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How to read the Ephemeris table

For Jan 01,1900 read as below:

Against the Date 01, the weekday is Monday. The sidereal time is GMT.

Sun is at 10deg 09m Capricorn.

Moon is at 02deg 25m Capricorn.

Mercury is at 18deg 60m Sagittarius.

Venus is at 06deg 22m Aquarius.

Mars is at 13deg 52 m Capricorn.

Jupiter is at 01deg 08m Sagittarius.

Saturn is at 27deg 43m Sagittarius.

Uranus is at 10deg 09m Sagittarius.

Neptune is at 25deg 13m Gemini.

Pluto is at 15deg 15m Gemini.

Node is at 19deg 10m Sagittarius.


This section gives the daily position of all the planets also called as Ephemeris. It is a must and would be handy for beginners, professionals and Amateurs in Astrology.


The word Ephemeris is Latin and comes originally from the Greek word "ephémeros, -on," meaning daily. Ephemeris is an almanac of the daily motions of the planets and stars.




aries Aries
taurus Taurus
gemini Gemini
cancer Cancer
leo Leo
virgo Virgo
libra Libra
scorpio Scorpio
sagittarius Sagittarius
capricorn Capricorn
aquarius Aquarius
pisces Pisces




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DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE We 01 06:42:16 10CP29 03CP47 12CP05 26CP54 11LI39 16CN07 20SC22 08AR41 03PI14 11CP15 04SC16 Th 02 06:46:13 11CP30 19CP06 13CP42 26CP29 12LI05 15CN59 20SC27 08AR41 03PI15 11CP17 04SC13 Fr 03 06:50:10 12CP31 04AQ24 15CP19 26CP01 12LI31 15CN51 20SC32 08AR42 03PI17 11CP20 04SC10 Sa 04 06:54:06 13CP32 19AQ31 16CP57 25CP32 12LI57 15CN43 20SC38 08AR43 03PI19 11CP22 04SC06 Su 05 06:58:03 14CP33 04PI16 18CP35 25CP01 13LI23 15CN35 20SC43 08AR44 03PI20 11CP24 04SC03 Mo 06 07:01:59 15CP35 18PI34 20CP13 24CP29 13LI49 15CN27 20SC48 08AR45 03PI22 11CP26 04SC00 Tu 07 07:05:56 16CP36 02AR24 21CP52 23CP55 14LI14 15CN18 20SC53 08AR46 03PI24 11CP28 03SC57 We 08 07:09:52 17CP37 15AR46 23CP31 23CP20 14LI39 15CN10 20SC58 08AR47 03PI25 11CP30 03SC54 Th 09 07:13:49 18CP38 28AR43 25CP10 22CP44 15LI04 15CN02 21SC03 08AR48 03PI27 11CP32 03SC51 Fr 10 07:17:45 19CP39 11TA20 26CP50 22CP08 15LI29 14CN54 21SC08 08AR49 03PI29 11CP34 03SC47 Sa 11 07:21:42 20CP40 23TA41 28CP30 21CP31 15LI53 14CN46 21SC12 08AR50 03PI31 11CP36 03SC44 Su 12 07:25:39 21CP41 05GE50 00AQ10 20CP54 16LI17 14CN38 21SC17 08AR52 03PI32 11CP38 03SC41 Mo 13 07:29:35 22CP43 17GE51 01AQ50 20CP17 16LI41 14CN30 21SC22 08AR53 03PI34 11CP41 03SC38 Tu 14 07:33:32 23CP44 29GE47 03AQ31 19CP41 17LI04 14CN22 21SC26 08AR54 03PI36 11CP43 03SC35 We 15 07:37:28 24CP45 11CN41 05AQ11 19CP05 17LI27 14CN14 21SC31 08AR56 03PI38 11CP45 03SC32 Th 16 07:41:25 25CP46 23CN33 06AQ52 18CP31 17LI50 14CN07 21SC35 08AR57 03PI40 11CP47 03SC28 Fr 17 07:45:21 26CP47 05LE26 08AQ32 17CP57 18LI13 13CN59 21SC40 08AR59 03PI42 11CP49 03SC25 Sa 18 07:49:18 27CP48 17LE20 10AQ12 17CP25 18LI35 13CN51 21SC44 09AR00 03PI44 11CP51 03SC22 Su 19 07:53:14 28CP49 29LE18 11AQ52 16CP54 18LI57 13CN44 21SC48 09AR02 03PI45 11CP53 03SC19 Mo 20 07:57:11 29CP50 11VI20 13AQ31 16CP25 19LI18 13CN36 21SC52 09AR04 03PI47 11CP55 03SC16 Tu 21 08:01:08 00AQ51 23VI29 15AQ09 15CP58 19LI40 13CN29 21SC56 09AR05 03PI49 11CP57 03SC12 We 22 08:05:04 01AQ52 05LI48 16AQ47 15CP33 20LI01 13CN21 21SC60 09AR07 03PI51 11CP59 03SC09 Th 23 08:09:01 02AQ53 18LI22 18AQ22 15CP10 20LI21 13CN14 22SC04 09AR09 03PI53 12CP01 03SC06 Fr 24 08:12:57 03AQ54 01SC13 19AQ56 14CP50 20LI41 13CN07 22SC08 09AR11 03PI55 12CP03 03SC03 Sa 25 08:16:54 04AQ55 14SC27 21AQ28 14CP32 21LI01 12CN60 22SC11 09AR12 03PI57 12CP05 02SC60 Su 26 08:20:50 05AQ56 28SC08 22AQ57 14CP16 21LI21 12CN53 22SC15 09AR14 03PI60 12CP07 02SC57 Mo 27 08:24:47 06AQ57 12SG16 24AQ23 14CP02 21LI40 12CN46 22SC18 09AR16 04PI02 12CP09 02SC53 Tu 28 08:28:43 07AQ58 26SG51 25AQ46 13CP52 21LI59 12CN39 22SC22 09AR18 04PI04 12CP11 02SC50 We 29 08:32:40 08AQ59 11CP50 27AQ03 13CP43 22LI17 12CN33 22SC25 09AR20 04PI06 12CP13 02SC47 Th 30 08:36:37 10AQ00 27CP05 28AQ16 13CP38 22LI35 12CN26 22SC28 09AR22 04PI08 12CP15 02SC44 Fr 31 08:40:33 11AQ01 12AQ25 29AQ23 13CP34 22LI52 12CN20 22SC31 09AR24 04PI10 12CP17 02SC41


DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Sa 01 08:44:30 12AQ02 27AQ38 00PI23 13CP33 23LI09 12CN14 22SC34 09AR27 04PI12 12CP19 02SC38 Su 02 08:48:26 13AQ03 12PI34 01PI16 13CP35 23LI26 12CN08 22SC37 09AR29 04PI14 12CP20 02SC34 Mo 03 08:52:23 14AQ04 27PI05 01PI60 13CP39 23LI42 12CN02 22SC40 09AR31 04PI16 12CP22 02SC31 Tu 04 08:56:19 15AQ05 11AR06 02PI35 13CP45 23LI58 11CN56 22SC43 09AR33 04PI19 12CP24 02SC28 We 05 09:00:16 16AQ06 24AR37 03PI01 13CP53 24LI13 11CN50 22SC45 09AR36 04PI21 12CP26 02SC25 Th 06 09:04:12 17AQ07 07TA41 03PI16 14CP04 24LI28 11CN45 22SC48 09AR38 04PI23 12CP28 02SC22 Fr 07 09:08:09 18AQ07 20TA20 03PI20 14CP17 24LI42 11CN40 22SC50 09AR40 04PI25 12CP30 02SC18 Sa 08 09:12:06 19AQ08 02GE41 03PI14 14CP32 24LI56 11CN35 22SC53 09AR43 04PI27 12CP31 02SC15 Su 09 09:16:02 20AQ09 14GE47 02PI56 14CP49 25LI09 11CN30 22SC55 09AR45 04PI30 12CP33 02SC12 Mo 10 09:19:59 21AQ10 26GE45 02PI28 15CP08 25LI22 11CN25 22SC57 09AR48 04PI32 12CP35 02SC09 Tu 11 09:23:55 22AQ10 08CN37 01PI50 15CP29 25LI34 11CN20 22SC59 09AR50 04PI34 12CP37 02SC06 We 12 09:27:52 23AQ11 20CN28 01PI03 15CP52 25LI46 11CN16 23SC01 09AR53 04PI36 12CP38 02SC03 Th 13 09:31:48 24AQ12 02LE20 00PI09 16CP16 25LI57 11CN12 23SC03 09AR56 04PI39 12CP40 01SC59 Fr 14 09:35:45 25AQ12 14LE16 29AQ08 16CP42 26LI07 11CN08 23SC05 09AR58 04PI41 12CP42 01SC56 Sa 15 09:39:41 26AQ13 26LE16 28AQ02 17CP10 26LI17 11CN04 23SC06 10AR01 04PI43 12CP43 01SC53 Su 16 09:43:38 27AQ13 08VI21 26AQ54 17CP40 26LI27 11CN00 23SC08 10AR03 04PI45 12CP45 01SC50 Mo 17 09:47:35 28AQ14 20VI33 25AQ45 18CP11 26LI36 10CN57 23SC10 10AR06 04PI48 12CP47 01SC47 Tu 18 09:51:31 29AQ15 02LI54 24AQ37 18CP44 26LI44 10CN53 23SC11 10AR09 04PI50 12CP48 01SC44 We 19 09:55:28 00PI15 15LI24 23AQ31 19CP18 26LI52 10CN50 23SC12 10AR12 04PI52 12CP50 01SC40 Th 20 09:59:24 01PI16 28LI06 22AQ30 19CP53 26LI59 10CN47 23SC13 10AR15 04PI54 12CP51 01SC37 Fr 21 10:03:21 02PI16 11SC02 21AQ33 20CP30 27LI05 10CN44 23SC14 10AR17 04PI57 12CP53 01SC34 Sa 22 10:07:17 03PI16 24SC16 20AQ43 21CP08 27LI11 10CN42 23SC15 10AR20 04PI59 12CP54 01SC31 Su 23 10:11:14 04PI17 07SG50 19AQ60 21CP47 27LI16 10CN40 23SC16 10AR23 05PI01 12CP56 01SC28 Mo 24 10:15:10 05PI17 21SG47 19AQ23 22CP28 27LI20 10CN37 23SC17 10AR26 05PI04 12CP57 01SC24 Tu 25 10:19:07 06PI18 06CP06 18AQ54 23CP09 27LI24 10CN35 23SC18 10AR29 05PI06 12CP59 01SC21 We 26 10:23:04 07PI18 20CP45 18AQ33 23CP52 27LI27 10CN34 23SC18 10AR32 05PI08 13CP00 01SC18 Th 27 10:27:00 08PI18 05AQ39 18AQ18 24CP35 27LI29 10CN32 23SC19 10AR35 05PI10 13CP01 01SC15 Fr 28 10:30:57 09PI19 20AQ41 18AQ11 25CP20 27LI31 10CN31 23SC19 10AR38 05PI13 13CP03 01SC12

MARCH 2014

DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Sa 01 10:34:53 10PI19 05PI41 18AQ10 26CP05 27LI32 10CN29 23SC19 10AR41 05PI15 13CP04 01SC09 Su 02 10:38:50 11PI19 20PI29 18AQ16 26CP52 27LI32 10CN29 23SC19 10AR44 05PI17 13CP05 01SC05 Mo 03 10:42:46 12PI19 04AR59 18AQ28 27CP39 27LI31 10CN28 23SC19 10AR47 05PI19 13CP07 01SC02 Tu 04 10:46:43 13PI20 19AR03 18AQ46 28CP27 27LI30 10CN27 23SC19 10AR50 05PI22 13CP08 00SC59 We 05 10:50:39 14PI20 02TA41 19AQ09 29CP16 27LI28 10CN27 23SC19 10AR54 05PI24 13CP09 00SC56 Th 06 10:54:36 15PI20 15TA51 19AQ37 00AQ06 27LI25 10CN27 23SC19 10AR57 05PI26 13CP10 00SC53 Fr 07 10:58:33 16PI20 28TA37 20AQ10 00AQ57 27LI21 10CN27 23SC18 10AR60 05PI29 13CP12 00SC49 Sa 08 11:02:29 17PI20 11GE03 20AQ47 01AQ48 27LI17 10CN27 23SC18 11AR03 05PI31 13CP13 00SC46 Su 09 11:06:26 18PI20 23GE12 21AQ28 02AQ40 27LI12 10CN27 23SC17 11AR06 05PI33 13CP14 00SC43 Mo 10 11:10:22 19PI20 05CN11 22AQ14 03AQ32 27LI06 10CN28 23SC16 11AR10 05PI35 13CP15 00SC40 Tu 11 11:14:19 20PI20 17CN05 23AQ02 04AQ25 26LI59 10CN29 23SC16 11AR13 05PI37 13CP16 00SC37 We 12 11:18:15 21PI20 28CN56 23AQ54 05AQ19 26LI52 10CN30 23SC15 11AR16 05PI40 13CP17 00SC34 Th 13 11:22:12 22PI20 10LE49 24AQ49 06AQ13 26LI44 10CN31 23SC14 11AR19 05PI42 13CP18 00SC30 Fr 14 11:26:08 23PI20 22LE48 25AQ47 07AQ08 26LI35 10CN32 23SC13 11AR23 05PI44 13CP19 00SC27 Sa 15 11:30:05 24PI19 04VI54 26AQ48 08AQ04 26LI25 10CN34 23SC12 11AR26 05PI46 13CP20 00SC24 Su 16 11:34:02 25PI19 17VI10 27AQ51 08AQ60 26LI14 10CN35 23SC10 11AR29 05PI48 13CP21 00SC21 Mo 17 11:37:58 26PI19 29VI36 28AQ57 09AQ56 26LI03 10CN37 23SC09 11AR33 05PI51 13CP22 00SC18 Tu 18 11:41:55 27PI19 12LI12 00PI05 10AQ53 25LI51 10CN40 23SC07 11AR36 05PI53 13CP23 00SC15 We 19 11:45:51 28PI18 25LI01 01PI15 11AQ51 25LI38 10CN42 23SC06 11AR39 05PI55 13CP24 00SC11 Th 20 11:49:48 29PI18 08SC02 02PI27 12AQ49 25LI25 10CN44 23SC04 11AR43 05PI57 13CP24 00SC08 Fr 21 11:53:44 00AR17 21SC15 03PI41 13AQ47 25LI10 10CN47 23SC02 11AR46 05PI59 13CP25 00SC05 Sa 22 11:57:41 01AR17 04SG42 04PI57 14AQ46 24LI56 10CN50 23SC00 11AR49 06PI01 13CP26 00SC02 Su 23 12:01:37 02AR17 18SG23 06PI15 15AQ45 24LI40 10CN53 22SC59 11AR53 06PI03 13CP27 29LI59 Mo 24 12:05:34 03AR16 02CP18 07PI35 16AQ45 24LI24 10CN56 22SC56 11AR56 06PI05 13CP27 29LI55 Tu 25 12:09:31 04AR16 16CP27 08PI56 17AQ45 24LI07 10CN60 22SC54 11AR60 06PI08 13CP28 29LI52 We 26 12:13:27 05AR15 00AQ48 10PI19 18AQ45 23LI49 11CN03 22SC52 12AR03 06PI10 13CP29 29LI49 Th 27 12:17:24 06AR14 15AQ18 11PI44 19AQ46 23LI31 11CN07 22SC50 12AR06 06PI12 13CP29 29LI46 Fr 28 12:21:20 07AR14 29AQ53 13PI10 20AQ47 23LI12 11CN11 22SC47 12AR10 06PI14 13CP30 29LI43 Sa 29 12:25:17 08AR13 14PI26 14PI38 21AQ48 22LI53 11CN15 22SC45 12AR13 06PI16 13CP30 29LI40 Su 30 12:29:13 09AR13 28PI52 16PI07 22AQ50 22LI33 11CN19 22SC42 12AR17 06PI18 13CP31 29LI36 Mo 31 12:33:10 10AR12 13AR03 17PI38 23AQ52 22LI13 11CN24 22SC40 12AR20 06PI20 13CP31 29LI33

