time for changes, investments, intimacy, and doctor visits. Some puzzling moments are to be expected this week in your life. Mellow wisdom visits around mid-week. Your ambition increases into the weekend. Take care, realize career luck has to be balanced with compassion and support at home.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Be careful with chores and tools and avoid clashes with higher-ups in your work place this week. This week holds an opportunity to join forces with someone smooth, quiet and nervous. Much enthusiasm is to be found for the period ahead. Your security will be enhanced by the new association that comes in this week. You will gain in travel, legal, media, intellectual or similar zones. Intimacy, secrets, financial commitments attract you, but they hold little reward. Huge possibilities expand like balloons but sometimes hold no air.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Continue to chase money this week, Cap. You''ll intuitively access your best abilities and accomplish superb work late this week. Someone sweet appears in your life, but is not a strong contender for your affection. You would be quite charming for those around this period. Gather money over the few weeks ahead, while it''s available. Something secret, perhaps a temptation, perhaps a huge insight, a healing, a giant investment, faces you. Be wary, unselfish.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

Your energy, charm, clout and luck continue to soar. However occasional sluggish moments are also probable. Romance, pleasure, creativity, risk-taking ventures and joys with children blossom late this week. Hook up with a Gemini, Libra, or Leo. But be patient, someone wants to vent their frustration. Tackle chores with ease, all goes well. You can be seriously attracted to a person, inspiration or opportunity, it''s big but might also be illusive, or co-dependent that needs second thoughts.

8/22/2016  to 8/28/2016

You''ll be busy with messaging, paperwork and errands for the week. Handle cars and tools carefully as the week fades. Your home, family, security, soul, all are blessed for the period. Start a new project, reconnect with your kids or elders, walk in nature, etc. But back away from a problem that has been haunting you of late. Your energy and charisma remain low this week, but the weekend brings sweet notions of beauty, romance, pleasure. Enjoy your life and live your dreams. Tackle chores casually. A major spiritual insight might arrive for the weekend. Avoid alcohol and other indulgences for the period.

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