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( 7/21/2014 to 7/27/2014)

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7/21/2014 to 7/27/2014

The planetary positions for this week is good news for you. Your luck is in and you have more chances of getting what you want in life like never before. Bearing this is mind donít hold back, procrastinate or wait around. Dive in and go for it for there is no better time than now. Try not to dissipate your energies worrying or wondering. Seize the moments as they come your way and see where it leads.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

Make hay while the sun shines, especially for this week, Taurus. You appear to be the still, silent type, but your mind is working overtime, thinking up ways to get what you want whether in business or in love. There is information that you are keeping to yourself for personal gain but you may have to share this to progress in life.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

You're keen to pursue a course of action that you may not have thought through yet enough. You are so sure that your thinking is correct. But trying a different strategy helps for this week. Ask around and get a few alternative viewpoints. This can really help to inform your position and get consolidated.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

You donít tend to give much information for this week. But when forging new relationships it helps to say more than you might. Now that the planets are gracing your social zone, you'll benefit from sharing ideas and issues. Be a friend amongst friends, as you have so much to give and lots to gain during the course of this week.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

During this week, you shall feel the urge to make others around you hear your words. Equally, you can be mortified if no-one reacts or if they display a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Use your natural personality skills. By being larger than life, there is a greater chance of finally being heard as the week moves on.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

It is time to give your brain a rest for this week, Virgo. By doing so you'll be so much faster, wittier, alert and awake for when you get back into action once more. It might help if you take up meditation or perhaps more soothing and peaceful forms of exercise. Relax and spoil yourself with some time for just your own self.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

Allow life to flow without too much interference for this week, Libra. You may be trying to make things happen when it is not time for them to come to fruition. Whatever challenges arise donít fight them. Allow events to take their own natural course of action particularly for this week. Some things may leave your life, but there can be valuable new beginnings now.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

You may not be so keen to do the expected for this week. Perhaps you are feeling restless and in need of sport and entertainment. Yet the focus on your health zone also suggests that you may need to exercise more. For this week, you are prone to excess nervous energy which can be dissipated by getting your heart rate up or being active.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

Your friends may be worried about you for this week, Sag. For a little while now you may have appeared almost too settled. You seem to be enjoying a good deal more regularity, either with work, good food and all the comforts of life. Well perhaps, but this is just a flying off event. More better things are in store for you this week, Sag.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

Liberate yourself from the need to be quite so intense about every aspect of life. This week, you may be seeing things in black and white and forgetting that there are many other hues available. Add some color to your personal or professional life. This would bring a big change in your perspective of life.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

Whatever your situation, good friends and a little pampering will help things. The present week is encouraging you to be kind to yourself. The latest current combination of planetary energies can be known to promote laziness, but in your case you could probably do with a chance to chill out. This will help you to take stock of the situations around you for now.

7/21/2014  to 7/27/2014

You are full of compassion, tenderness and sweetness lately. Sometimes people wonder whether it just might be too good to be true. Can you really be this nice in life. Actually you can be, which is why you need to look after yourself and make sure you are not being taken advantage of. Yet don't be too sympathetic, nor be taken in by circumstances.

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