APRIL 2014

DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Tu 01 12:37:06 11AR11 26AR57 19PI10 24AQ54 21LI52 11CN29 22SC37 12AR24 06PI22 13CP32 29LI30 We 02 12:41:03 12AR10 10TA29 20PI43 25AQ56 21LI31 11CN33 22SC34 12AR27 06PI24 13CP32 29LI27 Th 03 12:44:60 13AR10 23TA39 22PI19 26AQ59 21LI09 11CN38 22SC31 12AR30 06PI25 13CP33 29LI24 Fr 04 12:48:56 14AR09 06GE28 23PI55 28AQ02 20LI47 11CN44 22SC28 12AR34 06PI27 13CP33 29LI20 Sa 05 12:52:53 15AR08 18GE57 25PI33 29AQ06 20LI25 11CN49 22SC25 12AR37 06PI29 13CP33 29LI17 Su 06 12:56:49 16AR07 01CN10 27PI13 00PI09 20LI02 11CN54 22SC22 12AR41 06PI31 13CP33 29LI14 Mo 07 13:00:46 17AR06 13CN12 28PI54 01PI13 19LI40 11CN60 22SC19 12AR44 06PI33 13CP34 29LI11 Tu 08 13:04:42 18AR05 25CN07 00AR36 02PI17 19LI17 12CN06 22SC16 12AR48 06PI35 13CP34 29LI08 We 09 13:08:39 19AR04 07LE00 02AR20 03PI21 18LI54 12CN12 22SC12 12AR51 06PI37 13CP34 29LI05 Th 10 13:12:35 20AR03 18LE55 04AR05 04PI26 18LI31 12CN18 22SC09 12AR54 06PI38 13CP34 29LI01 Fr 11 13:16:32 21AR02 00VI56 05AR52 05PI30 18LI08 12CN24 22SC05 12AR58 06PI40 13CP34 28LI58 Sa 12 13:20:29 22AR01 13VI07 07AR40 06PI35 17LI45 12CN30 22SC02 13AR01 06PI42 13CP35 28LI55 Su 13 13:24:25 22AR60 25VI31 09AR30 07PI40 17LI22 12CN37 21SC58 13AR05 06PI44 13CP35 28LI52 Mo 14 13:28:22 23AR58 08LI09 11AR22 08PI46 16LI59 12CN44 21SC55 13AR08 06PI45 13CP35 28LI49 Tu 15 13:32:18 24AR57 21LI03 13AR15 09PI51 16LI36 12CN51 21SC51 13AR11 06PI47 13CP35 28LI46 We 16 13:36:15 25AR56 04SC13 15AR09 10PI57 16LI14 12CN58 21SC47 13AR15 06PI49 13CP35 28LI42 Th 17 13:40:11 26AR54 17SC39 17AR05 12PI03 15LI52 13CN05 21SC43 13AR18 06PI50 13CP35 28LI39 Fr 18 13:44:08 27AR53 01SG17 19AR03 13PI09 15LI30 13CN12 21SC39 13AR21 06PI52 13CP35 28LI36 Sa 19 13:48:04 28AR52 15SG08 21AR02 14PI15 15LI08 13CN19 21SC35 13AR25 06PI53 13CP34 28LI33 Su 20 13:52:01 29AR50 29SG08 23AR02 15PI21 14LI47 13CN27 21SC31 13AR28 06PI55 13CP34 28LI30 Mo 21 13:55:58 00TA49 13CP15 25AR04 16PI28 14LI26 13CN34 21SC27 13AR31 06PI57 13CP34 28LI26 Tu 22 13:59:54 01TA47 27CP26 27AR07 17PI34 14LI05 13CN42 21SC23 13AR35 06PI58 13CP34 28LI23 We 23 14:03:51 02TA46 11AQ40 29AR12 18PI41 13LI45 13CN50 21SC19 13AR38 06PI60 13CP34 28LI20 Th 24 14:07:47 03TA45 25AQ54 01TA17 19PI48 13LI25 13CN58 21SC15 13AR41 07PI01 13CP34 28LI17 Fr 25 14:11:44 04TA43 10PI04 03TA24 20PI55 13LI06 14CN06 21SC11 13AR45 07PI02 13CP33 28LI14 Sa 26 14:15:40 05TA41 24PI09 05TA31 22PI02 12LI48 14CN15 21SC07 13AR48 07PI04 13CP33 28LI11 Su 27 14:19:37 06TA40 08AR06 07TA40 23PI10 12LI30 14CN23 21SC02 13AR51 07PI05 13CP33 28LI07 Mo 28 14:23:33 07TA38 21AR51 09TA48 24PI17 12LI13 14CN32 20SC58 13AR54 07PI07 13CP32 28LI04 Tu 29 14:27:30 08TA37 05TA23 11TA57 25PI25 11LI56 14CN40 20SC54 13AR57 07PI08 13CP32 28LI01 We 30 14:31:27 09TA35 18TA39 14TA06 26PI32 11LI40 14CN49 20SC49 14AR01 07PI09 13CP31 27LI58

