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( 7/18/2016 to 7/24/2016)

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7/18/2016 to 7/24/2016

Work and health concerns fill the week's day for you. You''ll get a lot accomplished this week, but go slow, be patient for the period as there obstacles everywhere. Relationships might bring snarls, but they''ll offer pleasure, agreements, luck and stability. Be diplomatic, and chase someone or something, you would be rewarded amply. The mysteries of life surround you this week, strictly avoid taking chances with the law, and realize selfishness always leads to illusion. But if you''re sincere and sharing, you could meet someone sweet and lasting during the week. Be mellow your charisma is rising. The week ahead brings surging energy and effectiveness in your life, Aries.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Romantic, creative, speculative and pleasure urges call you this week, but they run into two long-standing walls or obstacles in your life . The money or financial trouble that has been haunting you for quite sometime will dissolve this week. Romance is on the cards, but ask for commitment. To change your life or not would be a major question you need to face for this week. Pleasure, or growth is also a big question mark for you. You can have either of any pair, but not both, through this week. Tackle work or health needs as difficulties are round the corner but they surely lead you to growth. Relationships puzzle but bless you. There is some scope for long term commitments both in personal and professional life.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Career pressures ease for most of the Geminis this week. A period of social delights, flirtations and life''s optimistic sunshine starts this week. Your home and family, soul and nature all flow well for you, but all these hit problems around mid-week, be patient, go slow. Your romantic or creative side rises. This week might fool you into a bad investment or nudge you to chase the wrong person in your life. React to honest relationships and reciprocate. Work or health demand time and commitment for this week. This period brings intriguing relationships, soon, the best will come.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Your dreamy, wisdom-seeking mood fades by the week, as you charge into a period of ambition, pressure, status concerns and relations with VIPs. This week ahead will be fiery, difficult if you attempt to go it alone, or force peers or authorities against their will. But it can be very successful if you find a good partner, co-operate and show diplomacy in your relationships. A career opportunity will certainly arise for now, Cancer. Do speak or drive with caution this period, as trouble looms around. Home''s argumentative but, a loving, sweet place to reside now. Romance calls, past pitfalls are gone, but some mirages do remain.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Avoid flirting, spending, and health risks through the week. This period brings a happy trip or conversation, sweet relationship news. Late week begins a period of elevated desires. There would be ample scope for higher studies and long distant travel for those aspiring. Love kindles dreamy pleasures, but beware of complications. Work and health needs concentration and commitment but will also conflict with love, travel or education, try to strike or find a balance. This week onward, romance will begin to march forward. Tread wisely when it comes to handling relationship issues.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Your charisma and energy soar this week, Virgo, use these to solve problems. Ask and it shall be given unto you. A financial success awaits you this week, but it comes wrapped in a reputation or career predicament, go slow. Chase lucky money gambles, and simple purchases for now. The week ahead would be a period of mysteries, depths, secrets, research, lust, subconscious desires, large finances, commitments and consequences. Tread carefully, fractious circumstances exist, but so do potential joy and success. Major new relationships and other opportunities loom. Do not rush, stay calm and poised for the period.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Lie low this week, rest, watch others around you, how they play life's game. A good family, home or security impulse comes for now, but work, tools, and legalities need caution, especially around mid-week. Your energy and charisma surge, be careful, as there might be home/relationship frictions. Your charms win affection and security in life for now. Someone admires you, make use of this positive vibe. Be semi-cautious with money, spending and personal relationships. A difficult project might arrive for you, hold on to it, it would help you to prove your mettle. This is a period of marriage, partnerships, opportunities, possible relocation, opposition, contracts and diplomacy. Do not take impulsive decisions.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

You feel social for this week, Scorpio. Flirtations, political, networking, group projects succeed now, but not all along the week. Schedule accordingly. Retreat, rest and contemplate regarding your future course of action in life. The week might bring in communications problems, but spiritual and charitable projects succeed superbly. Visit a psychic or advisor or more mentorship. Your charisma and energy surge- you''ll attract attention, admiration, and could grab a nice, stable little investment. However stay clear of unwanted high-budget purchases for now, that would become obsolete in an year's time.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Last week was tough, but you settled many things, Sagittarius. Wasteful or untenable situations and relationships ended. This lets you nurture the worthwhile ones. That nurturing gets a big boost this week onward, when a period of creativity, romance, beauty, and risk-taking begins. Realize good people have entered your life for now. Seek a money/career goal independently. Avoid ambitious deals for now and stay clear from authoritative influences. Optimism, social delights arrive though are found to be un-reliable. Rest, lie low for the week-end You attract everyone around you this week. Money flows to you all through the week, bank it.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Your magnetism, will power, assertiveness and talent continue at a high this week. Use this can do attitude to realign family, home, real estate, to rebuild your career foundations or sales territory. This week's period will bring solid but slow, deep opportunities in your life. Do grasp them you will need to be standing on your own firm base, financially, physically and emotionally. Build it now. Avoid legal issues and international zones travels for the week ahead. Your career''s disfavored for the week,, superbly favored for the weeks to come. You can sense your future be optimistic, friendly.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Treat travel and communications cautiously all through the week, Aquarius. The wrong remark, gossip, aggressive driving, can create an enemy or put you in a vulnerable spot. Don''t let a friend get too close to your lover or spouse. Sign nothing of importance for now. Avoid investments and financial commitments for now. Understanding, love, intellectual, travel themes meet some delay/problem, but sail forth to blue skies and golden hearts as the week comes to a halt. Show your talents on career fronts, though they might prove futile. Your hopes, plans, happiness and social life expand now.

7/18/2016  to 7/24/2016

Your magnetism and energy remain high, but the week might present you with a bit of relationship rebellion. Someone drags their feet, won''t follow your lead. Look at the truth behind any power struggle you engage in, this helps you to avoid losing or energy-wasting situations for the week ahead. Research, lust, investments or making a commitment seduce you away from your future, but lead to a sweet reward and wide future. Be wise, mellow, loving as this would attract potential partners into your life, both personal and professional. Career/status luck arrives in your life. Finally, the dark cloud is lifting here and there is luck and happiness round the corner.

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