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This is the Moon chart for the year 1999. It represents the movement of Moon through the zodiac belt for the year you were born. The chart displays only the dates when the Moon hopped from one house to another. For the missing dates the moon was present in the preceding sign.

Select your month of birth. Then look for your date of birth and click on the sign nearer it to get your moon horoscope. If your date of birth is not displayed then select the date nearest to your date of birth.

Click on the zodiac sign nearer to your date of birth                                            

1.Cancer 1.Virgo 1.Virgo 2.Scorpio 2.Sagittarius 3.Aquarius 2.Pisces 1.Aries 2.Gemini 1.Cancer 1.Virgo 1.Libra
3.Leo 4.Libra 3.Libra 4.Sagittarius 4.Capricorn 5.Pisces 5.Aries 3.Taurus 4.Cancer 3.Leo 4.Libra 3.Scorpio
5.Virgo 6.Scorpio 6.Scorpio 7.Capricorn 7.Aquarius 8.Aries 7.Taurus 5.Gemini 6.Leo 5.Virgo 6.Scorpio 6.Sagittarius
7.Libra 9.Sagittarius 8.Sagittarius 9.Aquarius 9.Pisces 10.Taurus 9.Gemini 7.Cancer 8.Virgo 8.Libra 9.Sagittarius 8.Capricorn
10.Scorpio 11.Capricorn 11.Capricorn 12.Pisces 11.Aries 12.Gemini 11.Cancer 9.Leo 10.Libra 10.Scorpio 11.Capricorn 11.Aquarius
12.Sagittarius 14.Aquarius 13.Aquarius 14.Aries 13.Taurus 14.Cancer 13.Leo 12.Virgo 13.Scorpio 12.Sagittarius 14.Aquarius 13.Pisces
15.Capricorn 16.Pisces 15.Pisces 16.Taurus 15.Gemini 16.Leo 15.Virgo 14.Libra 15.Sagittarius 15.Capricorn 16.Pisces 16.Aries
17.Aquarius 18.Aries 17.Aries 18.Gemini 17.Cancer 18.Virgo 17.Libra 16.Scorpio 18.Capricorn 17.Aquarius 18.Aries 18.Taurus
19.Pisces 20.Taurus 19.Taurus 20.Cancer 19.Leo 20.Libra 20.Scorpio 19.Sagittarius 20.Aquarius 20.Pisces 21.Taurus 20.Gemini
22.Aries 22.Gemini 21.Gemini 22.Leo 21.Virgo 23.Scorpio 22.Sagittarius 21.Capricorn 22.Pisces 22.Aries 23.Gemini 22.Cancer
24.Taurus 24.Cancer 23.Cancer 24.Virgo 24.Libra 25.Sagittarius 25.Capricorn 24.Aquarius 25.Aries 24.Taurus 25.Cancer 24.Leo
26.Gemini 26.Leo 26.Leo 27.Libra 26.Scorpio 28.Capricorn 27.Aquarius 26.Pisces 27.Taurus 26.Gemini 27.Leo 26.Virgo
28.Cancer 28.Virgo 29.Scorpio 29.Sagittarius 30.Aquarius 30.Pisces 28.Aries 29.Gemini 28.Cancer 29.Virgo 28.Libra
30.Leo 30.Libra 31.Capricorn 30.Taurus 30.Leo 31.Scorpio

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