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( 4/24/2017 to 4/30/2017)

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4/24/2017 to 4/30/2017

What is legal or socially acceptable might be different things this week, so think quietly before you speak. A subtle alienation could take place in a friendly relationship. Through the week, expect danger from peers, partnership, public, or face-to-face relationships with a spouse or partner. Otherwise, this is a mellow, happy week. Romance seems to flow with destiny''s help, this week. Be restful, seek nature or indulge your family. Tackle chores with caution. Your employment prospects enlarge and you could grab a promotion around the weekend.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

Your energy and charisma soar this week, Taurus. You''ll meet some frustrations in timing and reaching the right people. But still make personal appearances, ask for favors, and otherwise push your interests. Communications, travel and paperwork go well for now. Something might end this week, at first it seems wrong, a disappointment, then you''ll see the great gift this ending is. It frees you for luck in love, creativity, and life''s risks and adventures generally. The weekend would be quite successful for some of you guys.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

Lie low, rest, watch the efforts of others and this will teach you what''s possible, what''s not. Listen to the advice of people who are good-willed, friendly toward you, especially through the week ahead. For now friendship links to opportunity or love, embrace it. Visit counsellors, psychics, financial advisors, etc. Money and purchases go well if they are of high-value. Travel, paperwork, details and reaching someone frustrates you, but these surge luckily later on. You and rest for the weekend.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

Your popularity soars, social delights arrive, old friends and lovers pop up. An old career chance hovers around this week. Think before you grab it, the money will be good, but do you want the lifestyle it entails. Your energy and charisma rise all through the week. Money holds a few glitches or frustrations, but there is luck around the end of the week. A pay raise or some such could please you. Don''t buy anything major like computer, car, etc. - quite yet. Communications flow happily and fortunately. Try to be at home for the weekend.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

The emphasis this week lies on career, ambitions, parental roles, community status and your relations mid-week, grab success, grab money. Go slow with financial moves through. Your wishes and heart delights will conflict with money and possessions until the end of the week. Ultimately, let money/ or earnings outweigh all else. Health trends show some troughs through the week. Pay attention and seek medical help if you really need to. Children or elder members in the family would be a great source of moral support for you.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

A wish could come true this week, perhaps regarding an investment, debt, mortgage, lifestyle change, health cure, or intimacy with someone. An almost silent encounter might be involved. Your popularity rises as the week moves on. Retreat, rest and plan midweek and tackle red tape, contact government, head office, institutions or visit psychics, other advisors then. Despite your weariness, your luck''s superb. A property, family or security matter could be solved, perhaps with a profit. Your energy and magnetism surge all this week. Take actions, forget the past, aim for the future. Go slow and observe and act later on.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

Your subconscious rises to the surface this week, Libra. Themes of sexual attraction, power, research and secrets, large finances, health and lifestyle changes flow in. You can grab an opportunity in these areas. A revealed secret or subtle message informs you about a relationship, relocation, or contract opportunity. A wish could come true. A spiritual awakening might be involved too for some of you. A good time for seeing psychics or other advisors. Rest, contemplate, be profound, serious for the weekend.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

Work, employment and health matters begin to straighten out this week. You face a money or love choice as the week grows old. Through the week, you need to opt for short-term earnings or for a delayed-reward situation that hopefully will build your net worth. Also you need to decide as to whether you should stick with old faithful or chase a new, alluring stranger. The right answer appears this week, it would be simple and sweet. You might meet an exciting person this week. Career pressures and ambitions mislead you, but lead to superb results as the week progresses. A dream could come true late this week.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

The main emphasis lies on work, health, equipment and dependents. Plod along. Do not buy equipment, work to exhaustion, nor start new work projects. Your financial, sexual, and relationship prospects look excellent this week. Mysteries and desires mingle in a potent brew for the week. Romance winds through this week, and might be an illusion or misguided. The week is also good for legal, educational, far travel, philosophical and similar matters. Your career, prestige are very lucky but tense or abrupt. Keep you cool though.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

Plunge into romance, creativity, pleasure, child-raising joys this week, Capricorn. You''re on a winning streak, you have a chance to strike sparks in an exciting meeting especially this week. The week also offers a great retreat or private space all for yourself. You can solve family, property and soul issues this week. Your commitment in financial, sexual or lifestyle areas are slated to change these days. Do make a commitment as the way is clear. Love, legalities, far travel, cultural rituals, education, religion - all meet a lucky streak around the weekend.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

Sink into home, family, real estate, security, food and soul matters. These are blessed all week, could yield far more reward than career efforts. Rest, contemplate rather than trying to impress the world. Tackle work this week and you''ll accomplish much. A chat, trip or call could indicate that one of your goals/wishes is available. Relationships frustrate or yield little, but they enter lucky realms as the week progresses. A sexual, financial or lifestyle commitment is full of luck and ease this week. But take it easy as the week edges on.

4/24/2017  to 4/30/2017

Paperwork, details, trips, casual contacts, visits and communications fill your days this week, Pisces. Romance, beauty, a speculative or creative urge bless you too. You could also slide into a great money-income-career-business situation this week. Tackle work all week long. You will get more of your work done now through the week. Lucky relationships face you, do approach, join, propose. Your luck comes through others, so be diplomatic but eager. Relocation, love, contracts, partnerships, public dealings, fame and all are potentially positive this week. Be wary as some of your paths may be abrupt, unpredictable. Lie low as home conflicts with career demands around the end of the week.

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