MAY 2014

DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Th 01 14:35:23 10TA33 01GE38 16TA15 27PI40 11LI25 14CN58 20SC45 14AR04 07PI10 13CP31 27LI55 Fr 02 14:39:20 11TA31 14GE21 18TA23 28PI48 11LI10 15CN07 20SC40 14AR07 07PI12 13CP30 27LI52 Sa 03 14:43:16 12TA30 26GE48 20TA31 29PI56 10LI56 15CN16 20SC36 14AR10 07PI13 13CP30 27LI48 Su 04 14:47:13 13TA28 09CN02 22TA37 01AR04 10LI43 15CN25 20SC32 14AR13 07PI14 13CP29 27LI45 Mo 05 14:51:09 14TA26 21CN04 24TA42 02AR12 10LI31 15CN35 20SC27 14AR16 07PI15 13CP29 27LI42 Tu 06 14:55:06 15TA24 03LE00 26TA45 03AR21 10LI19 15CN44 20SC23 14AR19 07PI16 13CP28 27LI39 We 07 14:59:02 16TA22 14LE53 28TA46 04AR29 10LI09 15CN54 20SC18 14AR22 07PI17 13CP28 27LI36 Th 08 15:02:59 17TA20 26LE48 00GE44 05AR38 09LI59 16CN04 20SC14 14AR25 07PI19 13CP27 27LI32 Fr 09 15:06:56 18TA18 08VI49 02GE41 06AR46 09LI50 16CN13 20SC09 14AR28 07PI20 13CP26 27LI29 Sa 10 15:10:52 19TA16 21VI02 04GE34 07AR55 09LI41 16CN23 20SC05 14AR31 07PI21 13CP26 27LI26 Su 11 15:14:49 20TA14 03LI29 06GE25 09AR04 09LI34 16CN33 20SC00 14AR34 07PI22 13CP25 27LI23 Mo 12 15:18:45 21TA12 16LI15 08GE13 10AR13 09LI27 16CN43 19SC56 14AR37 07PI22 13CP24 27LI20 Tu 13 15:22:42 22TA10 29LI22 09GE57 11AR22 09LI21 16CN53 19SC51 14AR40 07PI23 13CP23 27LI17 We 14 15:26:38 23TA08 12SC50 11GE38 12AR31 09LI16 17CN04 19SC47 14AR43 07PI24 13CP22 27LI13 Th 15 15:30:35 24TA06 26SC39 13GE16 13AR40 09LI11 17CN14 19SC42 14AR46 07PI25 13CP22 27LI10 Fr 16 15:34:31 25TA04 10SG45 14GE51 14AR49 09LI08 17CN24 19SC38 14AR49 07PI26 13CP21 27LI07 Sa 17 15:38:28 26TA02 25SG04 16GE22 15AR58 09LI05 17CN35 19SC33 14AR51 07PI27 13CP20 27LI04 Su 18 15:42:25 26TA59 09CP31 17GE49 17AR07 09LI03 17CN45 19SC29 14AR54 07PI27 13CP19 27LI01 Mo 19 15:46:21 27TA57 23CP59 19GE13 18AR17 09LI02 17CN56 19SC24 14AR57 07PI28 13CP18 26LI58 Tu 20 15:50:18 28TA55 08AQ25 20GE34 19AR26 09LI02 18CN07 19SC20 14AR59 07PI29 13CP17 26LI54 We 21 15:54:14 29TA53 22AQ43 21GE50 20AR36 09LI02 18CN18 19SC15 15AR02 07PI30 13CP16 26LI51 Th 22 15:58:11 00GE50 06PI51 23GE03 21AR46 09LI03 18CN29 19SC11 15AR05 07PI30 13CP15 26LI48 Fr 23 16:02:07 01GE48 20PI48 24GE12 22AR55 09LI05 18CN40 19SC07 15AR07 07PI31 13CP14 26LI45 Sa 24 16:06:04 02GE46 04AR32 25GE18 24AR05 09LI07 18CN51 19SC02 15AR10 07PI31 13CP13 26LI42 Su 25 16:10:00 03GE44 18AR04 26GE19 25AR15 09LI11 19CN02 18SC58 15AR12 07PI32 13CP12 26LI38 Mo 26 16:13:57 04GE41 01TA23 27GE16 26AR25 09LI15 19CN13 18SC54 15AR15 07PI32 13CP11 26LI35 Tu 27 16:17:54 05GE39 14TA31 28GE10 27AR35 09LI20 19CN25 18SC50 15AR17 07PI33 13CP10 26LI32 We 28 16:21:50 06GE36 27TA26 28GE59 28AR45 09LI25 19CN36 18SC45 15AR20 07PI33 13CP09 26LI29 Th 29 16:25:47 07GE34 10GE09 29GE44 29AR55 09LI31 19CN47 18SC41 15AR22 07PI34 13CP08 26LI26 Fr 30 16:29:43 08GE32 22GE40 00CN25 01TA05 09LI38 19CN59 18SC37 15AR25 07PI34 13CP06 26LI23 Sa 31 16:33:40 09GE29 04CN59 01CN01 02TA15 09LI46 20CN11 18SC33 15AR27 07PI34 13CP05 26LI19

JUNE 2014

DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Su 01 16:37:36 10GE27 17CN08 01CN33 03TA25 09LI54 20CN22 18SC29 15AR29 07PI35 13CP04 26LI16 Mo 02 16:41:33 11GE24 29CN08 02CN01 04TA36 10LI03 20CN34 18SC25 15AR32 07PI35 13CP03 26LI13 Tu 03 16:45:29 12GE22 11LE02 02CN24 05TA46 10LI13 20CN46 18SC21 15AR34 07PI35 13CP02 26LI10 We 04 16:49:26 13GE19 22LE54 02CN42 06TA56 10LI23 20CN58 18SC17 15AR36 07PI35 13CP00 26LI07 Th 05 16:53:23 14GE17 04VI47 02CN56 08TA07 10LI34 21CN10 18SC13 15AR38 07PI36 12CP59 26LI03 Fr 06 16:57:19 15GE14 16VI47 03CN05 09TA17 10LI45 21CN22 18SC10 15AR40 07PI36 12CP58 26LI00 Sa 07 17:01:16 16GE12 28VI57 03CN09 10TA28 10LI57 21CN34 18SC06 15AR42 07PI36 12CP57 25LI57 Su 08 17:05:12 17GE09 11LI24 03CN09 11TA38 11LI10 21CN46 18SC02 15AR44 07PI36 12CP55 25LI54 Mo 09 17:09:09 18GE06 24LI12 03CN05 12TA49 11LI23 21CN58 17SC59 15AR46 07PI36 12CP54 25LI51 Tu 10 17:13:05 19GE04 07SC23 02CN56 13TA60 11LI37 22CN10 17SC55 15AR48 07PI36 12CP53 25LI48 We 11 17:17:02 20GE01 21SC01 02CN43 15TA10 11LI51 22CN22 17SC52 15AR50 07PI36 12CP51 25LI44 Th 12 17:20:58 20GE58 05SG05 02CN26 16TA21 12LI06 22CN35 17SC48 15AR52 07PI36 12CP50 25LI41 Fr 13 17:24:55 21GE56 19SG32 02CN06 17TA32 12LI22 22CN47 17SC45 15AR54 07PI36 12CP49 25LI38 Sa 14 17:28:52 22GE53 04CP16 01CN42 18TA43 12LI38 22CN59 17SC42 15AR56 07PI36 12CP47 25LI35 Su 15 17:32:48 23GE50 19CP09 01CN15 19TA54 12LI54 23CN12 17SC38 15AR58 07PI36 12CP46 25LI32 Mo 16 17:36:45 24GE48 04AQ03 00CN45 21TA05 13LI11 23CN24 17SC35 15AR59 07PI35 12CP44 25LI29 Tu 17 17:40:41 25GE45 18AQ49 00CN14 22TA16 13LI29 23CN37 17SC32 16AR01 07PI35 12CP43 25LI25 We 18 17:44:38 26GE42 03PI20 29GE41 23TA27 13LI47 23CN49 17SC29 16AR03 07PI35 12CP42 25LI22 Th 19 17:48:34 27GE40 17PI34 29GE07 24TA38 14LI05 24CN02 17SC26 16AR04 07PI35 12CP40 25LI19 Fr 20 17:52:31 28GE37 01AR28 28GE32 25TA49 14LI24 24CN15 17SC23 16AR06 07PI34 12CP39 25LI16 Sa 21 17:56:27 29GE34 15AR02 27GE58 27TA00 14LI44 24CN27 17SC21 16AR07 07PI34 12CP37 25LI13 Su 22 18:00:24 00CN31 28AR19 27GE25 28TA11 15LI03 24CN40 17SC18 16AR09 07PI34 12CP36 25LI09 Mo 23 18:04:21 01CN29 11TA21 26GE53 29TA23 15LI24 24CN53 17SC15 16AR10 07PI33 12CP34 25LI06 Tu 24 18:08:17 02CN26 24TA08 26GE23 00GE34 15LI44 25CN06 17SC13 16AR11 07PI33 12CP33 25LI03 We 25 18:12:14 03CN23 06GE45 25GE55 01GE45 16LI06 25CN18 17SC10 16AR13 07PI32 12CP31 24LI60 Th 26 18:16:10 04CN20 19GE11 25GE31 02GE57 16LI27 25CN31 17SC08 16AR14 07PI32 12CP30 24LI57 Fr 27 18:20:07 05CN18 01CN28 25GE09 04GE08 16LI49 25CN44 17SC06 16AR15 07PI31 12CP28 24LI54 Sa 28 18:24:03 06CN15 13CN37 24GE51 05GE20 17LI12 25CN57 17SC04 16AR16 07PI31 12CP27 24LI50 Su 29 18:27:60 07CN12 25CN39 24GE38 06GE31 17LI35 26CN10 17SC01 16AR18 07PI30 12CP25 24LI47 Mo 30 18:31:56 08CN09 07LE35 24GE28 07GE43 17LI58 26CN23 16SC59 16AR19 07PI30 12CP24 24LI44

