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( 8/18/2014 to 8/24/2014)

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8/18/2014 to 8/24/2014

Love is in the air, and more besides for you this week. Make the most of this period, as it can bring a fabulous opportunity to discover your inner childhood and enjoy things you love to do. There is also endless potential for romance. You are in love with love and all that this implies. Show your sweetheart you care, or tell someone how much you admire them.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

You are better at being good to yourself health wise for this week. But this is not an easy option. It means that you are regularly tempted by all kinds of delectable foodstuffs and gourmet dishes. You love quality and good tastes but you have also realized that there is no such thing as a free one. Itís the price of restraint and exercise.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

A great period for reading some of those books you have been itching to get into for some time. You need some light entertainment to keep your mind ticking over. Failing that you might want to try the daily crossword or catch up with some friendly gossip. But if you really want to enjoy the week ahead dare to take that risk. You know the one.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

You have a powerful desire to splash out and enjoy the spending power that you possess. It doesnít have to be on items that cost a fortune, just things that you really enjoy and that give you enough pleasure to make their purchase worthwhile. You have a lot of energy and drive, but your partner may be flagging. Enjoy yourself anyway for this week's period.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

There may be times over the course of the week when you stop and ponder your current situation from a much deeper perspective than usual. The planets can cause you to feel melancholic even when you should be enjoying yourself immensely. There is nothing wrong with this but once you take your power back you soon roar.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

Partnerships rock as it encourages you and your lover to spend some quality time together for this week. Now with the present planetary placements, you are more conscious of how lucky you are to be in the situation you are. You can also see those glaring faults more easily. Focus on the great and good times for happiness.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

You may be tempted to think about your health, especially as your social life has been so hectic recently. You need a time to feel your way back into your body and do nice things for it. Take a relaxing bath, get a fragrant and relaxing massage and give yourself a chance to recharge your batteries. A workout could work wonders too Libra.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

You may be busy hosting an event, even if it is back at your own place. You need to shine right now, which means getting out there and showing the world just how capable you are. Although the planets might put a spanner in the works, you can do some research work which can pay off well, especially marketing yourself.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

Try not to worry about your weight as you are going to put on a few pounds regardless of how much you want to lose. This week you are primed to enjoy the best that life has to offer. Donít feel guilty. This phase wonít last forever. Instead plan ahead for more walks or cycle rides in the countryside.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

Both your sex life and love life seem to be well starred, so there is no reason to feel lonesome. If you have someone special in mind they will be more than happy to hear from you. You do need to be careful that you and your date fully understand each other. If you donít it could prove embarrassing for this period.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

Whatever you are up to, itís something you can love. You arenít going to be spending much time alone either. You seem to be in demand with friends calling you for fun, a drink, emotional support and much more. There is also the promise of a reunion on the cards. This might be with an old flame, or an old school friend. Somethingís in the air.

8/18/2014  to 8/24/2014

This week gives you the perfect excuse to make demands, even those that might be considered unreasonable. There is a greater than average chance that you might just get away with what you want. Donít hold back. You are also discovering how many people are keen to be your friend. It is far more than you might realize.

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