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( 12/5/2016 to 12/11/2016)

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12/5/2016 to 12/11/2016

A short trip, an email could lead to a fascinating meeting or opportunity this week for some Aries guys. Romance, pleasure, beauty, or a creative outpouring comes through this week in your life . But be cautious about relationships and opportunities all week ahead. Do maintain your own boundaries, be gently independent. That way, you''ll connect profitably with other independent people. Don''t just gel with anyone impulsively. Home, real estate, security would be peaceful for now. They grow difficult as the week advances.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Chase money and ambitions this week Taurus. Luck is on your side - so is the favour of higher ups. But do not expect any help from them. Let your work do the talking for you. This is a great week for your career. Paperwork, conversations and short trips need caution, though. Be home, seek rest, security as the week moves on. Much work will be piled on your shoulders this week, give some time for personal matters as well. There would be a streak of pleasure, beauty, sensual gratification and romance this weekend.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

During the week ahead you would work to establish your security, your home or position in the world. You might be shoring up your foundations, emotionally and otherwise. But then have some free time to pursue the pleasures of life as well. Creativity, romance, beauty, the joys of teaching and learning would be emphasised this week. Enjoy life to the fullest. Do not gamble and avoid speculative investments. You attract someone during this week. Money needs care and thrift. Visit someone who need you desperately.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Home, family, property, security, gardening and similar themes occupy you intently through the week ahead, Cancer. You''ll experience luck, expansion in these areas. But avoid pride, selfish motives and remain very realistic. Over-optimism can create disappointment, or worse. Make sure a partnership is stable, alive, before you share assets. Don''t move into a new home with anyone before the weekend. Rest, contemplate through the week when time permits. Charge forth to impress people, ask favors and accomplish big things. Chase money with zeal.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Your hopes climb and popularity, social delights arrive in your life, this week. A sensual or monetary wish might come true. Dream big and flow with your feelings. Contemplate, withdraw from the fray if you are into one. You can sense the future these days. This week is an excellent time to visit a counsellor, psychic, therapist, hospital, government agency, head office. Avoid disruptions and temperamental people later for now. Your energy roars back this weekend, get out, impress people.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Pursue career objectives with passion for this week, Virgo. You could form a beautifully successful agreement or working partnership with a co-worker or someone who provides exactly the qualities you lack, and needs the qualities you have. Your hopes and general joy in life rise as the week progresses on. You might meet a potential partner or lover at a social function. But money and practical difficulties arise. Do avoid large financial outlays. Retreat for some quiet time for the weekend.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Your energy, charisma, effectiveness, timing and luck soar through the week. Extra courage and impulsiveness flow into you now to mid-week. You can attract a marriage partner, form unions, negotiate or impose terms, seize opportunities. Don''t abuse your power and luck as the price for pride or arrogance will be high over the week. Remain humble. Love and creativity flow like a dream. Pursue career objectives, but avoid friction with authorities. Popularity, social delights and optimism come into your life for the weekend.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Lie low, rest, contemplate and plan. Your spiritual world will expand over the next week, but be cautious in this area. Also be careful when dealing with higher-ups. Life''s secrets emerge as the week moves on. You could have a good investment, love, family, or home beautification idea now. Wisdom and understanding flow your way mid-week. Time your important actions for the weekend. Your prestige is on track. Make an effort, and you''ll pass any tests that come your way this week.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Your optimism and popularity continue to climb, Sagittarius. An important relationship in love, business or friendship looms around. It promises to eventually increase your security, perhaps to bless your soul. You might meet love at a social function anytime this week. All this love and popularity stuff is good, but realize you''ll face barriers when you try to push this love and popularity into financial, sexual, intimate, or commitment areas. Love, understanding, far travel come around the weekend.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Your optimism, cheerfulness, energy and luck will be very high, now through the week. Your ambition, prestige, community status and relations with higher-ups would be quite good. But for the week ahead, higher-ups will be temperamental and impatient, and co-operators will continue their slow, cautious ways. So you''ll have to be astute and nimble to succeed. You might end one position or project to start another. Do make sure this is the best long-term choice. Your money luck and intuition are highest around the end of the week.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Life''s mellow and easy for Aquarius guys this week. You understand much now, your horizons broaden, you might travel afar, write a book, attend school, join a religion or study the law. But don''t enter a lawsuit as it would drain your bank account in major, unforeseen ways. Some luck and fortune might come your way this time. Your goal keeps promising success, but eluding you. Inexplicable delays keep occurring or you know, deep down, that you''re trying to take advantage of someone. Love''s possible if you are committed and persistent.

12/5/2016  to 12/11/2016

Life''s mysteries burst to the surface for the next week or so. You''ll learn much, but make sure what you learn is healthy. You''ll be apparently lucky in financial, investment, lifestyle, intimate, research, investigation, diagnostic, occult and similar areas. But be very realistic, it''s quite possible that a lifestyle change, financial partnership, negotiation or investment, won''t yield any reward, and could reduce your net worth. Be steadily creative. Romance the world rather than exploit it as this will keep you safe. Spiritual insights are hugely available for the weekend, Pisces.

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