JULY 2014

DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Tu 01 18:35:53 09CN07 19LE27 24GE24 08GE54 18LI21 26CN36 16SC58 16AR20 07PI29 12CP22 24LI41 We 02 18:39:50 10CN04 01VI17 24GE23 10GE06 18LI45 26CN49 16SC56 16AR21 07PI28 12CP21 24LI38 Th 03 18:43:46 11CN01 13VI09 24GE28 11GE18 19LI10 27CN02 16SC54 16AR22 07PI28 12CP19 24LI35 Fr 04 18:47:43 11CN58 25VI06 24GE38 12GE29 19LI34 27CN16 16SC52 16AR22 07PI27 12CP18 24LI31 Sa 05 18:51:39 12CN55 07LI14 24GE52 13GE41 19LI59 27CN29 16SC51 16AR23 07PI26 12CP16 24LI28 Su 06 18:55:36 13CN53 19LI38 25GE12 14GE53 20LI25 27CN42 16SC49 16AR24 07PI25 12CP15 24LI25 Mo 07 18:59:32 14CN50 02SC23 25GE36 16GE05 20LI51 27CN55 16SC48 16AR25 07PI24 12CP13 24LI22 Tu 08 19:03:29 15CN47 15SC32 26GE06 17GE17 21LI17 28CN08 16SC47 16AR26 07PI24 12CP12 24LI19 We 09 19:07:25 16CN44 29SC10 26GE41 18GE28 21LI43 28CN21 16SC45 16AR26 07PI23 12CP10 24LI15 Th 10 19:11:22 17CN41 13SG18 27GE20 19GE40 22LI10 28CN35 16SC44 16AR27 07PI22 12CP09 24LI12 Fr 11 19:15:19 18CN39 27SG53 28GE05 20GE52 22LI37 28CN48 16SC43 16AR27 07PI21 12CP07 24LI09 Sa 12 19:19:15 19CN36 12CP50 28GE54 22GE04 23LI04 29CN01 16SC42 16AR28 07PI20 12CP06 24LI06 Su 13 19:23:12 20CN33 28CP01 29GE49 23GE16 23LI32 29CN14 16SC42 16AR28 07PI19 12CP04 24LI03 Mo 14 19:27:08 21CN30 13AQ14 00CN48 24GE29 23LI60 29CN28 16SC41 16AR29 07PI18 12CP03 23LI60 Tu 15 19:31:05 22CN27 28AQ19 01CN51 25GE41 24LI28 29CN41 16SC40 16AR29 07PI17 12CP01 23LI56 We 16 19:35:01 23CN25 13PI08 02CN60 26GE53 24LI57 29CN54 16SC40 16AR30 07PI16 11CP60 23LI53 Th 17 19:38:58 24CN22 27PI34 04CN13 28GE05 25LI25 00LE07 16SC39 16AR30 07PI15 11CP59 23LI50 Fr 18 19:42:54 25CN19 11AR34 05CN30 29GE17 25LI55 00LE21 16SC39 16AR30 07PI14 11CP57 23LI47 Sa 19 19:46:51 26CN16 25AR09 06CN52 00CN30 26LI24 00LE34 16SC39 16AR30 07PI13 11CP56 23LI44 Su 20 19:50:48 27CN14 08TA22 08CN18 01CN42 26LI54 00LE47 16SC39 16AR30 07PI11 11CP54 23LI41 Mo 21 19:54:44 28CN11 21TA15 09CN49 02CN55 27LI23 01LE01 16SC39 16AR30 07PI10 11CP53 23LI37 Tu 22 19:58:41 29CN08 03GE51 11CN23 04CN07 27LI54 01LE14 16SC39 16AR30 07PI09 11CP51 23LI34 We 23 20:02:37 00LE05 16GE15 13CN02 05CN19 28LI24 01LE27 16SC39 16AR30 07PI08 11CP50 23LI31 Th 24 20:06:34 01LE03 28GE29 14CN44 06CN32 28LI55 01LE41 16SC39 16AR30 07PI07 11CP49 23LI28 Fr 25 20:10:30 02LE00 10CN35 16CN30 07CN45 29LI26 01LE54 16SC40 16AR30 07PI05 11CP47 23LI25 Sa 26 20:14:27 02LE57 22CN35 18CN19 08CN57 29LI57 02LE08 16SC40 16AR30 07PI04 11CP46 23LI21 Su 27 20:18:23 03LE55 04LE30 20CN11 10CN10 00SC28 02LE21 16SC41 16AR30 07PI03 11CP44 23LI18 Mo 28 20:22:20 04LE52 16LE22 22CN06 11CN23 00SC60 02LE34 16SC41 16AR30 07PI02 11CP43 23LI15 Tu 29 20:26:17 05LE50 28LE12 24CN03 12CN35 01SC32 02LE48 16SC42 16AR29 07PI00 11CP42 23LI12 We 30 20:30:13 06LE47 10VI03 26CN02 13CN48 02SC04 03LE01 16SC43 16AR29 06PI59 11CP40 23LI09 Th 31 20:34:10 07LE44 21VI56 28CN04 15CN01 02SC36 03LE14 16SC44 16AR28 06PI57 11CP39 23LI06


DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Fr 01 20:38:06 08LE42 03LI55 00LE06 16CN14 03SC09 03LE27 16SC45 16AR28 06PI56 11CP38 23LI02 Sa 02 20:42:03 09LE39 16LI04 02LE10 17CN27 03SC42 03LE41 16SC46 16AR28 06PI55 11CP36 22LI59 Su 03 20:45:59 10LE37 28LI27 04LE15 18CN39 04SC15 03LE54 16SC47 16AR27 06PI53 11CP35 22LI56 Mo 04 20:49:56 11LE34 11SC09 06LE20 19CN52 04SC48 04LE07 16SC48 16AR26 06PI52 11CP34 22LI53 Tu 05 20:53:52 12LE31 24SC14 08LE25 21CN05 05SC21 04LE21 16SC50 16AR26 06PI50 11CP33 22LI50 We 06 20:57:49 13LE29 07SG46 10LE30 22CN18 05SC55 04LE34 16SC51 16AR25 06PI49 11CP31 22LI47 Th 07 21:01:46 14LE26 21SG48 12LE35 23CN31 06SC29 04LE47 16SC53 16AR24 06PI47 11CP30 22LI43 Fr 08 21:05:42 15LE24 06CP18 14LE39 24CN45 07SC03 05LE00 16SC55 16AR24 06PI46 11CP29 22LI40 Sa 09 21:09:39 16LE21 21CP14 16LE42 25CN58 07SC37 05LE14 16SC57 16AR23 06PI44 11CP28 22LI37 Su 10 21:13:35 17LE19 06AQ26 18LE45 27CN11 08SC12 05LE27 16SC58 16AR22 06PI43 11CP27 22LI34 Mo 11 21:17:32 18LE16 21AQ46 20LE46 28CN24 08SC46 05LE40 17SC00 16AR21 06PI41 11CP26 22LI31 Tu 12 21:21:28 19LE14 07PI01 22LE46 29CN37 09SC21 05LE53 17SC03 16AR20 06PI40 11CP24 22LI27 We 13 21:25:25 20LE11 22PI01 24LE45 00LE51 09SC56 06LE06 17SC05 16AR19 06PI38 11CP23 22LI24 Th 14 21:29:21 21LE09 06AR38 26LE43 02LE04 10SC31 06LE19 17SC07 16AR18 06PI37 11CP22 22LI21 Fr 15 21:33:18 22LE07 20AR49 28LE40 03LE17 11SC07 06LE32 17SC09 16AR17 06PI35 11CP21 22LI18 Sa 16 21:37:15 23LE04 04TA32 00VI35 04LE31 11SC42 06LE45 17SC12 16AR16 06PI34 11CP20 22LI15 Su 17 21:41:11 24LE02 17TA48 02VI28 05LE44 12SC18 06LE58 17SC14 16AR14 06PI32 11CP19 22LI12 Mo 18 21:45:08 24LE60 00GE41 04VI20 06LE58 12SC54 07LE11 17SC17 16AR13 06PI30 11CP18 22LI08 Tu 19 21:49:04 25LE57 13GE15 06VI11 08LE11 13SC30 07LE24 17SC20 16AR12 06PI29 11CP17 22LI05 We 20 21:53:01 26LE55 25GE33 08VI01 09LE25 14SC06 07LE37 17SC22 16AR11 06PI27 11CP16 22LI02 Th 21 21:56:57 27LE53 07CN40 09VI49 10LE39 14SC43 07LE50 17SC25 16AR09 06PI25 11CP15 21LI59 Fr 22 22:00:54 28LE51 19CN40 11VI35 11LE52 15SC19 08LE03 17SC28 16AR08 06PI24 11CP14 21LI56 Sa 23 22:04:50 29LE48 01LE34 13VI20 13LE06 15SC56 08LE16 17SC31 16AR07 06PI22 11CP14 21LI53 Su 24 22:08:47 00VI46 13LE26 15VI04 14LE20 16SC33 08LE29 17SC35 16AR05 06PI21 11CP13 21LI49 Mo 25 22:12:44 01VI44 25LE17 16VI47 15LE33 17SC10 08LE41 17SC38 16AR04 06PI19 11CP12 21LI46 Tu 26 22:16:40 02VI42 07VI09 18VI28 16LE47 17SC47 08LE54 17SC41 16AR02 06PI17 11CP11 21LI43 We 27 22:20:37 03VI40 19VI03 20VI08 18LE01 18SC25 09LE07 17SC45 16AR00 06PI16 11CP10 21LI40 Th 28 22:24:33 04VI38 01LI03 21VI46 19LE15 19SC02 09LE20 17SC48 15AR59 06PI14 11CP10 21LI37 Fr 29 22:28:30 05VI36 13LI09 23VI23 20LE29 19SC40 09LE32 17SC52 15AR57 06PI12 11CP09 21LI33 Sa 30 22:32:26 06VI34 25LI24 24VI59 21LE43 20SC18 09LE45 17SC55 15AR56 06PI11 11CP08 21LI30 Su 31 22:36:23 07VI32 07SC52 26VI33 22LE57 20SC56 09LE57 17SC59 15AR54 06PI09 11CP07 21LI27


DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Mo 01 22:40:19 08VI30 20SC37 28VI07 24LE11 21SC34 10LE10 18SC03 15AR52 06PI07 11CP07 21LI24 Tu 02 22:44:16 09VI28 03SG41 29VI39 25LE25 22SC13 10LE22 18SC07 15AR50 06PI06 11CP06 21LI21 We 03 22:48:13 10VI26 17SG09 01LI09 26LE39 22SC51 10LE34 18SC11 15AR48 06PI04 11CP06 21LI18 Th 04 22:52:09 11VI24 01CP01 02LI39 27LE53 23SC30 10LE47 18SC15 15AR47 06PI03 11CP05 21LI14 Fr 05 22:56:06 12VI22 15CP19 04LI07 29LE07 24SC09 10LE59 18SC19 15AR45 06PI01 11CP04 21LI11 Sa 06 23:00:02 13VI20 00AQ00 05LI33 00VI21 24SC47 11LE11 18SC23 15AR43 05PI59 11CP04 21LI08 Su 07 23:03:59 14VI19 14AQ59 06LI59 01VI35 25SC26 11LE23 18SC28 15AR41 05PI58 11CP03 21LI05 Mo 08 23:07:55 15VI17 00PI08 08LI23 02VI50 26SC06 11LE36 18SC32 15AR39 05PI56 11CP03 21LI02 Tu 09 23:11:52 16VI15 15PI17 09LI45 04VI04 26SC45 11LE48 18SC36 15AR37 05PI54 11CP03 20LI58 We 10 23:15:48 17VI13 00AR16 11LI07 05VI18 27SC24 11LE60 18SC41 15AR35 05PI53 11CP02 20LI55 Th 11 23:19:45 18VI12 14AR57 12LI27 06VI32 28SC04 12LE12 18SC45 15AR33 05PI51 11CP02 20LI52 Fr 12 23:23:42 19VI10 29AR14 13LI45 07VI47 28SC44 12LE23 18SC50 15AR31 05PI50 11CP01 20LI49 Sa 13 23:27:38 20VI08 13TA05 15LI02 09VI01 29SC23 12LE35 18SC55 15AR29 05PI48 11CP01 20LI46 Su 14 23:31:35 21VI07 26TA28 16LI17 10VI16 00SG03 12LE47 18SC60 15AR26 05PI46 11CP01 20LI43 Mo 15 23:35:31 22VI05 09GE27 17LI31 11VI30 00SG43 12LE59 19SC04 15AR24 05PI45 11CP01 20LI39 Tu 16 23:39:28 23VI04 22GE03 18LI42 12VI44 01SG24 13LE10 19SC09 15AR22 05PI43 11CP00 20LI36 We 17 23:43:24 24VI02 04CN22 19LI52 13VI59 02SG04 13LE22 19SC14 15AR20 05PI42 11CP00 20LI33 Th 18 23:47:21 25VI01 16CN28 21LI01 15VI13 02SG44 13LE33 19SC19 15AR18 05PI40 11CP00 20LI30 Fr 19 23:51:17 25VI59 28CN25 22LI07 16VI28 03SG25 13LE45 19SC25 15AR15 05PI39 10CP60 20LI27 Sa 20 23:55:14 26VI58 10LE17 23LI11 17VI43 04SG06 13LE56 19SC30 15AR13 05PI37 10CP60 20LI24 Su 21 23:59:11 27VI56 22LE08 24LI12 18VI57 04SG46 14LE07 19SC35 15AR11 05PI36 10CP60 20LI20 Mo 22 00:03:07 28VI55 04VI00 25LI11 20VI12 05SG27 14LE19 19SC40 15AR09 05PI34 10CP60 20LI17 Tu 23 00:07:04 29VI54 15VI56 26LI08 21VI26 06SG08 14LE30 19SC46 15AR06 05PI33 10CP60 20LI14 We 24 00:11:00 00LI53 27VI59 27LI01 22VI41 06SG50 14LE41 19SC51 15AR04 05PI31 10CP60 20LI11 Th 25 00:14:57 01LI51 10LI09 27LI52 23VI56 07SG31 14LE52 19SC57 15AR02 05PI30 10CP60 20LI08 Fr 26 00:18:53 02LI50 22LI28 28LI39 25VI11 08SG12 15LE03 20SC02 14AR59 05PI28 10CP60 20LI04 Sa 27 00:22:50 03LI49 04SC58 29LI22 26VI25 08SG54 15LE13 20SC08 14AR57 05PI27 10CP60 20LI01 Su 28 00:26:46 04LI48 17SC41 00SC02 27VI40 09SG35 15LE24 20SC13 14AR55 05PI26 11CP00 19LI58 Mo 29 00:30:43 05LI47 00SG37 00SC37 28VI55 10SG17 15LE35 20SC19 14AR52 05PI24 11CP00 19LI55 Tu 30 00:34:40 06LI46 13SG50 01SC08 00LI10 10SG59 15LE45 20SC25 14AR50 05PI23 11CP00 19LI52


DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE We 01 00:38:36 07LI45 27SG19 01SC34 01LI25 11SG41 15LE56 20SC31 14AR47 05PI22 11CP01 19LI49 Th 02 00:42:33 08LI44 11CP07 01SC54 02LI39 12SG23 16LE06 20SC37 14AR45 05PI20 11CP01 19LI45 Fr 03 00:46:29 09LI43 25CP13 02SC09 03LI54 13SG05 16LE16 20SC43 14AR43 05PI19 11CP01 19LI42 Sa 04 00:50:26 10LI42 09AQ36 02SC17 05LI09 13SG47 16LE26 20SC49 14AR40 05PI18 11CP02 19LI39 Su 05 00:54:22 11LI41 24AQ13 02SC18 06LI24 14SG30 16LE36 20SC55 14AR38 05PI16 11CP02 19LI36 Mo 06 00:58:19 12LI40 08PI59 02SC13 07LI39 15SG12 16LE46 21SC01 14AR35 05PI15 11CP02 19LI33 Tu 07 01:02:15 13LI39 23PI46 01SC59 08LI54 15SG55 16LE56 21SC07 14AR33 05PI14 11CP03 19LI29 We 08 01:06:12 14LI38 08AR29 01SC38 10LI09 16SG37 17LE06 21SC13 14AR30 05PI13 11CP03 19LI26 Th 09 01:10:09 15LI37 22AR60 01SC09 11LI24 17SG20 17LE16 21SC19 14AR28 05PI12 11CP04 19LI23 Fr 10 01:14:05 16LI37 07TA13 00SC32 12LI39 18SG03 17LE25 21SC26 14AR26 05PI10 11CP04 19LI20 Sa 11 01:18:02 17LI36 21TA04 29LI47 13LI54 18SG46 17LE35 21SC32 14AR23 05PI09 11CP05 19LI17 Su 12 01:21:58 18LI35 04GE31 28LI54 15LI09 19SG29 17LE44 21SC38 14AR21 05PI08 11CP05 19LI14 Mo 13 01:25:55 19LI35 17GE34 27LI55 16LI24 20SG12 17LE53 21SC45 14AR18 05PI07 11CP06 19LI10 Tu 14 01:29:51 20LI34 00CN15 26LI50 17LI39 20SG55 18LE02 21SC51 14AR16 05PI06 11CP06 19LI07 We 15 01:33:48 21LI33 12CN37 25LI40 18LI54 21SG38 18LE11 21SC57 14AR13 05PI05 11CP07 19LI04 Th 16 01:37:44 22LI33 24CN45 24LI27 20LI09 22SG22 18LE20 22SC04 14AR11 05PI04 11CP08 19LI01 Fr 17 01:41:41 23LI32 06LE42 23LI14 21LI24 23SG05 18LE29 22SC11 14AR09 05PI03 11CP09 18LI58 Sa 18 01:45:38 24LI32 18LE34 22LI02 22LI39 23SG49 18LE38 22SC17 14AR06 05PI02 11CP09 18LI55 Su 19 01:49:34 25LI32 00VI25 20LI53 23LI54 24SG32 18LE46 22SC24 14AR04 05PI01 11CP10 18LI51 Mo 20 01:53:31 26LI31 12VI19 19LI50 25LI09 25SG16 18LE54 22SC30 14AR02 05PI00 11CP11 18LI48 Tu 21 01:57:27 27LI31 24VI20 18LI54 26LI24 25SG60 19LE03 22SC37 13AR59 04PI60 11CP12 18LI45 We 22 02:01:24 28LI30 06LI31 18LI07 27LI39 26SG44 19LE11 22SC44 13AR57 04PI59 11CP13 18LI42 Th 23 02:05:20 29LI30 18LI53 17LI30 28LI55 27SG28 19LE19 22SC51 13AR55 04PI58 11CP13 18LI39 Fr 24 02:09:17 00SC30 01SC30 17LI04 00SC10 28SG12 19LE27 22SC57 13AR52 04PI57 11CP14 18LI35 Sa 25 02:13:13 01SC30 14SC20 16LI49 01SC25 28SG56 19LE34 23SC04 13AR50 04PI56 11CP15 18LI32 Su 26 02:17:10 02SC30 27SC25 16LI46 02SC40 29SG40 19LE42 23SC11 13AR48 04PI56 11CP16 18LI29 Mo 27 02:21:07 03SC29 10SG44 16LI53 03SC55 00CP24 19LE50 23SC18 13AR45 04PI55 11CP17 18LI26 Tu 28 02:25:03 04SC29 24SG16 17LI12 05SC10 01CP09 19LE57 23SC25 13AR43 04PI54 11CP18 18LI23 We 29 02:28:60 05SC29 07CP59 17LI40 06SC26 01CP53 20LE04 23SC32 13AR41 04PI54 11CP19 18LI20 Th 30 02:32:56 06SC29 21CP53 18LI18 07SC41 02CP38 20LE11 23SC39 13AR39 04PI53 11CP20 18LI16 Fr 31 02:36:53 07SC29 05AQ56 19LI04 08SC56 03CP22 20LE18 23SC45 13AR37 04PI53 11CP22 18LI13


DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Sa 01 02:40:49 08SC29 20AQ07 19LI57 10SC11 04CP07 20LE25 23SC52 13AR34 04PI52 11CP23 18LI10 Su 02 02:44:46 09SC29 04PI23 20LI57 11SC27 04CP52 20LE31 23SC59 13AR32 04PI52 11CP24 18LI07 Mo 03 02:48:42 10SC29 18PI43 22LI03 12SC42 05CP37 20LE38 24SC06 13AR30 04PI51 11CP25 18LI04 Tu 04 02:52:39 11SC29 03AR02 23LI14 13SC57 06CP21 20LE44 24SC13 13AR28 04PI51 11CP26 18LI01 We 05 02:56:36 12SC29 17AR18 24LI30 15SC12 07CP06 20LE50 24SC21 13AR26 04PI50 11CP28 17LI57 Th 06 03:00:32 13SC29 01TA25 25LI49 16SC27 07CP51 20LE56 24SC28 13AR24 04PI50 11CP29 17LI54 Fr 07 03:04:29 14SC30 15TA21 27LI11 17SC43 08CP36 21LE02 24SC35 13AR22 04PI50 11CP30 17LI51 Sa 08 03:08:25 15SC30 29TA00 28LI36 18SC58 09CP22 21LE08 24SC42 13AR20 04PI49 11CP31 17LI48 Su 09 03:12:22 16SC30 12GE22 00SC03 20SC13 10CP07 21LE14 24SC49 13AR18 04PI49 11CP33 17LI45 Mo 10 03:16:18 17SC30 25GE23 01SC32 21SC28 10CP52 21LE19 24SC56 13AR16 04PI49 11CP34 17LI41 Tu 11 03:20:15 18SC30 08CN05 03SC02 22SC44 11CP37 21LE24 25SC03 13AR15 04PI49 11CP36 17LI38 We 12 03:24:11 19SC31 20CN29 04SC34 23SC59 12CP23 21LE29 25SC10 13AR13 04PI49 11CP37 17LI35 Th 13 03:28:08 20SC31 02LE38 06SC07 25SC14 13CP08 21LE34 25SC17 13AR11 04PI48 11CP38 17LI32 Fr 14 03:32:05 21SC32 14LE36 07SC40 26SC30 13CP54 21LE39 25SC24 13AR09 04PI48 11CP40 17LI29 Sa 15 03:36:01 22SC32 26LE28 09SC14 27SC45 14CP39 21LE43 25SC32 13AR07 04PI48 11CP41 17LI26 Su 16 03:39:58 23SC32 08VI19 10SC49 29SC00 15CP25 21LE48 25SC39 13AR06 04PI48 11CP43 17LI22 Mo 17 03:43:54 24SC33 20VI13 12SC24 00SG15 16CP10 21LE52 25SC46 13AR04 04PI48 11CP44 17LI19 Tu 18 03:47:51 25SC33 02LI16 13SC59 01SG31 16CP56 21LE56 25SC53 13AR02 04PI48 11CP46 17LI16 We 19 03:51:47 26SC34 14LI32 15SC34 02SG46 17CP42 21LE60 26SC00 13AR01 04PI48 11CP48 17LI13 Th 20 03:55:44 27SC34 27LI04 17SC09 04SG01 18CP28 22LE03 26SC07 12AR59 04PI48 11CP49 17LI10 Fr 21 03:59:40 28SC35 09SC55 18SC44 05SG17 19CP13 22LE07 26SC15 12AR58 04PI49 11CP51 17LI06 Sa 22 04:03:37 29SC36 23SC06 20SC20 06SG32 19CP59 22LE10 26SC22 12AR56 04PI49 11CP52 17LI03 Su 23 04:07:34 00SG36 06SG36 21SC55 07SG47 20CP45 22LE13 26SC29 12AR55 04PI49 11CP54 17LI00 Mo 24 04:11:30 01SG37 20SG22 23SC30 09SG03 21CP31 22LE16 26SC36 12AR54 04PI49 11CP56 16LI57 Tu 25 04:15:27 02SG38 04CP22 25SC05 10SG18 22CP17 22LE19 26SC43 12AR52 04PI50 11CP58 16LI54 We 26 04:19:23 03SG38 18CP31 26SC41 11SG33 23CP03 22LE22 26SC50 12AR51 04PI50 11CP59 16LI51 Th 27 04:23:20 04SG39 02AQ44 28SC15 12SG49 23CP50 22LE24 26SC57 12AR50 04PI50 12CP01 16LI47 Fr 28 04:27:16 05SG40 16AQ57 29SC50 14SG04 24CP36 22LE26 27SC04 12AR49 04PI51 12CP03 16LI44 Sa 29 04:31:13 06SG40 01PI08 01SG25 15SG19 25CP22 22LE28 27SC12 12AR47 04PI51 12CP05 16LI41 Su 30 04:35:09 07SG41 15PI15 02SG60 16SG35 26CP08 22LE30 27SC19 12AR46 04PI51 12CP06 16LI38


DATE SID.TIME SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO NODE Mo 01 04:39:06 08SG42 29PI16 04SG34 17SG50 26CP55 22LE32 27SC26 12AR45 04PI52 12CP08 16LI35 Tu 02 04:43:03 09SG43 13AR11 06SG09 19SG05 27CP41 22LE33 27SC33 12AR44 04PI52 12CP10 16LI32 We 03 04:46:59 10SG44 26AR59 07SG43 20SG20 28CP27 22LE34 27SC40 12AR43 04PI53 12CP12 16LI28 Th 04 04:50:56 11SG44 10TA39 09SG17 21SG36 29CP14 22LE35 27SC47 12AR42 04PI54 12CP14 16LI25 Fr 05 04:54:52 12SG45 24TA09 10SG52 22SG51 00AQ00 22LE36 27SC54 12AR41 04PI54 12CP15 16LI22 Sa 06 04:58:49 13SG46 07GE28 12SG26 24SG06 00AQ47 22LE37 28SC01 12AR41 04PI55 12CP17 16LI19 Su 07 05:02:45 14SG47 20GE34 14SG00 25SG22 01AQ33 22LE37 28SC08 12AR40 04PI56 12CP19 16LI16 Mo 08 05:06:42 15SG48 03CN24 15SG34 26SG37 02AQ20 22LE38 28SC15 12AR39 04PI56 12CP21 16LI12 Tu 09 05:10:38 16SG49 15CN60 17SG09 27SG52 03AQ06 22LE38 28SC22 12AR38 04PI57 12CP23 16LI09 We 10 05:14:35 17SG50 28CN21 18SG43 29SG08 03AQ53 22LE38 28SC29 12AR38 04PI58 12CP25 16LI06 Th 11 05:18:32 18SG51 10LE28 20SG17 00CP23 04AQ39 22LE37 28SC35 12AR37 04PI59 12CP27 16LI03 Fr 12 05:22:28 19SG52 22LE26 21SG51 01CP38 05AQ26 22LE37 28SC42 12AR37 04PI60 12CP29 15LI60 Sa 13 05:26:25 20SG53 04VI16 23SG26 02CP53 06AQ13 22LE36 28SC49 12AR36 05PI00 12CP31 15LI57 Su 14 05:30:21 21SG54 16VI05 25SG00 04CP09 06AQ59 22LE35 28SC56 12AR36 05PI01 12CP33 15LI53 Mo 15 05:34:18 22SG55 27VI58 26SG35 05CP24 07AQ46 22LE34 29SC03 12AR35 05PI02 12CP35 15LI50 Tu 16 05:38:14 23SG56 09LI59 28SG10 06CP39 08AQ33 22LE33 29SC09 12AR35 05PI03 12CP37 15LI47 We 17 05:42:11 24SG57 22LI15 29SG45 07CP55 09AQ19 22LE31 29SC16 12AR35 05PI04 12CP39 15LI44 Th 18 05:46:07 25SG58 04SC49 01CP20 09CP10 10AQ06 22LE29 29SC23 12AR34 05PI05 12CP41 15LI41 Fr 19 05:50:04 26SG59 17SC47 02CP55 10CP25 10AQ53 22LE28 29SC29 12AR34 05PI07 12CP43 15LI38 Sa 20 05:54:01 28SG00 01SG10 04CP30 11CP40 11AQ40 22LE25 29SC36 12AR34 05PI08 12CP45 15LI34 Su 21 05:57:57 29SG01 14SG58 06CP05 12CP56 12AQ27 22LE23 29SC43 12AR34 05PI09 12CP47 15LI31 Mo 22 06:01:54 00CP02 29SG09 07CP41 14CP11 13AQ14 22LE21 29SC49 12AR34 05PI10 12CP49 15LI28 Tu 23 06:05:50 01CP03 13CP36 09CP17 15CP26 14AQ01 22LE18 29SC56 12AR34 05PI11 12CP51 15LI25 We 24 06:09:47 02CP05 28CP14 10CP52 16CP41 14AQ47 22LE15 00SG02 12AR34 05PI12 12CP53 15LI22 Th 25 06:13:43 03CP06 12AQ54 12CP28 17CP57 15AQ34 22LE12 00SG08 12AR34 05PI14 12CP55 15LI18 Fr 26 06:17:40 04CP07 27AQ30 14CP04 19CP12 16AQ21 22LE09 00SG15 12AR35 05PI15 12CP57 15LI15 Sa 27 06:21:36 05CP08 11PI56 15CP40 20CP27 17AQ08 22LE05 00SG21 12AR35 05PI16 12CP59 15LI12 Su 28 06:25:33 06CP09 26PI08 17CP16 21CP42 17AQ55 22LE02 00SG27 12AR35 05PI18 13CP01 15LI09 Mo 29 06:29:30 07CP10 10AR06 18CP52 22CP58 18AQ42 21LE58 00SG34 12AR35 05PI19 13CP04 15LI06 Tu 30 06:33:26 08CP11 23AR49 20CP28 24CP13 19AQ29 21LE54 00SG40 12AR36 05PI20 13CP06 15LI03 We 31 06:37:23 09CP13 07TA19 22CP04 25CP28 20AQ16 21LE50 00SG46 12AR36 05PI22 13CP08 14LI59

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