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( 5/25/2015 to 5/31/2015)

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5/25/2015 to 5/31/2015

There would be a quickening in the pace this week, Aries. And if you''re looking for a job, sending out your CV to as many possible employers or agencies as you can, would be a super-smart thing to do. This can be an excellent, even transformational week, if you put in the effort to make things count. In business, you''re astute and get ahead.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

Your appetite for change can be awesome for this week. Now, it has to be said, of all the zodiac signs, you can be the most resistant to this, often preferring to stay with what you know. Now however, you can trigger huge excitement by taking on big challenges. In fact, the bigger the better for now. Your energy is high, so why not go for it..

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

You are set to pick up your energy and the planets for this week can also revive your enthusiasm for life. There have been such a lot of psychological threads of late, this is a chance to come into the here and now. One friend or scheme can also delight. Be prepared to be spontaneous, it will lift your spirits to new heights.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

You can meet someone completely randomly this week. This can spark some encouraging new possibilities, work wise. Then again, it can be an introduction through a mutual friend that proves so fated. If you are loved up, things can be really quite passionate. If your relationship has become rather dull, this is a chance to fire it up.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

Deals related to property or real estate is likely to boost your lifestyle for now. Leading figures in your community or a boss can ask you to help them in some kind of practical way. With the week''s planetary help, your input could turn out to be refreshingly different. You''re determined to make an impact in others'' life for the week, Leo.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

There is a very Earthy tinge to the heavens for this week, and that can suit you right down to the ground. And yet this does not mean you would not be attracted to some fiery actions, because you can. In love, if you like someone, you may try to use all of your powers of seduction to win them over. A job interview can come completely out of the blue this week.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

Life can feel just a little bit lighter and breezier for the week ahead. The extra planetary effects around the heavens are definitely good for you, and can help you to flex both your intellectual capabilities but also feel more liberated in terms of showing how you feel. In fact, you can be really quite exuberant. Romantically, things absolutely sizzle for the week ahead, Libra.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

Your ability to get beneath the surface of situations is the stuff of astral lore, and will certainly serve you well around some important discussions that coincide with the start of this week. If you feel sure of your ground, things can move quickly. If you are not sure of something, ponder over it. New insights would be on the way.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

One thing you might be mindful of now, is of over-reacting to situations. Now, we can all be guilty of this from time to time, not least when we are in an especially good mood. Your enthusiasm is a natural quality, and you can want to do your bit for the cause, but equally, keep something back for yourself, nor promise more than you can deliver.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

Big changes are possible, ones which can affect your whole existence, and opportunities can seem to appear like sailing ships on the horizon, but do not feel that you can influence your destiny Capricorn, because you certainly can. You just need to ally your earthy good sense to your great ideas or love moves and you really can have it all.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

Some profound changes can affect where you live and even who you live with during this week. If you have been feeling unsettled you may feel you have little choice but to try your luck in a new location. If your accommodation makes you miserable, here too a change of scene can be positive. You can also understand some deeper, inner motivations in your life for now.

5/25/2015  to 5/31/2015

You''re set to have more contact with a friend or group of people, who seem to chime really well with some of your most strongly held ideals. In love, you need to feel that conversation flows easily and you both want the same things from the future. Someone''s company may be so good you may secretly yearn for something more with them. But then there are other things that need to be given priority in life, Pisces.

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