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( 6/29/2015 to 7/5/2015)

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6/29/2015 to 7/5/2015

This week''s period gives you that immediate way of seeing things in the right perspective. This can be so refreshing, but it can also see you dive in feet first. But then you may not want to back down from telling it how it is. However, this could have reverberations. Someone influential may not be impressed, and tell you so, and bluntly hurting you. The week holds promises major developments towards a better future in your course of life.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

An impulsive tendency for the week can see you loath not to follow your whim. Because you are usually so solid, you can actually get a buzz from just doing it, but there is a thin line between this and being totally reckless. Luxuries can be your weak spot. Or even an exotic outing or dinner. Do not overindulge yourself too much Taurus for the week ahead.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

The week can see you attracted to unusual types, or more radical ideas. There is a sense that you want to kick over the traces. Whilst this could be cathartic in some ways, when it comes to your finances, and those that involve others, yes, even your bank, you will need to comply. Now that you have your hands full in terms of finances, beware of over-indulgence of sorts. This might burn your fingers in the long run.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

A surprise offer can come up, but you may be called upon to make a snap decision which may go against your grain and create a dilemma. You''re going to need to be canny in this situation, because if this seems too good to be true, and it ultimately turns out to be exactly that, you may regret it. Yet equally, if you say no, you could rue it.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

You might find yourself wanting to be anywhere other than where you are now, Leo. If you have a powerful imagination you can use this to visualize your hopes, but the chances are that your restlessness will creep into the week''s proceedings and could make you edgy, ill at ease or irritable. A good walk or a good talk can be the way to clear your mind.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

A professional relationship last week, caused problems because everything seemed so confused. You can find out more this week, and may be rather startled by what you hear. This is a time when you need to be watchful in your professional approach. Walking off the job, if you''re unhappy will only play into a rival or tricky boss''s hands. Beware of your career moves for the week ahead, Virgo.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

The planetary placements for you are not to be taken lightly for the week ahead. You may encounter someone who you find to be over domineering, and wants to force issues. Because of your need for balance and fairness this can go against your wishes. Yet this tussle could be played out in a family tie as much as a worldly one. Do a balancing act to hold onto your position.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

The week''s planetary positions for you encourages you to avoid taking up intransigent positions. Remember, that what to you can be a frank exchange, can to someone else, be an all out brutal attack. Then again, you may just simmer in silence, but the other person will still know that they have aroused your ire. Do not get into unwanted controversies for the week, Scorpio.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

You love challenges, be they philosophical, intellectual or physical ones. With your relationship ablaze, the planets urge you to take a walk on the wild side, just be aware that you may be drawn to someone who may almost be too edgy. Your house would be full with activities and guests coming from all quarters. Learn to strike a balancing act here.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

The power struggle that''s been simmering around would do you good for the week. Whether this is family, friend or work based, acknowledge that it probably does use up energy. Then you can decide whether sticking to your principles is worth it. But then you are advised to step back, and then step outside of this. Then see how it looks.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

This is probably not the best of days to rush to judgment. It�s almost as if you desire to be yourself and strong at one level, yet at another, you could be more easily undermined by subtle comments, which could arouse the most unpredictable side of your nature. Although your rebel can come out, it could mask deeper insecurities for the period ahead.

6/29/2015  to 7/5/2015

The week brings out your brighter side. You may still be buzzing from some upbeat exchanges for the last week. Sharing ideas, and learning new ones, can be immensely satisfying. However, you can encounter someone this week who is less easy going. Something you say which seems innocent, can arouse their ire.

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