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Monthly Horoscope - September

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

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Your creative drive will be intensely strong with new ideas and ample energy to execute your plans during the month, Aries. However, the planets may delay or slow things down a bit. There would be much focus on health concerns and work for the month. If you have been looking for a new position or are unrecognized for what you do at your current work, the month provides the opportunity for you to shine and excel. This period would support promotions, additional responsibility and the possibility for additional training in your current career. If you are looking for a new career path consider consulting, teaching coaching or beginning your own business. All relationships and partnerships, both professional and personal, will receive a bounty of energy. Diplomacy and the sharing of ideas and values would be your forte for the month. The period would favor new and old relationships that are well-balanced. You would find opportunities to strengthen family relationships through diplomacy and love. People from your childhood or who influence you spiritually would come into your life. There would be much inspiration for your creative endeavors, as well as healthy playfulness with others. The month would ask you to face your public persona and to pay attention to your influence in groups and organizations. You may find your desire to take control in group situations taxes you mentally and physically. Allow yourself to take inspiration from groups and social issues to create new things that help people heal spiritual and physical wounds. This is an excellent time for those involved in the medical and healing fields to create new healing tools to help people in need. A period of transformation that helps you with understanding more of your life's purpose awaits you.
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