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( 6/20/2016 to 6/26/2016)

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6/20/2016 to 6/26/2016

The drive for success keeps you moving full speed ahead for the week ahead, Aries. Although there may be some roadblocks in your way, you`re determined to get past them through the course of the week. You gather strength from all kinds of sources, and you`re able to pool them together this time period so that they work completely in your favor. Other people can be of great assistance to you, but you have to let down your pride long enough to ask them for help. Don`t be afraid of looking like you need a hand. They know what you`re capable of, and they have complete faith that you`ll get to where you want to be eventually -- and so should you.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

The time is right to begin solidifying your plans, Taurus for now. You don`t have to know all of the exact details, but gathering the pertinent information and putting it in one place is a good way to start. If you aren`t the most organized person, you might want to think about hiring a professional to help you decipher the data you`re looking at. Travel agents, personal assistants and attorneys can all be of great help to you this time. When asking for other people`s help, however, it`s important that you avoid being judgmental or stubborn. Keeping an open mind provides you with the benefit of a different perspective that you need in order to accomplish your goals during the week.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

Getting down to business isn`t as easy as you`d like it to be for now Gemini. If you have to rely on other people`s input or actions before you can get your own projects started, expect the delay to be long. The worst thing you can do right now is let someone else hold all the cards. It`s nearly impossible for you to tell what your friends, family members or business associates are thinking, and they aren`t very interested in shedding any light on the situation either. Take the initiative to get the ball rolling, and if you don`t get the cooperation you want or need, be ready to take on the full burden of what you`re trying to accomplish all by yourself.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

There`s an uncomfortable or unpleasant issue lurking just beneath the surface, but you`re trying your hardest not to let it out, Cancer for this week. You aren`t likely to want to deal with problems using the most direct approach while the Stars are in their present position, but letting it simmer on a back burner won`t do you any good either. Subtlety can be your best communication friend on a days like this week. Feel free to tiptoe around a topic of conversation until you can tell what the other person might be thinking before stating your own opinion. Putting yourself out there for all the world to see is a scary proposition right now, so you`re much better off testing the waters with your little toe rather than jumping in headfirst.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

Getting the things you want is as simple as having enough confidence in yourself to know that you can attain them and that you deserve to be happy. Although others may misconstrue your attitude as being arrogant, nothing could be further from the truth. You can learn a lot by watching other people pursue their dreams, and you have no problem taking instructions from someone who seems to have a firm grip on the task at hand. By listening first and acting later, you get the benefit of experience, and having that extra bit of patience can definitely work to your advantage. Enthusiasm is also a big part of the playing the game for this week, and you`ve got enough of it to take you the distance.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

Hard work pays off for the Virgo who is willing to put everything on the line for this week. In order to get something, you have to be willing to give something up, your time, for example, but once you grasp the concept of give and take, the sky is the limit. Try to focus on the most important task first, and then prioritize the remaining things on your to-do list so that you are working in some kind of order. Connecting with new people over an important project is possible now for the week, but you have to keep an open mind about their opinions. There`s more than one way to approach a problem, and you might have to accept the fact that someone else might just come up with a workable solution before you have a chance to.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

Old memories invade your mind, making it nearly impossible for you to do the things you`re supposed to be doing in the present week, Libra. Take some time out of your day to deal with old issues. Talking to someone from your past might give you the closure you need to move on, or it could upset you more than you already are. Weigh all of the potential outcomes first, and then and only then make a heartfelt decision about whether or not you want to rehash the past. If you do decide to make this sentimental journey, there`s no guarantee that you won`t come back with more emotional baggage than you had when you left.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

You clearly see what needs to be done, and you are determined not to let anything get in your way of doing it now through the week. Your ambitious nature lets you push to the front of the line, and anyone who stands in your way is bound to be sorry. That`s not to say that you can`t get along with others for this week, but you require complete cooperation from the people you call your friends, family or coworkers. Expect positive feedback from your boss or a similar authority figure, especially if you hand a project in ahead of schedule. And, by taking the initiative on new assignments, you not only show that you have confidence in yourself, but also that you aren`t afraid to stand up and take charge on an as-needed basis.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

The thoughts and opinions you are capable of expressing right now have the potential to be quite impressive, but it`s important to sensor yourself somewhat. By sifting through the myriad points in your mind before you actually say anything, you can make sure that your opinions come across in a clear and understandable manner. All things unusual catch your eye and hold your interest, but it`s important to remember that not everyone enjoys exploring the macabre or strange things that you do for the week. Choose your words and who you converse with wisely in order to avoid potential verbal misunderstandings, awkward pauses and uncomfortable silences for the period.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

Your datebook is filled, and everything is going according to schedule for the week. You may not have a minute to spare, but you`re either at or about to reach maximum productivity. While it`s obvious that you`re more than capable of getting your own work done, you will still probably get unsolicited invitations from people who want to be of service. There`s nothing wrong with dividing up some of the workload, but make sure you keep careful track of who`s got what. Even the most simple of tasks runs the risk of becoming complicated if its shuffles into and out of too many hands.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

Applying a certain amount of self-discipline is an absolute must if you want to get anything done. You are known for loving your freedom, but you also have a reputation for getting the job done. Make a promise to yourself that you`re going to stick with the task at hand, and then dig in. Confusion may be a problem at the outset, but you`re much better off getting things started rather than sitting around waiting for an explanation. If no one is around who can help you, proceed with the first step of the procedure. Unless things look like they`re about to go terribly wrong, keep your head down and keep working until you can get a progress report from someone in the know through the week.

6/20/2016  to 6/26/2016

Pisces has friends in all the right places. If you need a job, a favor or even some extra money, you can count on your tight network of friends, family and neighbors to come to your rescue. Of course, there`s a lot to be said for doing things yourself, but at least you know that you have people to look to in case of an emergency. You might think that saying `thank you` isn`t enough, but the people who offer you their assistance are happy just to help. Going out of your way to express your gratitude is a nice gesture, but it certainly isn`t necessary, the extent of your gratitude is obvious by the giant smile on your face for the week ahead , Pisces.

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